Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a "You Are My Sunshine" 1st Birthday Party

As you all know we celebrated Mia's first birthday yesterday. But her actual party was Sunday. The plan was to have it at our neighborhood park outside. But when Sunday rolled around, we had gotten a cold front that came with a whole lot of wind. So at the last minute {meaning 2 hours before} we changed the party to our house.

I may or may not have gone into a mini panic mode. A birthday party outside with a ton of people, versus one inside, is a different story. But we did our best to make it the way I had envisioned and it worked out just fine. We had around 35 adults and 15 kids running around in here, and it really was a blast.

So. On to the party. I have to apologize to my two other children, because this one was one of my favorites to plan. I've known for a while that I wanted to do a "you are my sunshine" theme for Mia. That song is just special to our family and a perfect theme for our Mia girl.
Everything was done the week before, which was also Thanksgiving week. So I did the shopping before Thanksgiving and the baking and making the day before the party. I don't stress these things...I'm not one to plan way ahead, I just do things as I can.

My friend Abby is super talented in all things graphic design and has an etsy shop called "Divulge with Flair." She designed me this invite for Mia that was perfect.
 I love the "You are my sunshine" print from Katie Davis, so she used that as her inspiration and got pretty darn close, wouldn't you think? I love it.

Since the party was on Sunday, I made it later in the afternoon so that people had time to go grab lunch after church and not have to rush.  So we did lots of sweets, which made things much easier. Typically we have food, but because of the day and time, we didn't have to. Which meant I got to focus more on the decor and desserts, which is my favorite party anyway!

I made yellow chocolate covered pretzels dipped in sprinkles

My good friend Monica is the cake pop queen. So I didn't even play this time. I totally gave her that job and she did it quite well, as always. All I did was stick them into some vases I had for presentation. 
I usually order my cupcakes from Sams, but I wanted to make them this time. And I think I probably won't go back. There is just something about home made cupcakes, isn't there? And by homemade I do mean from a box. Come on now. Why mess with perfection. The funfetti cake mix and rainbow chip icing are our favorites around here and they were perfect for the theme.

I  had a couple fun dollar store finds. A little yellow gumball machine,
and these popcorn bags were too cute to not get. I figured I should have something for the non sweet eaters {weirdos} and the popcorn was a hit.
We also did a Hot Chocolate Station, where we set up little cups, redi whip, and peppermint marshmallows.

Also tried a new drink ala pinterest. 2 gallons of raspberry sherbert and 2 3 liters of 7 up. Added some sliced lemon. Delicious.

Chocolate milk for the kids. Milk bottles and straws from Shop Sweet Lulu

Pretty sure this was Mia's favorite part.

The banner was my favorite. It was really pretty simple just took a little time. I can't draw block letters for the life of me, so I just chose the font I wanted in my text edit on my laptop, and blew up the size to what I wanted it to be. Then I put my sheet of paper right over my screen and traced it out. After that it was seriously as simple as gluing them to the doilie. To attach the letters and words together I glued the back to a string of twine.

I used the same paper to make a little matching pennant for her highchair and pinwheels using this tutorial.

These were at the center of the tables

 For the favors, I wanted to do something different than a bag of candy that parents would have to hide/eat/throw away. So I made these chocolate covered oreos, dipped in sprinkles. Then I put two each in a bakery bag, folded over a doilie, hole punched and tied it with twine then stamped it with a "hello sunshine" stamp I found at Michaels.



I got this hoop art for Mia's room from Aly's shop Blossom and Vine. I love it so much so I had to have it out. She also sent me a print with the same phrase, that I framed and had out on the table as well.



Mia girl was lovin all the attention. The party was so special and I really had so much fun with it. I could not have pulled it off without my sidekick though. For sure. My sweet husband helped me so much. Even as far as tying twine onto favors at 11oclock the night before he was going to be preaching. He's a keeper I think.
{shirt says "Daddys little caddy}

Mia wore a t-shirt my best friend Carla made for her with some pink Rufflebutts and leggings.

Celebrating her was so much fun and meant a lot to us. We weren't just celebrating her birthday, we celebrate God's goodness. His love. His blessings.

 We are happy. We are blessed. We are so, so, thankful.

Have any questions about the party that I didn't answer? Feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try to answer them there.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today you are One.

Mia Glory, 
Today you are One. 

Today I will wonder how life ever was without you.  I will remember how excited I was to meet you. 
I didn't sleep at all the night before you came. I laid in bed wide awake, and took in the last moments of having you in my tummy. 

Last night, one year later, I held you in my arms. I hummed to you and then stopped and listened to you hum back to me. I closed my eyes. I listened. I praised God for my gift. 
Today I am thankful. 
For your life, your health and the joy that you bring.

Today you are close to walking. You are determined and independent. 
You are a mix between your sister and brother, but you are your own person. 

Today you are brave and daring like your brother. 
You are vocal and opinionated like your sister. 
You are always happy.
 You are a gift. One of my most precious ones. 
You represent life and blessing and redemption and pure bliss.

Today I will walk into your room and see you standing at your crib waiting for me. You'll be holding your lovey bear close. You'll jump up and down and kick your feet as I pick you up.Then you'll start looking for yous sister. She always comes running after you start calling her.
It is one of my most favorites times of the day.

You are so much like your brother in that you love attention. Even better, his attention. you will do something silly and we all laugh, but the first person you look at to see if he is watching is your big brother. you sure love him. and he loves you.

Today we will celebrate you and we will celebrate God's goodness.
It has a been a good year. A year of blessing and restoration. A year of growth and happiness. 

One year ago, I held you for the first time. Never have I felt such relief and joy as I did in those moments. 

Today I hold you in my arms like so many times before. Because you don't like to be put down. I think this is partly because your a mama's girl and partly because you are so nosey and anxious to see the world, that crawling around on your own isn't fast enough.

One year ago, I watched your daddy hold you. I saw it in his eyes. The love we thought we knew already, but now even more.
As parents you wonder if you could love someone else as much as you already love your own. How will they fit in. How will your love grow. Is it possible.
Today we know it is.

Today my sweet love it is your birthday.
Today you are One. Today we celebrate. Today we praise. 

One year ago you became ours and we named you.
Mia Glory Caddell.
Our bliss of heaven. Our perfect happiness.

Today we know that name is you.
Happy Birthday to our Sunshine Girl.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Project Hope Update.

My heart is so full. I have been blessed beyond words by so many people who have extended themselves in some way, towards Project Hope. I am just truly honored to be apart of it.

As of today, we are in the area of $650 donated. Every dollar donated will go towards purchasing the boxes, and all of the items needed to decorate each one. Craft supplies such as lace, paint, ribbon, pearl strands, scrapbook paper, etc.

We will also be purchasing some of the lovies like the one Mia has, for the boxes as well. We have had some donated but still need quite a bit.

If you are interested in donating any items for the boxes, there is still time!
We are mostly in need of the crochet hats and booties. I had several people commit to donating these items, but I haven't actually gotten any yet. We are putting the boxes together on December 10th, so if these could get to me before then, that would be great. If not, they can always be added later, but I would like to get the boxes totally complete and given to Threads of Love by December 18th.

Please contact me if you committed to donating these and are planning to send them so that I can see where we are with our goal.

Also, all San Antonio locals---- The time and dates for the craft event will be Saturday, December 10th from 9am to 12pm. If you would like to come out and help us decorate the memory boxes, please let me know by email at We would love to have you and need as much help as possible!


We made it through the weekend full of family and Thanksgiving, then ended it yesterday with Mia's birthday party. It was a blast. Exhausting. But a blast. I'll have pictures and a post on her birthday soon, but I just wanted to quickly let you know about our Splendor Shop Cyber Monday deal!!

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I have a Project Hope update coming soon, along with the finalized information for our Craft Event! If you want to attend this event where we put together the boxes for Project Hope, be sure to check back for the information soon!

I leave you with a sneak peak at the birthday girl!

 Now I'm off to crank some Michael Buble "Holiday" station on Pandora and get this house in order!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

Hi Friends! I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday. Ours is just beginning. We hit up two places today on either side- Brandon's grandparents, then my grandmas. Tomorrow is round 2 for another Thanksgiving lunch out at my in laws, followed by a birthday celebration for my sister at my parents house! This time of year is so busy for us but I love every bit of it!

So since we are all thinking about our holiday shopping and black friday deals, I wanted to take a second to show you some new pieces I've been working on for the shop! I'm working towards expanding and introducing some new things for the new year and thought I'd start with a preview just in time for some black Friday Christmas shopping!

{this swallow necklace is one of my current favorites! It is perfect for layering with other necklaces!}

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Enjoy your weekend and Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for each and every one of YOU!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm "blank" because

This is popping up everywhere. Ashley originally started it and I thought it was kinda fun. So, why not...I'll just hop right on the bandwagon.

I'm _______because.....

I'm Weird Because...
-I eat my ice cream with a fork.
-I drain my milk out of my spoon when eating cereal. Spoons sort of gross me out.
-I can not sleep with socks on. Can not.
-I also can not sleep without a top sheet.
-Oh and I also can not sleep with my sheets tucked in.
-I always leave at least one bite left of whatever I'm eating. This for some reason makes me feel better about not eating the entire thing.
-I brush my teeth in the shower.
-I consider a solo Target trip as therapy.
-I order the same thing every time we go to certain restaurants. I don't like risking the chance of trying new things and not liking it.
- I can't face people when I sleep. I feel like I'm breathing their air in. I used to share a bed with my little sister and if I woke up and she and I were facing each other I would make her turn her head. Mean, right?
-I hate driving. Even worse...road trips.
- I can never just be doing one thing at a time. I need to work on this and learn to focus on one thing at a time. Sometimes my multi-tasking is way too similar to ADD. 
-I never wash my face in the sink. I just wait till I take a shower, even if that means not washing my face before bed. 
- I hate wearing just washed jeans. hate. I like them better when they've been worn a few times. So I will go a while before I washmy jeans.
I can't sleep if there are dishes in the sink or the kitchen is messy.
-I love being barefoot, but can't stand the feeling of dirty feet. Like if I walk outside for a quick second, I can't stand the feeling and have to wash my feet. 
-I'm seriously impatient with tedious tasks, so Brandon does them. Like filling out paper work. Tedious. 
-There are certain words that I can not stand. Like pampers and belly. Also when people call their husbands "the hubs." I'm sorry. I said it.
-It's hard for me to watch movies. 2 plus hours doing one thing is tough. And don't even get me started on watching a movie I've already seen.
-I believe paper and tongue should never meet. Licking envelopes = torture.

I'm a Bad Friend Because....
-I hate talking on the phone
-I never listen to my voice mails. I figure if it's important, you'll just call back. Or better yet, text.
-I'm not always good at remembering birthdays. I never give cards with my gifts.
-Sometimes I talk too much instead of listen. I'm working on that one. 
-I have a hard time committing to things like play dates. I just never know what my day will look like and sometimes I just simply don't like the commitment of having to be somewhere.

I'm a Good Friend Because...
-I'm loyal.
-I love making people laugh, even if it's at me.
-I can be goofy and silly but I can hold a deeper conversation and really do like to hear what is going on in your life.
-I'm super affectionate. I will hug you even if it's the first time we meet.
-I remember little things and pay attention to details. 
-I like to give. If you say you need something or want something I will do my best to get it for you.
I will always speak up for or defend you if needed.

I'm Sad Because...
-It is 80 degrees outside.
-Our Bubba and Betty {our married scarecrows we've had for years} have officially bit the dust and are currently laying face down in the grass of our backyard. RIP Bubba and Betty, there wasn't much else we or my glue gun could do. 
-Fall/Thanksgiving is just about over.

I'm Happy Because...
-Christmas is almost here!
-I get to spend time with lots of family this week
-We are getting family pictures done on Saturday
-Mia's first birthday is this Sunday and the weather is *supposed* to be perfect! {it's outside!}
-We have a full schedule of parties coming up in December and I love reasons to celebrate!
-Asher will be 6 soon but he still wants to climb in bed with me and snuggle.
-I have 3 precious healthy kids to spend this Christmas with. 
-I'll be celebrating my 7 yr anniversary to one handsome hunk this coming Thursday.
-We're going to bless a ton of women and families with Project Hope boxes!
-Brandon is off for the next few days!!

Ok so, on another note....Let's talk Thanksgiving dinner...
Every year, my grandma starts sending out emails a month in advance discussing the "menu" for Thanksgiving. Every year its the same. We all typically bring the same thing. But she still likes discussing it. Anyway, I usually bring macaroni and cheese but I'm not sure why I do because it barely gets touched with everything else on the table. A couple of years ago I tried to up the anty by making Paula Deens macaroni and cheese. It made a ton and we hardly put a dent in it. So last year I went to the tried and true velveeta shells and cheese {I know, for shame!} but still, no honorable mentions on the macaroni. So this year I'm trying something new y'all...

Macaroni and cheese muffins!

Have you ever tried them? Made them? I'm very interested to see how these will turn out and hoping they steal the show ;)
Stay tuned, I'll let you know how they turn out!

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