Monday, February 6, 2012

Finding our perfect grey {And help me choose the color for our cabinet}

Hello my lovely friends. How was your weekend? Ours was pretty busy as usual. B has Fridays off, so we usually spend it running errands or grabbing more supplies to add to my list of projects. My husband is a gem I tell you. A gem.

{We also made it out on a date night Friday too!}

Not sure I mentioned this but we are repainting our living room and kitchen. It is basically one big connected space and has been the same color since we moved in almost 5 years ago. I take that back, the kitchen has changed color, but just once. Started out as green, and landed on chocolate brown.
The living room walls were a taupy beige color. Not sure what I was thinking, but I think I was thinking I had to be "formal" in the colors of the main areas. Like once you buy a house you have to act older and of course decorate older. Which really is irrational but I tend to think irrationally. Until it dawned on me recently that that is just crazy talk and my house should reflect me and us in every room. Who cares if people think we're crazy for having a yellow chandelier in our kitchen, right?

So we started with "Project Living Room/Kitchen makeover" a couple of weeks ago and began with painting. I wanted a neutral grey color. This didn't sound too complicated to me. I didn't pick out a color before our trip to Home Depot because I just felt like I would know when I saw it. Like it would call my name and tell me it was meant for my walls. That didn't happen. Who knew picking the right grey could be so stressful. There's greyish blue, greyish green, greyish yellow, greyish purple....


I went back and forth, back and forth, while Brandon tried to offer suggestions and the girls shared a bag of skittles. By the time the skittles were gone and the girls were both sticky messes I decided on a color. "Silver Screen" by Behr.

Yes. Thats the one.
B- "You sure?"
Me: "Yes? No? Why are you asking me that don't ask me that!"

So we get the guy to mix it. He shows me the end result. Looks lighter than I thought it would but he assures me it'll be darker on our walls. I ask him "So, this is what you would consider a neutral grey color, right?" Guy- "Yes"
{here you can see the "silver screen" going over the old taupe color}

We got home and B got to painting right away. As soon as it went up I thought to myself---"hmm sure looks lighter than I thought. Maybe even a tinge blue." I didn't want blue.
But I didn't want to stress and thought that once it dried it would look darker. So I left. Because basically I get super anxious with things like that and have to go busy myself with something and B won't let me touch a paint brush because apparently I get paint on baseboards. Once. I got paint on the baseboards once and now I'm banned from the paint brush.

So I left for Hobby Lobby to busy myself and by the time I got back he had done a huge portion of the walls. Mind you there is a ton of wall space to paint and he had done a good chunk of it so I would have a good idea of what it looked like when I got home. A gem I tell you! But I walked in and right away---I hated it. It was not the color I wanted. Not what I had envisioned. I didn't want to say anything to B cause he worked so hard. But gosh, I didn't like it.

He could tell. I mean who am I kidding, I do not hide my emotions well. Never have. But I insisted it was fine, that I would live with it, because I didn't have a choice, I mean there isn't really an exchange/return on paint.

So I did the next thing I do when I'm stressin. I got in the shower. Things are better in the shower. Time sort of stops and you can clear your mind. Put things into perspective, dramatically cry into the streaming water....

But then my awesome husband comes in to tell me called the manager at Home Depot and they were going to let him trade out the paint. He was actually calling to see if he could bring it back and have them darken it, but when he did, a really rude girl answered the phone and then hung up. B called back to talk to the manager about the rude girl and he apologized and told him to come and they would do a complete trade. Hollah! So thank you rude paint girl. I'm sorry for whatever was making you grouchy, but I'm happy you were rude to my husband so we could trade out the paint.

So B left for Home Depot and I jumped on line and pinterested and googled the best neutral grey's out there. Thats when we found Dolphin Fin by Behr. Or maybe it found us? Either way, my walls are now a perfect neutral grey. And phase one to our makeover is complete. I'll share the pictures when my kitchen is back in order, cause right now it's missing a table. Since we are re-doing the one I found and  talked about here.

Brandon sanded down the top this weekend and under neath all of the dents, scratches, fork markings, and apparently some family clog dancing sessions, is some super beautiful wood. If you follow me on instagram you got this little peak at it.

Next we are going to stain it and paint the bottom portions white. Project Living Room/Kitchen Makeover is coming together. Not exactly as fast as I would like for it to, but according to Brandon if we did things at my speed we end up with painted base boards. Whut-Ever.

I'm currently obsessed with furniture makeovers. Looking for the right color to paint my antique cabinet that I talked about here I happened upon this coral beauty.

and on that same blog, this beautiful blue!

Now I'm torn. Coral or a Robins Egg blue? Tell me what you think. Leave your vote in the comments, you can simply put coral or blue and I'll go with the majority! Do it. I'll be your best friend and Brandon will thank you for taking the pressure off him to help me decide :)


  1. Mercy, that's a hard call. I'm thinking blue would look better with the style and lines of the cabinet... lightly distressed too??
    CAN'T wait to see it finished!

  2. Blue! Looks awesome against that grey wall.

  3. Aw what a sweet date night pic! :) I love the blue!!

  4. CORAL!! blue is overdone!! plus, u have blueish/gray bedroom, asher has bold!! technically u could always paint over it if u hated it, god forbid, haha! ;)

  5. yall are SO cute! I vote coral! I have some projects I want to do around here too, kinda similar to you, want to add some color in this house, EVERYTHING is beige and brown... blah. I thought of posting pics of things I want to paint, one of them being our fireplace mantle, and taking a poll=)

  6. i think i like the blue better for the style of the cabinet, have fun!!

    lacey :)

  7. this project was soo cute, the colors are perfect! I love the coral and the teal- you should paint one piece coral and one other piece teal with that silver color it'd look amazing!

  8. Robins Egg Blue! I think you'll get sick of the coral. The Blue is more of a neutral and you can do more accents with it rather than the coral which limits you. DO IT! the gray!

  9. Holy smokes your in my head lady... Creeeep to the y:) I also have a kitchen living room combo thing and painted it taupe because that's what fancy older people do and it was not me! So now 3 years later we painted it I actually shelled out a pretty penny and paid a quality highly rated painter in my area I told him I wanted a neutral perfect grey and he told me he knew exactly what I was talking about and had the perfect color! I was so excited so he came one day to paint and I decided to leave and run errands with my small kiddos and come home so I could be suprised I love suprised! So several hours later I walked in to find baby pink walls and I freaked! I called him and he insisted it was grey and I was color blind so I had several friends and my husband come and tell me what they thought and they all broke out in laughter, dude it's pink! Yes.. Yes.. I know after several calls he refused to do anything and I am much too nice and nieve and paid in full and tipped him, so I was at
    A loss.anyways I am gonna go try that grey you recommended and put in some elbow grease myself, I always get it in the baseboard;) we shall see! I think you should do robins egg!.ps I just joined a new playgroup and one of the nice ladies that wanted to be friends with me listened as I shared this story a couple of days after( we started talking about a nightmare contractor another lady had) and she said I'm so sorry!!! My husband runs a paint company! I'm sure he would give you a great deal.. And proceeded to give me her hubby's info ... Same guy that painted out house lol I was a little mortified :)

  10. Ooo I like them both but I would have to say blue! :)

  11. Oh sad the majority is blue right now...
    because I say..
    Go TEAM CORAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Coral! That is gorgeous. I want to find a desk now just so I can paint it that color.

  13. how fun to get a new look! yay!
    and, i vote coral! xo

  14. Love the grey color!! I think blue would accent it soooo well! So I vote BLUE! :)

  15. I really like the blue for me it accents against the grey really well. I think the coral is pretty but against the grey it make look even brighter and not what your looking for. Plus I kinda feel like coral is a color that's nice only for a little while or for a really small piece in the room, not a major piece. Either way you have great taste so whatever you do I am sure it will look great.

  16. From the guy who is probably going to paint it... I say blue!

  17. I love both colors! Coral is my fav clothes color at this moment and have a robins egg colored master. BUT for the kitchen I vote blue because I am not sure how long the coral will be popular since it is so big, I think the blue is more classic.

  18. CORAL!!!!!!!!! its just so fun!!!

  19. Ok my head is swimming with ideas and I would totally jump n over there and help you with everything because this sort of thing is always exciting and I love to see before and after come to life before my eyes, bUT since we aren't neighbors I will have to say Coral. I love it. LOVE IT! LLOOOOOOVVVVE IT! But you might grow old of it quicker than the blue and you can probably find things to coordinate better with the blue. Just sayin'. I'd go coral. But the blue is still awesome. I know, I'm so not helping!


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