Thursday, December 29, 2011


its been quiet around this blog of mine lately and im pretty ok with that. ive purposely put a break on quite a few things so that i could spend time and focus on the family and making memories with them.   no expectations, or doing things because i feel like i have to, or am supposed to.
thats sort of the way i want to go into 2012. with goals and plans, and things i want to do like getting back to my spin classes, reorganizing my closets, and expanding my business.
but mainly trusting in Gods plans, knowing they may not be the same as mine and being ok with that.

this year God has taken me on a journey of realizing that change is good. that plans aren't always necessary, that last minute things can be better and expectations are sometimes more of a burden we put on ourselves than anything else.

everything about this Christmas was totally out of the norm. we spent it in my sisters hospital room, a string of red Christmas lights strung across her room, Christmas carols on the ipod, kids playing with blown up hospital gloves like balloons.
it was perfect. because it centered us around family. around new life and the gifts we've been given in one another. it reminded us why we celebrate this season. focused us on Him and the ultimate gift that was given.

it went right along with how everything else has gone this year.
different. unplanned.

Mia even took her first steps on her own, with all of our family around on Christmas day in the hospital room. Wearing her fancy Christmas dress, black tights and.... pink adidas tennis shoes she'd just got from my parents. Which just seemed so appropriate since I've been putting her in these pretty dress shoes and cute little "uggs," but now all she wants to wear are the adidas. She points at them in the morning and kicks her foot up like "put them on, now."

we've been enjoying the slower pace this week....
our tree is still up
we are baking lots of cookies {and eating way too many}
we watch movies every night in bed and sleep in late the next day.
we stay in our pj's and spend the morning playing with our new toys.
no rush. no where we have to be.
for now.

there will be a time to get all of our Christmas decorations put away. to get reorganized and back on schedule. ill start my spin classes, and we will get back to cooking more at home with a whole lot less cookie eating. Asher will be back in school. Brandon will go back to work. I'll go on my annual cleaning,organizing and giving away spree.
Our norm will be found again.

But for now, it's our time to just focus. to be still. to let things go unplanned.
to spend time in the now before its gone too soon.

I'll be back in January with the final post on the memory boxes for Project Hope. I hope you are enjoying this "in between" time before the New Year.  Much Love to each of you!


  1. Your an inspiration girl... Im working toward a point where I can just BE and be ok.

  2. when with family everything is perfect.
    congrats on your newest family member.
    happy new year.

  3. nothing better than time to just "be". Hope you had an amazing new year! xoxo

  4. It's very attractive blog post ive purposely put a break on quite a few things so that i could spend time and focus on the family and making memories with them , my son likes it very much, thank you for your giving out,

  5. Whatever happens in life family person's always stand beside you.

  6. Amazing family concept as Verna Was right family members always stood by you in no matter what situation.


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