Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm "blank" because

This is popping up everywhere. Ashley originally started it and I thought it was kinda fun. So, why not...I'll just hop right on the bandwagon.

I'm _______because.....

I'm Weird Because...
-I eat my ice cream with a fork.
-I drain my milk out of my spoon when eating cereal. Spoons sort of gross me out.
-I can not sleep with socks on. Can not.
-I also can not sleep without a top sheet.
-Oh and I also can not sleep with my sheets tucked in.
-I always leave at least one bite left of whatever I'm eating. This for some reason makes me feel better about not eating the entire thing.
-I brush my teeth in the shower.
-I consider a solo Target trip as therapy.
-I order the same thing every time we go to certain restaurants. I don't like risking the chance of trying new things and not liking it.
- I can't face people when I sleep. I feel like I'm breathing their air in. I used to share a bed with my little sister and if I woke up and she and I were facing each other I would make her turn her head. Mean, right?
-I hate driving. Even worse...road trips.
- I can never just be doing one thing at a time. I need to work on this and learn to focus on one thing at a time. Sometimes my multi-tasking is way too similar to ADD. 
-I never wash my face in the sink. I just wait till I take a shower, even if that means not washing my face before bed. 
- I hate wearing just washed jeans. hate. I like them better when they've been worn a few times. So I will go a while before I washmy jeans.
I can't sleep if there are dishes in the sink or the kitchen is messy.
-I love being barefoot, but can't stand the feeling of dirty feet. Like if I walk outside for a quick second, I can't stand the feeling and have to wash my feet. 
-I'm seriously impatient with tedious tasks, so Brandon does them. Like filling out paper work. Tedious. 
-There are certain words that I can not stand. Like pampers and belly. Also when people call their husbands "the hubs." I'm sorry. I said it.
-It's hard for me to watch movies. 2 plus hours doing one thing is tough. And don't even get me started on watching a movie I've already seen.
-I believe paper and tongue should never meet. Licking envelopes = torture.

I'm a Bad Friend Because....
-I hate talking on the phone
-I never listen to my voice mails. I figure if it's important, you'll just call back. Or better yet, text.
-I'm not always good at remembering birthdays. I never give cards with my gifts.
-Sometimes I talk too much instead of listen. I'm working on that one. 
-I have a hard time committing to things like play dates. I just never know what my day will look like and sometimes I just simply don't like the commitment of having to be somewhere.

I'm a Good Friend Because...
-I'm loyal.
-I love making people laugh, even if it's at me.
-I can be goofy and silly but I can hold a deeper conversation and really do like to hear what is going on in your life.
-I'm super affectionate. I will hug you even if it's the first time we meet.
-I remember little things and pay attention to details. 
-I like to give. If you say you need something or want something I will do my best to get it for you.
I will always speak up for or defend you if needed.

I'm Sad Because...
-It is 80 degrees outside.
-Our Bubba and Betty {our married scarecrows we've had for years} have officially bit the dust and are currently laying face down in the grass of our backyard. RIP Bubba and Betty, there wasn't much else we or my glue gun could do. 
-Fall/Thanksgiving is just about over.

I'm Happy Because...
-Christmas is almost here!
-I get to spend time with lots of family this week
-We are getting family pictures done on Saturday
-Mia's first birthday is this Sunday and the weather is *supposed* to be perfect! {it's outside!}
-We have a full schedule of parties coming up in December and I love reasons to celebrate!
-Asher will be 6 soon but he still wants to climb in bed with me and snuggle.
-I have 3 precious healthy kids to spend this Christmas with. 
-I'll be celebrating my 7 yr anniversary to one handsome hunk this coming Thursday.
-We're going to bless a ton of women and families with Project Hope boxes!
-Brandon is off for the next few days!!

Ok so, on another note....Let's talk Thanksgiving dinner...
Every year, my grandma starts sending out emails a month in advance discussing the "menu" for Thanksgiving. Every year its the same. We all typically bring the same thing. But she still likes discussing it. Anyway, I usually bring macaroni and cheese but I'm not sure why I do because it barely gets touched with everything else on the table. A couple of years ago I tried to up the anty by making Paula Deens macaroni and cheese. It made a ton and we hardly put a dent in it. So last year I went to the tried and true velveeta shells and cheese {I know, for shame!} but still, no honorable mentions on the macaroni. So this year I'm trying something new y'all...

Macaroni and cheese muffins!

Have you ever tried them? Made them? I'm very interested to see how these will turn out and hoping they steal the show ;)
Stay tuned, I'll let you know how they turn out!


  1. Oh my gosh girl...you have no idea how much I love Mac and cheese. I must come to your thanksgiving bc those muffins look incredible. Please tell me how they turn out. Also, I relate to you on so many things you wrote. We should probably just be BFFs :)

  2. Ohh, I love your lists!! And I'm the same way about a couple items you listed, so i guess I'm weird too! ;)
    I love following along, thanks for sharing!

  3. We r too much alike.....hence the fights/arguments many moons ago, baaahhhaahahaha! ;)

  4. Those muffins look delicious! I just saw Ashley's post last night and started one on my blog too, such a fun post! Loved reading yours..we have some in common :)

  5. lol I always sleep with a top sheet too

  6. I love this post! I did my own I'm blank because post today! :) Looks like it is popping up everywhere. If you want to read it, it's here http://loveimperfectionshejl.blogspot.com/. :) I like your lists! I might go back and do so more creative ones.

  7. I think I will borrow this today... My brain needs a jump start and this should be fun.

    P.S. The Mac n Cheese muffins looks yummy

  8. Mmm there were mac n cheese cups at a baby shower I went to and they were delicious! I bet your family will love them :)

  9. I have some major multitasking ADD, too. And sitting through a movie is almost impossible!
    Those mac and cheese cups are delicious-I hope yours turn out well!


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