Wednesday, November 2, 2011

thankful on paper {week one}

I love to write. I love having this blog to document our life. Little stories and life lessons. To share about God's love and most importantly to inspire others to share it also. 

But I miss the good old fashioned paper and pen. I used to write so many letters and fill out tons of journals and cards. There is just something so special about receiving or giving a hand written note, isn't there?

So when I read about Rachels Thankful on Paper I knew I wanted to be part of it. Each Wednesday in November, I'll write a thank you note to someone in my life. A way to tell them how much I appreciate them in written word. And then that Thursday I'll write a small blog about it.

At first I felt a little funny writing about who I would send the note to, but then I realized that in Rachel being open about what she was doing, she challenged me to join her. So I'm hoping that in my being open, I'll challenge you to do the same.

Is there someone you can write a thank you to? Pray about who that is. God will show you. It might be the cashier at the gas station or the mail man, maybe a friend you've known for years. God will tell you who it is. 

For my first thank you note, God immediately put Asher's teacher, Ms. Lopez on my heart. 

She holds my sons heart in her hands for hours out of the day. My gift, my first born, my boy.  She protects, teaches, loves, cares, nurtures, and guides him for a big chunk of the day. Hours that used to be mine.  That's big to me. I am so thankful he has someone like her who truly cares.  

So I told her.  Just a simple thank you note. I'm hoping it blesses her, encourages her, and motivates her to keep doing what she is doing. And when she needs a little encouragement one day down the road, she can pull that note out and read it again.

What about you, who can you show your thankfulness to? A small written note of encouragement and appreciation can mean so much to someone. Take a second to write and tell them! 

I also plan to post something I am specifically thankful for each day this month. I think it's important to be purposeful and intentional in noticing and acknowledging our blessings. Every single day. Big or small. And November is always a good reminder for us to take the time to do that.

So today I am thankful for my husband. Who is always going above and beyond for me. He makes me feel so special and loved with all the little things he does for me each day. Things that could very easily go unnoticed and he would be ok with that. But I don't want to let them.

One of those little things today was that he got up this morning and went to get us all donuts. He brought me back a coffee too. I don't drink coffee very often, but for some reason I woke up wanting a good cup of hot coffee and I guess I must have mentioned it. 

So thank you babe, for bringing me the coffee with a triple shot of espresso {that you didn't tell me about until I'd already drank half of it} I may have been wired for the rest of the day and my hands may have shook like an addict for a few hours, but I loved the thoughtfulness, and I love you even more!!

I am so, so thankful for you. Always!!


  1. praise jesus for a wonderful teacher!
    and a sweet hubby;)

    thanks for sharing, laura! xo

  2. Teachers who genuinely care and invest in their students seem to be on the endangered species list. That is certainly something to be thankful for :).

  3. Beautiful thankfulness in this post darling! :) Your husband sounds like a doll!

  4. What a blessing to have a teacher for your child who cares so much. That's the perfect person to encourage!

  5. Love that you wrote to his teacher...they are so important and hold such a hu-ge role. And your hubby...pure sweetness. :)

  6. Yes, aren't teachers such a blessing? They really do walk alongside you for the year and their impact is huge! Love your post. I am linking with Rachel today too. :)

  7. This is an awesome idea...I'm thinking I might join ya. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like this twist (addition) to the November Thanks challenge so many of us have committed to this month.
    You have me thinking... :) Pondering... Considering... I am going to pray on it

  9. Yay!
    What a blessing your note will be to your son's teacher! I used to be a teacher and I can only imagine how I would have felt to receive such a note. Teachers do much, and are not often appreciated by others. Thank you for taking the time to say so!

    And yay for your hubby's sweet donuts & coffee. I love that you are writing what you are thankful for each day in November. You've enspired me to do the same!


  10. I love this.
    God always provides!
    Can't wait to see who you write this coming week!


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