Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Every. Day.

I love Christmas. Every bit of it. The decorations, the gifts, the music, the movies, the lights. The shopping, the starbucks coffees, the boots and scarves, the eating and the baking.

And I especially love the season of giving that Christmas brings.

I think it's a time of year that typically causes us all to want to give back. To do something. To make changes. Of looking beyond ourselves for ways to give....and I love that.

But,  I can't help and wonder....what if we could be this passionate about looking beyond ourselves, and giving back, every single day?

Because every day a family goes without clean water.
Every day a single mom is struggling for the will to go on.
Every day a father is fighting to keep his electricity on.
Every day a baby is forgotten, untouched, unloved.
Every day a child goes hungry.
Every day a girl is kidnapped into sex trafficking.
Every day someone goes through their day, thinking they matter to no one.

Every. Day...not just for a season.

Don't get me wrong. I am all for allowing this season of thanks and of giving, to be a time to reflect, to give back, to teach our children that there is a greater need out there. To acknowledge these needs and that there is a world in search of what we have to offer.

Please, let this be a time to teach them that. To remind ourselves of that. Let this be a time where we stop the rush of life and take the time to love, give and bless.

But please, don't let it stop after the season is gone.

Give yourself every day.
Teach your children always.
Never stop learning and growing.
Keep looking outside yourself for ways to do something.

If we could let this be our every day, our norm, our life....  how different would our world be?

There is so much we can do.
So much more I can do. 
Every. Day.

I'm praying for God to show me more ways to make a difference. To teach my children. To love my husband. To be a ministry within my own home, while reaching beyond these 4 walls. 

I used to think my small part could never be enough. But it is that exact thinking that keeps us frozen within ourselves, our bubbles, our safe place where all is well. I don't want to stay there. I don't want to turn a blind eye to the needs of the every day only to acknowledge them when it's convenient or expected....or worse, never acknowledge them at all.

You may ask yourself, "what do I have to give? I am just one person."
You have everything to give.
You have you.

So let this season spark something in you...
And then let it drive you forward, each and every day.


  1. I absolutely love this post. It is exactly my own thoughts and beliefs. While Christmas does prompt people to give, it's also a time of such consumerism and greed in America. And I think the greed goes on all year too. So many are so blind to what goes on in the world and how much we have in comparison. Even if you can make a difference in one person's life- that is enough. We all really do have that power to make a difference to someone, we just need to utilize it. I wish that everybody would.. how different the world would be.

  2. yes!!! we, all have so much to give.
    great post laura.
    keep encouraging people to ignite the spark.

  3. I love your view of our "season of giving"- I'm totally with you. Let's make it a sacrificial lifestyle of giving and loving and hope!

  4. Love this, thanks for the inspiration, you're totally right!

  5. This is so true, such an amazing truth to this. I love the spirit & meaning of Christmas, however, the stress of finances makes it's less than a favorite for me. We are far from perfect when it comes to making a difference. We donate/tithe, every month to a Christian organization, even when times are tough, because even when things are tough for us, someone somewhere else is having a tougher time. Around Christmas time we always donate to things such as Operation Christmas Child, etc. because there is a little bit more magic to it. I do absolutely agree with you about this time of year being a little bit more about giving back than the rest of the year. Although we do what we can the rest of the year, I still I'm always searching to do a little bit more to give back through the rest of the year.

  6. amen.
    well said, and i totally agree;)


  7. Christmas can be a time of beautiful giving and thankfulness but it can also be a time filled with greed and jealousy. Thank you for sharing this post and for reminding us all what it is like for others in the world who are without. I want to do more this holiday season and this has really encouraged me!

  8. I think I struggle with this every year. I fall into the worldly part of Christmas and want my kids to have everything they want, which is stupid I know. This year, I am looking to do just what you are talking about- GIVE to ppl who truly need it. Great post.

  9. "I can't help and wonder....what if we could be this passionate about looking beyond ourselves, and giving back, every single day?"
    me and kevin were JUST talking about this. girl i swear if you lived closer there is so many things we'd be doing! LOVE YOU.


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