Friday, February 24, 2012


Current Guilty Pleasure: 
The Bachelor. Sunday evenings with my little sister, pizza and brownies.
Seriously ya'll how crazy is Courtney??

Current nail color:
I was really into Commander in Chic from Sally Hensen for a while, but lately I've been summoning spring and sporting brighter colors. Mint Sorbet is an all time fav. Yellow is currently on my toes.

Current read: 
B and I are just about done with this book. We started it a few weeks ago and read a chapter or a few pages together when we can in the evenings.  Don't judge it by it's cover. People tend to. Here is what it is essentially about:
  • A greater sense of purpose for your life together
  • A deeper understanding of God’s plan for your marriage
  • A more intimate connection with your spouse
  • Richer purity in your lives
  • A lasting legacy for your future
  • Open communication in your marriage
  • True oneness as a couple 
Current drink: 
Crystal Light in "Energy" Strawberry. I drink two a day. One in the morning, one mid-day. The rest of the day is water and a ton of it. I love water.

Current food:
I'm a pizza lover.  Forever and Always. Amen.
{Old Navy is having a big ol sale---got this super comfy top for 5.99, you should go check it out}

Current favorite show: 
Greys Anatomy is the one show I have to watch every week.
{aside from the Bachelor}

Current wish list:
I wish I had a maid. For real. It would be awesome to let someone else worry about picking up and cleaning so I could just spend that time with my family.

Current needs: 
I need to finish a couple of projects. But first I need to find the right paint.

Current weather: 
50-60's. Yesterday it was in the 80's. Hello Texas weather.

Current triumphs:  
Stuck with my goal to go to spin 3-5 a week.  Also went without a bowl of cookie dough ice cream every night. That's a major triumph yall.

Current bane of my existence:
Laundry. Forever and Always. Amen.

Current blessing:
B is off today. I love when he is home with us.

Current excitement: 
We let Asher play hookie today and we're headed to the Rodeo! Bella is pretty excited to wear the cowboy hat I bought her yesterday at Target. Seriously, how could I tell her no?

Current mood:

Current website: 
Pandora. Adele. I'm about to go clean the kitchen and I like to turn up some good music when I start cleaning.

***** pictures are from my instagram {@bitsofsplendor} and I got this little survey from my sweet friend Ashely. Who has also just opened her shop this week and I think you should go check out.

 Have a great weekend friends. See you on Monday for Bits of Splendor Monday!!!

P.S Justin wants you to know something....


  1. we could be best friends, i'm pretty sure. bachelor, horrible but addicting. have to watch grey's. wish i had a maid. pandora adele (my dinner making music)... hope you have a very happy weekend!

  2. yep, love grey's. and how amazing would it be to have a maid! there's a massive pile of laundry in my apartment, and i think i'll have to stop denying its existence sometime soon... and i'm a little jealous of your 80-degree weather. here in SC, it's been a weird limbo of rain, cold, humid, and too warm for winter but not warm enough for spring. makes it so hard to decide what to wear in the mornings! :)

    have so much fun at the rodeo!!

  3. okay so i just read your "about" section and that seals it... i eat ice cream with a fork, and i'm also in love with target and hydrangeas. and laying on beaches happens to be a favorite pastime of mine...

  4. Cool post- love the Bieber valentine! :)

  5. Cute shirt! May have to get one...
    Love me some Greys!
    That Bieber valentine seriously cracked me up.

  6. great pics! ohmygosh love the Courtney quotes..although I really hope he doesn't pick her in the end!!! happy Friday!

  7. Great pics! Love, love, Target & blah on laundry. Have a great weekend :)

  8. Ha. This post made me crack up. It was awesome. You are awesome!

  9. courtney cracks me up! when i found out ben was going to be the bachelor, i was just about ready to boycott the show this season (i'm sorry, but i just don't care for him. AT ALL!) except that i HAD to watch anyway, and she is the best part of the whole show. but, i couldn't believe kasey b. went home? what's up with that? she's so adorable!!!

    (but, my husband didn't care for her, so he wasn't surprised to see her go...i however, was shocked!! )

  10. hahaha omgosh i am totally have a guilty fest with courtney too! this made me laugh so hard...winning!....great blog girl, love your posts



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