Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It's a new month. I can hardly believe that it is October. I have no earthly idea how September flew by so fast, except that I was in a time warp called Hawaii for a bit, maybe?

I've been spending my days, cleaning out closets, cabinets and drawers. I have felt a need to clear out some things. Not just in our home, but in my spirit. The things that have been occupying my heart and my mind. So many things have been going on and I am truly so thankful for each of them, but I feel like I've lost balance some where along the way and God is just trying to get me refocused on a few seeds he planted in my heart.  Some dreams and hopes that He's placed there. 

So I've been kinda quiet around here. Organizing shoes, going through tupper wear, and praying.

One thing I know I want to do is to become more purposeful with what God has blessed me with. The things in my hands. I have them wide open and want them all to be for Him. I want to be intentional in each of them. My children, my husband, my home, my business, and this blog. Each of them are parts of my ministry. Ways that God has entrusted me to shine His love.

So I've given myself a challenge: To give something away every day this month. It may be something small or something bigger. The hope is to keep my focus outward. To see and to hear the needs of others and to be open and clear to what God wants me hear. It could be something as simple as giving a hug to someone who needs it, sending an encouraging text or email, Or it may be buying lunch for someone. Either way, my heart is to be aware of circumstances and situations in my every day, to see where there is a need that I can meet. To see where God's love is needed to be shown and to give. 

I want to be His hands and feet. I want Him to use what is in my hands. I think this challenge will help remind me to slow down and look into the moments of the every day. To focus in, to listen for His voice. And honestly, it's simply what my heart is crying out to do.

I feel a little silly, saying I'll write about it here each day. But truthfully, by doing so, I hope to inspire the same spirit in you. That you would also look for ways to give. To bless. To share. To inspire.

And it will also hold me accountable to write it all down. I was reminded that this blog is a gift. That I reach more people than I ever could in a day just by writing out my heart and sharing. I want to be more mindful of that and a good steward of it.

The way I see it, the more I can give of myself, the better. Because it makes more room for Him. What about you? What has God placed in your hands and how can you use it to shine His love?

As I was writing this, I was reminded of my sweet friend, Ashley. She has an amazingly beautiful heart to see God's love shown. She also has a weekly challenge called Give Love,  go read it and be inspired to GIVE.


  1. Ah... I think there's something about the spirit of fall that invokes giving. Perhaps it's the cooler weather, the crispy mornings and cool sunny evenings. God has also reminded my heart of why we're here. To serve. And I believe giving in itself captures countless ways to serve. Giving our time, our things, our hearts... I think we gain a sense of fulfillment when we give that only comes from joy that God has when we give to others because we love Him!

  2. i just emailed you. i love you. you know this. you're amazing and i was totally shocked when i got to the end. thankful for you!!! xoxo

  3. This is wonderful! Can't wait to hear about all of your changes and simplifications.

  4. Wow... I love the We Encourage link up and I don't know HOW I missed this post... It is so obviously from your heart and I love it. Here at my house I've been doing the same thing...going through stuff, figuring out what we REALLY need... A thrift store drop off is in our near future. Sarah from The Fontenot Four had a really encouraging post awhile back about how we don't really need so much "stuff."

    PS: Ashley is the BEST. And I really like your heart!


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