Sunday, January 22, 2012

One Dollar Art

On one of my {many} trips to Target recently,  I saw these really cute little mouse pads. 
I especially loved what it said.
 "Inspiration grows in even the tiniest of places" 

But I don't need a mouse pad. In fact, do people still use mouse pads??
So I decided I could do something different with it and thought it would look really cute in Mia's room. Her room is pretty colorful with little bits of nature like trees, birds and owls. 

All I did was spray paint an 8x10 frame I already had {but the dollar spot also had some frames too} then I placed a coordinating piece of card stock behind the mouse pad, because it is a bit smaller than an 8x10 frame so you'll need either a mat or some cute paper. 
And that's it. 
I think it would be really cute in a craft room or play room too! 

Also a couple of weeks ago I randomly grabbed a couple of the cute tin mailboxes Target also has at the dollar spot right now.  One for Asher and one for Bella....Well they have turned out to be a huge hit around here. They each put them just outside their bedroom door and leave "notes" in them for each other. Asher will sometimes leave a note for Bella before he goes to school, and it's so cute to see how excited she gets to find it. They raise the flag when they leave a note, so the other knows to check their mailbox. Every now and then I'll leave a note in their also. It has turned out to be a really cute thing to have. For a dollar. Seriously. Go get one. You will make your kids so happy.

And since we're on the dollar spot kick, remember these cute Easter Egg trees also from the Target dollar spot, that I made last year?

After I posted about it, I had a few emails that Target was already out of the stuff to make these. So I thought I'd let ya'll know if you wanted to do this for Easter this year, I saw similar trees and hanging egg ornaments at the Dollar Store, just the other day. It's early, I know, but I've found if I wait on these things, they are gone by the time I want them. 

Now go on and get your dollar shopping on my friends. 
Happy Monday!


  1. I love finding little treasures like that. I recently find a cute little art piece for my son's nursery in the dollar spot.

  2. i LOVE what you did with the mousepad!! so so cute and creative! love you girl!!

  3. love the saying and LOVE how you framed it so sweetly. happy monday xo

  4. Love this! Gotta love the Target dollar bins, so many random treasures! visiting from Life Made Lovely:)

  5. This post made me smile, you make me smile. holla for a your idea with the mailboxes, too.:)

  6. cute new use - yes - do people still use mouse pads? do they know they don't have to?

    would love to have ya come swing by for a visit - linky party going on now. xo

  7. i love the dollar section at target! and this is so creative of you with the mouse pad.

    Classic & Bubbly

  8. I love the frame :) So cute! Target always has the best finds!

  9. So cute and clever and best of!!! And I mean cheap in a good way of course ;)


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