Sunday, September 18, 2011


We landed in Hawaii late Friday evening. It was 7:30 Hawaii time and 12:30 our time. Mia is doing pretty well adjusting to the time change. We are so excited to be here. Our first day was spent shopping at Ala Moana mall and consuming lots of our Hawaii favorites---jamba juice for breakfast, cinnabon as a snack and a late lunch at Mariposa in Nieman Marcus. All of these places are not necessarily exclusive to Hawaii but for us they are. We relate them to being here. When Brandon and I lived here and I was pregnant with Asher, I craved jamba juices!

Mariposa is a special treat if you ever want to go somewhere nice for lunch. We first went when we came for our wedding and someone took us there. They have the best pineapple tea and popover rolls with strawberry butter. So good. But I don't recommend trying to eat there for dinner. Brandon and I went back one evening on out honeymoon and realized it's a totally different atmosphere for dinner. Pretty pricey and I saw things like "duck something or other" on the menu. We quietly got up from our table and bee lined it to California Pizza kitchen. Stick to lunch time, if you ever go :)

Last night we went to the first service for the Catch His Fire Conference at Word of Life. It was awesome and so good to be back visiting. There is such an annointing and the people are just pure and sweet and just excited for what God is doing in their church.

Pastor Obed Martinez from Indio California was the first speaker. He was amazing and the word was such a relevant and "right now" word for us. God is so good and we are so excited for whats in store this week.

I'm writing from my phone because we don't have Internet access yet. I'm kind of enjoying that though. It's nice to sort of step away for a bit. Clears your head and heart to make more room for what god wants to speak. So that is what were doing. Listening.

We're headed to Sunday service in a bit. I have some guest posts lined up for the week that im hoping to post but will also be posting updates on our trip with pictures sporadically, if/when I'm able to. So keep checking back!!



  1. Can't wait to see pictures! Praying for this new journey you're on :)

  2. sounds awesome. praying your week is packed with the spirit! xo


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