Friday, October 14, 2011


I am so willing in the Fall weather. I feel like if I start wearing my boots and scarves, baking and decorating for fall, maybe the weather will take a hint and cool down. And I think it's working guys. I nearly jumped and down last night when the weather man said the words "cool front". Which means 50's at night and 80's during the day. But you know what y'all? I'll take it. I will. take. it.

My trusty 3 yr old assistant and I decided to try out a couple of new {to us} recipes this week. They are really easy and fast. They have to be fast because my other 10 month old assistant is usually at my feet begging to be picked up.

These peanut butter bites took about 10 minutes to make. And about the same amount of time to disappear. I'm not naming names but a certain husband may have eaten the majority of these. And by eat I mean inhaled. They were so easy and good we will definitely be making them often.
I had some super ripe bananas to use up so we made this banana bread. I prefer my banana bread with walnuts but B doesn't. So this recipe doesn't include them. 

I also wanted to "fall" up my burlap wreath so I added some fall fabric rosettes in a cluster on top of the burlap rosettes by just using a straight pin. That way when fall is over I can just take them off. I also changed the hanging sash for a fun coordinating green one.

This is what it typically looks like:

And here is how it is all "Falled" up


What about you? Have you baked anything yummy or made anything?
My nieces birthday party is this weekend so the kids get to wear their costumes. I'm off to make a tutu for a certain little lady bug.

Happy Fall and Happy Weekend!


  1. CUTE.... I love fall. :)But, with so much blah going around in our home right now about as far as I have gotten is changing the scent in my Scentsy Burner.
    I'm loving the Pumpkin Roll wiffs.

  2. i love the wreath! i'm willing in fall weater too. our high to day in Ca is 90* so tired of the heat!

  3. I was just thinking of making something yummy this weekend! And I def need to put my burlap to good use! Tnx for the great ideas!

  4. that is SO CUTE!!! do you have a tutorial anywhere for the rosettes?

  5. I LOVE that wreath! That's such a great simple idea to switch up the look and welcome in the fall! Beautiful!

  6. That first recipe looks delicious! I love your fall wreath, very pretty! I made 2 loaves of whole wheat bread today and 2 loaves of half/half bread today (half wheat flour/half white flour). Then made an apple pie for my husband's coworker who's never had a homemade apple pie before. Then made cheeseburger soup for our missions night and some for us this week. Busy but fun fall day! :)

  7. I love anything with peanut butter! Yummmm! Happy weekend!

  8. Oh my goodness, those peanut butter bites look amazing!!! I also love your wreath! I'm not much of a baker, but I will hopefully be decorating some pumpkins tomorrow :)


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