Friday, March 16, 2012

Pig tails and Painted toes

we've had some beautiful, warmer days this week.
which means spring clothes that show off cute little baby legs
sandals with painted toes 
and tiny little piggy tails.
 i just can't get enough.

happy weekend
hope you are getting some pretty spring weather wherever you are.


  1. I wore my walking shorts and flip flops to run errands yesterday and got the weirdest looks! I thought I was the only person in TX who was ready for bare legs at 82 degrees! Now I wonder what the weird looks were for!

  2. Hi Laura, so dang adorable! I have boys so I eat this stuff up. I live in So Cal & the weather here has been crazy. It has been warm, cool, rainy all in the same weeks. It is going to rain here for a few days this weekend.

    I love it, so I'm going to cherish this rain. Have a great weekend.

  3. those piggie tales...scrumptious.

  4. How cute. I love the warmer weather. And flip flop/painted toe nail season! Can't wait for my nieces to be a little older so I can paint their nails. :)

  5. There is truly nothing better. And she is ridiculously darling.


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