Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Partners of Project Hope

I've thought about the direction of this blog many, many times since I started it about 1 yr ago. At that time I was clueless as to where it would go. The only thing I knew is I was being obedient to what I knew God had called me to do for that time. In the beginning, I simply shared about my losses, and I wrote about my pregnancy with Mia. 

It was a challenging time for me. We had lost her twin. I was heart broken. I felt like everyone was going to be watching me for my reaction. Feeling sorry for me because I had truly believed that God was giving us back double for what we had lost. Twins. But when I lost one of them at 14 weeks, I was torn up. I was kind of ashamed for getting so excited about the twins. I had names picked out. I just knew these two babies were my blessing and double portion. But then the day came when we found out one didn't make it.

Secretly what I truly wanted to do was crawl into my bed, put the covers over my head and just wait until November. I didn't want to fight any more. I wanted to just coast through to Mia's due date and have a healthy, beautiful baby girl in my arms. Why couldn't my pregnancies just be easy? Why did I have to walk through such tough times. Why was my faith being challenged so much?

I was hurt. Confused. Angry. Frustrated.

I knew those emotions were not coming from the Lord. I knew they were meant to once again get me to just give up. To stop proclaiming God's goodness. To steal my words....

"They will over come by the blood of the lamb and the words of their testimony"
Revelation 12:11

I held on to that verse. I chose to keep speaking. To not let my testimony be taken. Not to hide and keep my mouth shut like my flesh was crying out to do. 

So I started writing. It was the only way I knew to fight any more. I trusted God had a good plan for me, one with hope and a future. Though it was hard to see, I knew. So with every word spoken and written I proclaimed his goodness. Though my heart was broken and still being healed, I fought to overcome through my words.

Over the time I've had this blog, I've learned a lot. And I've prayed a lot. Many times wondering if I was really meant to keep it, wondering if I was using it the way God wanted me to. Doubting myself. Doubting its purpose. Searching for the answers and getting caught up in the way everyone else seemed to do things. I knew that I wanted to use this place as a platform. To speak hope, to offer love and to encourage.

So how could I promote and encourage other businesses and blogs and still maintain the heart and intention of why I started this blog?

With Project Hope I feel I am able to do that. And I am so excited about it. It is a way for me to help promote other blogs, businesses and the truly beautiful women behind them, while using this platform for something my heart cries for. Women who have lost babies----women who are searching for hope in the moments of their greatest despair.

If you would like donate in any way at all to Project Hope, whether it is monetarily or through items for the boxes, I would love to help you promote your business at the same time. I know that if you are donating to Project Hope, you are not looking for anything in return but it is truly my heart to give back to you.

Partners of Project Hope will have their button displayed on the sidebar of my blog for 2 months. From October 15th to December 15th. If you donate in any way to the project and would like to advertise your shop on my blog, you will be asked to send me a button {size will be determined} for your blog or shop {your choice}. I will also be featuring these businesses in some way during the span of the project.

I am also aware that there are many who want to donate and do not have an online business or blog. Please know this is open to any and all who have a heart to give to Threads of Love, 
through Project Hope.

I'd also like to add that Project Hope is working in collaboration with Threads of Love. This organization has been running here in San Antonio alone, for 12 years. There are other Threads of Love across the country. This particular fundraiser of Project Hope is for the San Antonio chapter. We will get as many items for as many boxes as we can, and then they will be donated to the Threads of Love here in San Antonio, where they will be distributed to local hospitals around the city. 

I do hope to expand Project Hope to other cities in the future, with opportunities for you to host your own donation drives in your city for your chapter through Project Hope. Some of you have already emailed me and asked me about that and I can't tell you what that means to me. It is my heart to allow this to become as big as God desires it to. 

I believe that right now the first step is this one, with hopes and plans to branch out into other cities. They are always in need of donations, so this will be an ongoing cause for me and the platform of this blog. I believe it is a huge part of why God had me begin it 1 yr ago. 

Tomorrow I will post a list of ideas and/or items needed for the memory boxes. So many of you have already emailed me with ideas and I am working through those emails as time permits me to so please be patient!

I'm so excited and honored to work with you as we connect our hearts with other women who are searching for hope and answers. We can't give them all the answers, but we can point them in the direction of the One who can!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I love love love what God is doing through you!!! XOXO

  2. I would love to help you. I'll keep eyes open to where I might be of help.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sjYWrpNoCs

  4. i dont think you take things too seriously at all. i think it's so SO wise to want to do only and precisely whatever God is leading you to with your blog. it's a powerful platform and you wouldn't want to be out of His will in this area. that's never a good place to be. thanks for your example!

    i am anxiously awaiting your post tomorrow, with ideas of what we can donate. i've been meaning to email you and ask about that.

  5. wow this is so great ... i feel that the way you and i think are a lot alike ... always pass things by the big man before acting ... i truly believe we can use our bogs to glorify Him ... many blessings to you and all that you are doing!

  6. This is such a beautiful post and you are such a beautiful person!

  7. Yay! I am so glad you got such a great response! I can't wait to see what the Lord does through this project!

  8. I love this beautiful post. I'm not sure how yet, God wants me to help. But I am praying that He would show me. Being pregnant right now. I feel like this is truly a ministry that I can support because I can start to understand how these women might feel. Certainly not completely, but I know how devastated I would be if anything happened to our child and what a comfort one of those boxes would be to me. Praying that God would show me, my part in this plan.


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