Wednesday, November 9, 2011

thankful on paper {week two}

My sister Vanessa is 2 years older me. 
She is independent and funny. 
Gorgeous and thoughtful. 

She runs marathons like it is no big thing.
She has a heart to give.

She is funny and sarcastic, and can be incredibly silly. 
She loves my impersonations, but won't admit it.

She isn't overly affectionate or wordy with her feelings. 
In fact she rather not be touched. She's always been that way. 
But she shows love in other ways. 

When I was in the hospital after losing Grace, she brought me a new night gown to wear, some lemon jelly beans and johnson and johnson relaxing lotion. 
my favorites. 

I still wear the night gown. it has a hole, but it makes me think of her and how thoughtful it was. one of my favorite things. I'm not not sure she knows that. 

Growing up, I always gave her the better barbies and accessories. I let her use me as a boogie board, dolphin or surfboard in the ocean. 
Because I'd do anything to make her happy. And I still would.

We text all hours of the day. have jokes only us sisters would understand. 
she gets me. she knows me. she loves me.

she has waited for the right person. never giving in or settling. 
I know whoever finally catches her will have their hands full in the best way possible.

She loves my children like her own and I can't wait to do the same for hers one day. 
I will fill them up with candy and tell them yes to everything. Because I can. 

As sisters there is so much that goes unsaid. Words don't even need to be spoken. We just know. 
But written words can mean much more sometimes. So I knew my thankful on paper note would be for her this week. Just a note to tell her thank you for being the best older sister a girl could ask for. 

 These are the women on my side of the family. My mom to my right, my little sister Jacquelin {who was just barely pregnant in this picture}, my sister in law Ginger {holding Bella} and Nessa all the way to the left {holding my sweet niece Layla who is Gingers daughter}. 

So thankful for all these woman in my family. For strong, opinionated, loving, God-fearing women. Women my girls get to grow up with. 
So blessed.

What about you? Did you write anyone a note this week? Lots of you emailed me that you wanted to join in on this, I hope you did and would love to know if so! Read more about it at Rachels blog.

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I'm going to start doing my daily "thankful fors" that I said I was going to do, over there from now on.
Much easier!


  1. i love this, I just got done typing up my thankful thursday post that will be published in an hour :) a grateful heart is so beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous group of ladies! :) Love thankfulness!

  3. What a blessing! I've never had a sister and always wanted one. She sounds like a really great friend too!

  4. What a sweet post! I am so thankful for my sisters. They mean so much to me!

  5. I definitely know what it's like to have a beautiful sister who pushes you closer to Christ!

    I think I'll go write mine a sweet note too!

  6. Sisters are such a blessing. I agree 100%. My sister and I are 7 years apart but she has blessed me in more ways than I can count. Age doesn't matter with that kind of bond. Loved your post.

  7. I always wanted a sister... what a lovely family.

    It is neat to see someone with my name. It isn't all the common.


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