Monday, September 12, 2011



We celebrated Brandon's birthday early yesterday. His birthday is actually not until the 21st but we'll be in Hawaii for it, so our families went to lunch yesterday to celebrate. Mexican food. Of course.

The restaurant we went to puts a sombrero on the birthday boy/girls head while they sing happy birthday and the whole table gets sopapillas. Tell me if thats not a party.


It's always fun when we get our families together. I am continuously thankful for such an incredible family who is always so supportive and there for us. I would've had a lot more pictures to show but one of my brother in laws got a hold of the camera and the pictures were not exactly -share with the world- appropriate.

T- minus 4 days until we leave on a jet plane. I am so excited. But I am going to miss my kiddos. My in-laws will be staying with them so I feel good knowing they'll be well taken care of. It's still hard to be away. To plan for 11 days away. I've never been away from them for so long, but I know it will be good. I know it'll be ok. I know they will get spoiled and eat really well. I know Brandon and I {and Mia, because she's permanently attached to my hip} will enjoy ourselves. I know all of this. But still.

On another note,  I've got some new items in the shop. A necklace I am in love with....

....and bracelets! Had lot's of requests for bracelets, so here ya go. I happen to love these, if I do say so myself. And I just did.

So in celebration of Brandons Birthday, our trip and the new bracelets, I'm giving you 15% off until Thursday morning, which is the last day I'll be shipping out orders for a while. So if you've been eyeing something, nows the time to snatch it up. There is still a couple of end of summer ring styles up for grabs on sale at 15% off??? Yep. Enter code--"celebrate" at check out and grab yourself a deal, ya'll.

One last note.....I get so many incredibly sweet emails and I want to say thank you to each and every one of you. I have so much guilt that I am not always able to respond, but I do read every one of them and they touch my heart. Seriously. I love to hear from you and I promise I will respond, even if it's not right away. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me, it really means so much!

Happy Monday my sweet friends {it's still monday for 20 more minutes}

OH!! and the winner of the Naptime Diaries giveaway was Paige!!! Paige, email me asap!

And go check this giveaway out. Its a great cause for some special people wanting to bring their sweet baby home. The items have all been donated. There is some amazing stuff, so go check it out.
one sweet love

Much Love to you ALL

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