Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We finally made it to a pumpkin patch this weekend. We like to go every year and take pictures of the kids to capture them and that time in our little family.


It always gets me thinking about time. How fast it goes. How important it is to document the little things. The milestones. The small habits and facial expressions. These moments in time. They are so precious and priceless. 


Asher is in a goofy phase {I hope?} of thinking it's funny to make faces for pictures.


Bella is all over the place, flipping and tripping over every little bump in the ground. Or heck even every big bump.... like say a bench. You name it and our graceful Bella trips over it. The funny thing is she is so unphased by it. She can face plant it over a huge tree stump, stand up, brush herself off and smile like a pro.


Mia is starting to pull up on everything. She thinks she is pretty cute stuff. 

I pretty much think she is too.  I love this picture of her.


Oh and my husband. My hunky husband. He never changes. He looks exactly the same as last year and the year before. And the year before that. I'm not sure that's fair?


At this point I was just happy to catch a few good pictures to document this time in our family. It was a  bit tough with Bella rolling in the hay, Asher jumping off pumpkins, and Mia revolting against her hat.
But I was ok with that. These pictures represent more than just the moment you see. They tell a story and I think it's important to tell it. It's so easy to look at someones life and think it's perfect. I also think it's easy to want to make it seem that way.


Our life is not perfect. And I wouldn't want it to be. It's in our imperfections, our flaws, our struggles and our honesty about them... that God can be more greatly shown.  

And that the blessings, the triumphs and the beauty of a small moment are that much more lovely and treasured.

P.S---The blog is looking a bit different, as we are in the process of a few changes- making room for a our lovely November Project Hope sponsors! Want to join us? Find out more, HERE!


  1. I always love your pictures. Beautiful family!

  2. love these photos! your family is beautiful - and, I agree - these little moments in time? they are the BIG moments. they are the moments that in 30 years, I'll wish I could come back to.

  3. totally unfair that men look the same or better as they age.
    your family is beyond beautiful friend.
    the charms are headed your way.

    happy halloween!


  4. You are so cute! And I totally know what you mean about your husband not changing, my husband doens't even have wrinkles!! It's totally unfair!
    And your shirt is too cute, did you get it H&M?

  5. Your family is beautiful--and the imperfections are what makes us all unique.

  6. this line "Our life is not perfect. And I wouldn't want it to be. It's in our imperfections, our flaws, our struggles and our honesty about them... that God can be more greatly shown. " might be perfection. ;0) Looks like a wonderful time!

  7. Cutest family ever! These pictures are darling and you are so right about capturing all the moments we can! :) Enjoy your Halloween with your precious family!

  8. OMG! everytime i see pictures of them i can't get over how cute each one is! you guys look beautiful, the love of God is just glowing out of you! the blog look great too! love the new layout! xoxo

  9. You have such a beautiful family!

  10. i just started following

    I found you through followers fest! What a beautiful blog. I have a Christmas series going on with a Christmas post a day for 50 days and it just started! You should check it out!


  11. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family pictures! I enjoy your blog sooo much!! It is definitely one of my favorites :) You are always so uplifting. Truly a blessing in my life.

    I have a question for you. As I mentioned your pictures are beautiful (as always) and I am in the market for a new camera. May I ask what camera you use? I am totally overwhelmed by all the options! Thanks so much.

  12. you guys are so adorable. daring little pumpkins.

  13. Oh Mia and the pumpkins!
    I can't stand it. Great pictures.

  14. What a precious family you have. It looks like you had a great time at the pumpkin patch! :)

  15. ahhhh! SO precious! happy fall, cute family! xo

  16. I love all your pictures! You have beautiful children! And I must agree that Mia is pretty cute stuff!

    Found you from the Follower Fest and am now following!

  17. You and your family are so beautiful! Love your blog


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