Saturday, November 5, 2011

instagram friday and thanks

Little bits from our week....

Super Mario and my two little lady bugs. All dressed up.


We went for hamburgers after our pumpkin patch trip last weekend. Remember how I said Asher is in a silly face making phase? Exhibit B.

My little helper. She likes to fold and hang up clothes with me. Isn't that sweet?
 I'm lying. She really just like's to tangle up the hangers and pull the clothes out of my neatly folded piles.

We had a bowling fundraiser for our kids church on Sunday. Our team won.
I'd like you to know this is is my first medal/award for winning any type of sport. And I'd also like you to know my team {mainly my husband and father in law} carried me to the win. I can't bowl.

I've started to get Project Hope packages in the mail. I cry every time I open one. The idea that they come from someone donating their time and heart to such a beautiful cause, and to reach other women in such a way that these boxes will....words aren't enough.

Yesterday my sweet husband helped me pack up all of my Splendor shop goodies for a 3 hour road trip to Houston and a 2 day holiday market show.

So in keeping with my daily thankful posts:

Thursday:  I'm thankful for a husband who is always looking for a good road trip and is my biggest support and encourager. 

Friday--- I'm loving the aspect of this holiday market, where I get to meet and talk to people buying my pieces, face to face. I love having the oppurtuity to share my heart and even more- how God connects His people together.

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. Aw little ladybugs and I loved Mario growing up! They are too sweet!

  2. your lady bugs are darling.
    i begged my boys to dress like mario and luigi. they wouldn't do it. your mario is awesome, and is def. at the silly face age. ;-)
    i wrote your zip wrong on the package and it got returned to me. i will get it out tomorrow. sorry!

  3. I'm a new follower from keeping it thrifty!


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