Thursday, January 19, 2012

To paint or not to paint...

For a long time now, I've wanted a round black table with a big solid base.
But they were always out of my price range. 
Then last week I spotted a listing on craigslist. Opened it up, scrolled down to the picture and there it was. A black, round table. Big solid base, with a leaf and 5 chairs. Perfect for our family.

But. It was in bad shape. This young couple had it for about 4 months, but before them, a family of 5 with 3 kids had it. And they I'm talking, I am pretty sure they danced on this thing. As a family. All 5 of them. They must have.
But it's beautiful and the oak wood is solid and heavy and amazing. So I thought it was worth the work we would have to put into it. Beyond worth it for the price. They were desperate to get rid of it because they are moving, so we were able to even get it a little less than asking price, which was already CAH-RAZY. 

Anyway, here's my dilemma. I'm trying to figure out if we should just stain it. Restore the wood as best as we can and just leave it. That would be the conservative thing to do.
OR, if we should just have fun with it and paint it. I'd love to do something like some of these

The aqua one in the bottom corner is calling my name, could also add fun cushions for the chairs.

Could leave the top in the natural wood and paint the bottom?

This one is amazing. This girl is brilliant.

This would involve some steps to get that antiqued look, but I love it.


LOVE this softer yellow
Simple, classic white

I know if we decide to paint it, I'm in for some work {or should I say we...I'll be using my trusty assistant/side kick/ husband of course} But, I'm up for the challenge, I've always wanted to paint a piece of furniture and completely transform it. But the process makes me nervous. I think it involves patience and I'm not very good at that.

So whats your vote? Paint or Stain?
And if you've ever painted a table/furniture give me some pointers. I need them!


  1. I LOVE the one that has the natural wood on top and painted on the bottom! That's so creative! I also love the blue one with the white and green chairs! I say paint it and have fun with it! Good luck girl! Please post pics when you get it done! :)

  2. I also love the one with natural dark stain on top and a painted bottom. Paired with colorful chairs would be SO amazing!

    You should visit You'll be blown away by her 're-inventions' :)

  3. PAINT PAINT PAINT! I paint anything and everything in sight! Mostly black...but have done other colors. It's super easy. Believe it or not, we use the apple barrel craft paint at WalMart to do all of our furniture paint. We water it down too. We like distressed. I can give you the full HOW TO if you want! It's so rewarding! DO IT!!!!!!

  4. Oo paint it! If my hubby would let me, I'd paint everything we own! I like when tables are painted and throw in even more color with the chairs!

  5. I say PAINT! I am loving that darker teal color of the coffee table at the bottom left of the first picture you posted. So funky yet subdued. Can go with mismatched patterned cushions!

  6. paint it! I love it when people put numbers on the chairs cute :)

  7. paint it!! its so easy and forgiving!!!!!! my suggestion.....paint the base only (turquoise) and make the top old wood looking!!!! :)

  8. i was on the don't paint it side of the fence at first glance, but all those other examples are swaying me!! so many choices, how will you ever decide??? what a lucky find!

  9. Paint it! You got such beautiful inspiration.

  10. I am super into color right now so I say paint it!

  11. oh my lanta

    PAINT it!!!!!! ;)

    Jay from Art & Love & Me

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    So head over to my blog.
    I'm super pumped and excited to welcome you and your art.

  12. I had a painting project this summer. I had a quality wood hutch that was my mom's and I took the top off and used it as a "dresser/table" in the living room I Painted it black and distressed it.
    Do not paint when it is hot out, it makes for a tacky paint that will leave marks and takes forever to dry. Same goes for cold. I decided to use our garage to not take up the house, but had to move it into the house on old sheets in the kitchen for controlled temp. def worth it.
    I bought a lil sander to take the finish off, it wasn't necessary to sand it first, INLESS which that piece does, have dents you want to get rid of, if you want to distress then don't worry about them.
    You do have to do a lil sanding to make "adhesive" to the paint, but you can do that by hand with sandpaper just fine, easier then trying to not make "burn" marks from the sander taking off.
    Use a primer, and do two coats of if, then three of your color.
    Use a sponge roller not a brush, it makes for smooth paint and no brush marks.
    Put tinfoil down on your painting tray, makes for easy clean up.
    Take all pieces apart before painting to get all sides easier.

  13. One of my most favorite things in our home is our kitchen table. It's stained blue. I love it! I like that the wood grain shows through the stain, unlike paint, but it's still a fun color. :)

  14. yes paint it! paint it the aqua or a bluish color. could paint that hutch of yours the coral color you loved. best of both worlds?! too much maybe?! you could always just stain the top and paint the bottom aqua :)
    p.s. i LOVE the table! i'm holding out for a super find like that on craigslist too. glad to know it can be done.

  15. paint it! I love it when people put numbers on the chairs too...cute :)


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