Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear 3 1/2 yr old Bella

My sweet Bella Boo,

You are almost 3 1/2. If mommy is going to get technical, you will be 3 1/2 on November 16th.

I've been watching you closely lately. You're growing up. I'm not sure if it's your short sassy haircut or just listening to you talk to Mia and watching you care for her. You took on the big sister role so naturally. You love every bit of it. People warned me you might get jealous. But that wasn't the case at all. As soon as Mia entered our little family, you were no longer the baby or just the little sister and happily became the big sister.


I need to record the way you say Big sister. I love it. You say "stistah" and when you are thirsty you say "sirsty." You are full of funny phrases and we like to make you say them. You are also full of personality and opinions. You know what you want and you aren't afraid to tell us. If no one is listening, you are more than happy to make it happen yourself. I love that about you. I think that determination and independence is going to play a big role in who you continue to become.

You love your family. You have always been fiercely loyal. Every day you tell me how much you love your daddy, Asher, Mia and me. You love your home too. You will walk inside from being gone for a while and say "It's so good to be home". Last night you walked in and hugged the bathroom sink. You are also a little dramatic. And when I say a little, I mean a lot.


You are completely content to be home all day. Coloring, play doh, dress up, playing house, practicing your letters and watching out the window for Daddy and Asher to come home are your favorite things to do. You start to watch for them as soon as you wake up and everything we do is based off of when "Daddy and Asher get home." You love your boys.

I have your little art table in front of the window for a reason. Ever since you were little you have loved to people watch and then give reports of what you see. I totally get this part of you. You are nosey like your mama. You've done this since you were a little baby and could pull yourself up to stand at your crib and look out your little window. Even when you could barely form words you were a chatter box. We couldn't always understand you but that didn't stop you from trying.


Every morning after Asher and daddy leave, you crawl into bed with me to snuggle. You tell me every morning "I love spending the day at home with you." This melts my heart. It's one of my favorite times of the day. Hearing you say that. And knowing you mean it. These are the days I know we will look back on and say "remember when".

Do you remember when you would sit outside Mia's door each morning as I fed her, waiting for me to call your name--- "Beeeellla" come running in so excited. Every morning. "Good morning Mia!" She kicks and laughs. And now she says it too "Beeeellllla".


You know your sister so well. It amazes me sometimes. You find toys for her when she gets fussy and distract her when I need to walk away for a second. You know she hates to be out of my sight. You do too. You two are my little sidekicks.  My girls. I love being able to say "girls."  I can't wait to see you two as you grow up together. Sisters and best friends like I am with mine.

I love that you love to be with me. I love that you want to be like me. You sit on my bathroom counter each day and watch me get dressed. I put a little blush on you and some of my special perfume. You remind me to get your wrists. Every. Time. Then you walk around all day smelling them because they smell like me.

If I ever need a break for a minute. Like if I ever need a little silence from the constant chatter, I just give you a wipey. You like to walk around the house and clean with it. I like to use this to my advantage. You can hit the spots where you and your brothers finger prints hit that I don't always see. I view this as a win-win.


When Asher gets home from school, you always ask him how his day was and what he learned that day. Then if you are sneaky enough, before mommy catches you, you open up his backpack, go through his folder and lunch box and then say "good job you ate all your lunch!"

I have to remind you, you are not his mommy. Often.

Last night when I put you to bed, I crawled into your tiny twin bed for a little bit and wrapped my arms around you. You said "now pray mom"....because you like to keep us all on course and in line. I prayed for you like I always do and then I watched you fall asleep. Your breathing getting deeper and deeper.

I studied you. Closed my eyes and took that very moment in. My Bella boo at 3 1/2. I want to remember you just like you are. Right now. You are so fun. So special. I can't stop time from passing. I know that. So instead, we'll just keep making sweet every day memories. And I will keep writing about them, to help us "remember when"

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always my sweet precious girl. God blessed us double when He gave us you. Our Sweet Bella Grace.

~Love, Mom


  1. What a beautiful letter to your daughter. :)

    She sounds like a cutie, full of personality!!

  2. She is just absolutely beautiful! La la looove this post! :)

  3. i love the way you honor your children.

  4. We can't keep them small but we will have these posts & photos to it all. Makes me laugh and want to cry all at the same time. :)

  5. This post made me take a deep satisfying sigh! I have a 15 month old daughter and a 3 year old son and i KNOW my daughter will be just like this. She is so spunky and my little sidekick already! Thanks so much for this sweet post! Have a great week!! :)

  6. such a beautiful post, it will be such a wonderful little memento for her when she gets older, I can imagine that she'll read it over and over, soaking up every word. <3

  7. What a cutie! My daughter walks around with wipes too. She loves to clean.

  8. I love this!! I can't wait til my daughter is a big stistah!

  9. She is gorgeous just like you!! It cracks me up that she says "good job you ate all your lunch!" to your son! haha!

  10. She is adorable and sounds like a sweet sister too! :)


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