Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today you are One.

Mia Glory, 
Today you are One. 

Today I will wonder how life ever was without you.  I will remember how excited I was to meet you. 
I didn't sleep at all the night before you came. I laid in bed wide awake, and took in the last moments of having you in my tummy. 

Last night, one year later, I held you in my arms. I hummed to you and then stopped and listened to you hum back to me. I closed my eyes. I listened. I praised God for my gift. 
Today I am thankful. 
For your life, your health and the joy that you bring.

Today you are close to walking. You are determined and independent. 
You are a mix between your sister and brother, but you are your own person. 

Today you are brave and daring like your brother. 
You are vocal and opinionated like your sister. 
You are always happy.
 You are a gift. One of my most precious ones. 
You represent life and blessing and redemption and pure bliss.

Today I will walk into your room and see you standing at your crib waiting for me. You'll be holding your lovey bear close. You'll jump up and down and kick your feet as I pick you up.Then you'll start looking for yous sister. She always comes running after you start calling her.
It is one of my most favorites times of the day.

You are so much like your brother in that you love attention. Even better, his attention. you will do something silly and we all laugh, but the first person you look at to see if he is watching is your big brother. you sure love him. and he loves you.

Today we will celebrate you and we will celebrate God's goodness.
It has a been a good year. A year of blessing and restoration. A year of growth and happiness. 

One year ago, I held you for the first time. Never have I felt such relief and joy as I did in those moments. 

Today I hold you in my arms like so many times before. Because you don't like to be put down. I think this is partly because your a mama's girl and partly because you are so nosey and anxious to see the world, that crawling around on your own isn't fast enough.

One year ago, I watched your daddy hold you. I saw it in his eyes. The love we thought we knew already, but now even more.
As parents you wonder if you could love someone else as much as you already love your own. How will they fit in. How will your love grow. Is it possible.
Today we know it is.

Today my sweet love it is your birthday.
Today you are One. Today we celebrate. Today we praise. 

One year ago you became ours and we named you.
Mia Glory Caddell.
Our bliss of heaven. Our perfect happiness.

Today we know that name is you.
Happy Birthday to our Sunshine Girl.


  1. oh!! So sweet! Seriously, you and your hubby look 10 years younger today then you did then! Congrats on babys 1 year!

  2. So precious! What a gift from heaven, our children are! Blessings and happy Birthday to the sweetie!!

  3. What a beautiful post! Almost made me tear up a little bit. You have a beautiful family. Happy birthday to your darling little Mia!

  4. Happy 1st Birthday to your baby girl! That first year just flies by!

  5. Such a precious letter. She is adorable! Happy first birthday Mia!God bless!

  6. Your children are going to sob when they read these posts years down the road! Your love for them is very evident!

  7. Precious letter to your sweet girl.
    Love the family picture...so beautiful!

  8. Oh this post made my heart smile! I Love the picture of Mia with her brother, the one where she is wearing ther pink newborn hat, so adorable. Now, I want another baby! ;)
    The last family pic is beautiful and you look great!

  9. Such a sweet and touching post. Your family is just beautiful! :)

  10. Precious post :) I love all the pics
    Happy Birthday Miss Mia

  11. Ok...so your hair grew to the length it is now from how short it was there?!?!!?!? Ok! I can do this! I just chopped mine (about 2 months ago) and HATE IT! I want my hair back! Yours must grow super fast! LOVE IT NOW! Your hair is adorable!

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