Monday, February 13, 2012

Cute Valentines and New things

Hello my lovely friends! I hope you had a good weekend. It was another fun but busy one around here.

Saturday we celebrated an early Valentines with my side of the family.  We get together for a little party each year. My dad always has something special for the "kids" --us older ones and the little ones too. It was a lot of fun and basically we've now acquired way too much candy that has been stashed away for mom to eat after the kids are in bed  special treats for the kids.

Bella and I made some little valentines for her to give away also. If you haven't seen this sweet little idea at 30 handmade days, you need to!  It was so simple. We made it even simpler by using store bought cream cheese icing. The cookies are delicious and adorable and the free printable is perfect.

Seriously you can't buy something this cute in the stores and I love the handmade touch. If you are wondering, yes Bella really did help me. She rolled the dough into balls for me and I shaped them into hearts. It was alot of fun to do with her, she loved every second of it.

Asher and I will be working on his tonight for his class party tomorrow. He's decided on these Superhero tootsie pops and I think they look really fun.

I also thought this was another cute idea too, but Asher went with the super hero.

Tough call though right? So many cute ideas.

So did you do any early celebrating this weekend? What are your plans for Valentines?

Also, I wanted to let you in on something new coming to the blog next Monday! I've been talking with Heather at Life Made Lovely and asked if she would be willing to let me pick up where she left off with her Life Made Lovely Mondays. I  just loved her heart and the meaning behind this link up she started. So I am so excited to now be hosting one here called Bits of Splendor Monday.  

Splendor: A Quality that outshines the usual. Brilliant distinction.

Each Monday, you can link up with your post about whatever Bit of Splendor you found in your week. The little moments or things in your life each week that made it fun, distinct and beautiful. Maybe it's a fun craft or new project {I love a good craft or decor project!} an encouraging word, a special memory or milestone you want to capture with your loved ones and kids, or simply something God taught you that week. Whatever it is, I'm a firm believer in documenting these things.

So that's what this link up is for!

I'm excited to begin this and can't wait to see what you have to share. I'll feature a new post each week. I am looking forward to meeting some new friends and hopefully connecting you with new ones as well. 

My heart for this is to continue cultivating community and encouragement among us, and to capture the distinct moments of life that make it so beautiful. I hope you will join me. Next Monday the 20th!!  

bits of splendor 

Also, do you love the new design? Sweet Danielle from Take Heart did it all and I could not love it more!! If you are needing a new look or just some tweaks for your blog, she's your girl. But you better hurry cause she's about to have herself a sweet new baby girl to keep her arms busy!


  1. super excited for your new "bits of splendor monday"! how fun is that!?

    lacey :)

  2. I know I just texted you about it...
    but seriously so excited for next mondays link up!!!!!!!!
    love you and your heart :)

  3. Love the new blog look! It's perfect!!!! the handmade valentines! Anything Handmade is better than storebought in my opinion!!!

    I made Easton's this weekend too...head on over to my blog and check them out! ;)


  4. Love the new look! Totally adorable! I love the fabric that is in the letters for Bits of Splendor the most!

  5. So excited to start linking up with you on Mondays! Love the look of your blog, seriously so cute!

  6. These are such cute idea! :) I love the sucker super hero! Adorable!

  7. that first one is just precious! i love it!!! happy v-day!!

  8. ok first off, the blog looks AMAZING!! :) also, so excited about the link up! glad its being "continued" here!! love you girly.


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