Monday, November 21, 2011

baby celebratin

Saturday afternoon, my older sister, sister in law, myself, and 4 of Jacquelin's closest friends hosted a shower for sweet baby Olivia.

We had an idea of a fall decor theme with a vintage twist in mind. We really had no idea how it would come together until the day of, when we all brought our decor, food and creative minds. And I have to say there was lots of creative minds...


My sister Vanessa brought these handmade cookies that she had a girl in Houston make. The detail on these cookies was amazing.

She also brought cake balls and cake "eggs" {cake balls made to look like eggs} and then nesteled them into some handmade nests my sister in law Ginger made.


Jacquelins long time friend Carino is extremely talented when it comes to food. We had some of the best "shower food" I've ever eaten, including home made pizzas and macaroni and cheese, tomoto basil soup and ceasar salad from La Madeline. So good.

Vanessa also made these cinnamon roll cupcakes, with cinnabon icing and crushed cinnamon toast crunch on top. A combination of two of Jacquelins favorites...cinnamon toast crunch cereal and cinnabon.  Everyone said they were so delicious. 

I'm kicking myself for not trying one. I kind of accidentally filled up on cake balls.  I have a sort of addiction to them.

The decorations were mixes of pumpkins, candles, fresh flowers, mason jars, and all things "fall". Each person took a tiny clothespin and wrote their name on a little tag to keep track of cups. Ginger's idea and I thought it was so cute!

Carino also made homemade pickles in mason jars for each guest to take home as a favor.

Jacquelin got so many sweet gifts for Olivia. It was a lot of fun celebrating them both.

Lots of family and friends come to help celebrate these sweet girls.

She really is so precious y'all. She's going to be an amazing mommy. Can. not. wait to snuggle Olivia.
Love you Jaja!

Happy Monday y'all! I'm thinking about starting my Christmas decorating earlier than usual this year. I typically wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but I'm thinking I'd love to have our tree up the morning of Thanksgiving as we watch the Macy's Day Parade. Nothing wrong with that right?
What do you think, have you started yet?

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  1. What a beautiful shower! And she is a great looking too!!

  2. Such fantastic party ideas! Love how us women get to share our creativity!
    Now I want to throw a shower for someone!
    Cheers to you and your fam...

  3. Your hair looks amazing!!!!! I love it! that mustard dress. I bought the blue one, but I'll have to say yours looks a lot cuter on u than mine did! ;) Great job on the shower! SUPER CUTE!

  4. How CUTE!!! I love everything. You ladies did an AMAZING job.

  5. Everything came together so well and that food looks delicious!!

  6. You guys sure put on a beautiful celebration! I especially love the jarred pickles as party favors!

  7. This shower looked absolutely beautiful...great job on everything :) also, I just bought the shirt you are wearing. I'm convinced you look ten times better in it. Loving your blog girl :)

  8. what a sweet baby shower :) how fun. that color of yellow/gold looks beautiful on you! xoxo

  9. Love it, such a pretty spread! My sissy's name is Jacqueline and has an Olivia too!

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