Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crafting for Hope.

Project Hope has brought on so many stories that should be shared. Stories that have touched my heart, and inspired me to go even further with this passion of mine. So many women telling their own story, or a story about someone close, or just their heart to offer hope to other women. It is has been so inspiring to me.

Our first event was definitely just that. inspiring.


We had a good group turn out for a cold and early Saturday morning. Not a huge crowd, but a group of women who I know were there because they wanted to be and were meant to be.

 I had all of the supplies and boxes, set out on tables. Then each woman could choose how she wanted to do it. Thats what I loved about it. Each box was special and unique and a reflection of the person who made it. 

I remember clearly the night I opened up my own memory box and pulled out the little pink lovie bear. It represented hope and a future. I would give it to my next baby girl. I had no idea it would lead to this. To giving that same hope to other women in this way



what I loved about our craft day, is that the items donated came from around the world, but the boxes were decorated and assembled by women here in San Antonio. All united for one purpose.

There were a few women that said they weren't "crafty" but once they got going, you couldn't stop em ;)

It was really a lot of fun. I honestly think that every woman is capable of being "crafty." that God has given us a gift of creativity with our hands. as moms and wives and daughters...as women. We were designed with a desire to create.

I hope to do many more events like this. Bring women together, join our hearts, and put our hands to work for the blessing of others.threads of love is always in need of donation and it is my heart to continue working with them.

I asked the women to say a little prayer as they decorated each box. To think about the mom who would be receiving it, to pray for peace for her, and that these boxes truly would bring hope.

For some of the women, this was also part of their own healing. Many of them were there with their own story and decorating a box was another step to finding their own peace and healing.

I had the chance to talk with one of the women in particular, and I was telling her that this was part of my healing as well. I believe that in order to take hold of wholeness and healing, you should give in whatever area you need it in.
Ministering to other women, in this sort of way,  I feel like I am fulfilling a need God has given to me. To see other women experience hope and joy, and the knowledge of it.


It was honestly just beautiful to me. We could have stayed for hours more, but had to stick to our schedule. Next time we know we will need more time because when you get a bunch of women together with food and crafts....you need a lot of time ;)


There are a few more boxes to decorate and more items that are still coming to add to the boxes. So when they are 100% complete I will take pictures of one and what went into each from all of the amazing shops, businesses and individuals,  so that you have a better idea. And then I will take them to threads of love!

I can not wait!!!

Thanks to each of you for your continued prayers and support. this is truly just one step in what I believe God has for this purpose and cause.


  1. i love it laura. i wish i lived close so i could of come.

  2. This is wonderful!

    I live on the east coast and wish I was closer so I could have been apart of it!

  3. I cannot even imagine how much this will encourage those families and truly touch their hearts in a time when they need it most. Love this so much! You are truly going to be blessed because of this effort. I hope you have a great day!

  4. Amazing. Such a beautiful thing you are doing...

  5. It was amazing and continues to be. I was honored to be there and be a part. To add I took 2 additional boxes home to do and had an amazing evening with my 7 year old son. One that with out this I might not have had. He helped me put together one of the boxes and I shared with him the reason behind it, which led to us getting out his memory box and going through all the items I collected and saved from over the years to celebrate his birth and life thus far.
    Then last night I had a conversation with my mother in law and sister in laws on how it continues to bring me so much joy. God is amazing and all this love and community of wonderful people coming together to bring some Peace and Hope to families who will need it more then we will ever know just keeps me almost speechless.

  6. You are incredible and these boxes are beautiful!! Great job!! Love it all!

  7. These are all so beautiful and I love the idea behind them. I live in Texas and wish I was close to San Antonio so that I could participate sometime.

  8. awesome. i love what you all are doing. very special.

  9. SO SO SO AWESOME. omg. so many lives will be blessed and touched by what you made sure came to pass. honored to know you. LOVE YOU.

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  11. I love this project. Every single thing about it. I lost my baby in October. I was sixteen weeks along.

    I have felt so alone and so empty since it happened. I wish someone would have thought of this for me when I lost my baby.

    If you ever need any help spreading the word, or anything else, I am always willing to give other ladies something that I only wished I had.


  12. so amazing, laura! and i admit i got a little teary eyed seeing my little organza bags on the table. i am so happy i got to be a part of this wonderful ministry! thank you so much for giving me the opportunity! blessings, lora

  13. I want to help!! What else are you working on?? List an angel at 21 weeks... I am from Louisiana. I need to be a part of this incredible organization.

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