Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today was. a. day.

Asher stayed home from school. He climbed into bed with me this morning and begged to stay home. I'm a push over. Especially with him. And he knows it.

Today was also my cleaning day. Bathrooms, floors, laundry, bedrooms, kitchen, dusting...all the fun deep cleaning stuff.  Except, not fun.

I also decided that it was a good day to finish spray painting some of my projects. I made the huge mistake of spraying something in the garage, without opening the door and without wearing a mask {not that I've ever worn one before} I'm pretty sure I inhaled way too much fumes. Or is "too many.".... I don't care about grammar right now.

I now have a headache that is not giving in. 3 aspirins, 2 alieves and it's still here. I'm talking, pain wrapping around my brain and down my neck. someone help me.

I don't know if its the paint fumes or the juggling 3 kids and trying to deep clean that did it.

I was still in my pj's when B got home. This never happens. He took one look at me, told me to get in the shower and took the kids outside for a bit. Bless his soul.

On the plus side I made lemon bars. Forget the fact that I was trying to eat less sweets. Whatever.

Tomorrow Asher is going to school. I don't care how much sweet talkin he does.

How was your day?

P.S...Winner of the HOPE hoop art is...
Courtney Mistofsky
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Don't forget you can purchase one of the Hope hoop's from Nat's shop and all proceeds will go to Project Hope. Details on whats next for the project are coming very soon. It's pretty special.

P.P.S Hanna from boufe e bambini is doing a series called The Brutal Truth is a Beautiful thing. Head on over to her blog to read my interview, and if you haven't met her, you should.


  1. giiirrrlllll.....husband on evenings and 6 days of 102 degree fevers between 2 kids, and 3 1/2 missed days of school between 2 kids.....is it the weekend yet?????? i finally cleaned as well, the laundry is still sitting to be folded, and my spray painted bar stools still need to be sanded, wwwwaaaahhhhhh. :) bless the lord for life. #staying positive. ;) ps: i just ate a king size hershey bar with almonds. bad!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your truth today on my blog.....everyone loved you:) xoxooxxo Hanna

  3. Boo for headaches that won't go away! I've dealt with those a time or two recently too. But YAY for your hubby coming home and letting you relax with a shower. I'm lucky if I get one everyday! Oh the minor downsides of an infant.

    Hope the rest of your week goes better!

  4. Hope the headache is gone...and that Asher is at school! ;)

    Happy Sunny Headache Free Wednesday!


  5. girl, my tuesday was like that too! including the killer headache. i definitely felt like i could have created a better day than my all-knowing, all-loving Father gave me. in the end, i had a long, tearful talk with my fiancé who gently reminded me that my day (and the bad things in it) wasn't about me- it was about God, who will be glorified in the things He ordains because that's who He is.

    then this morning on twitter, i saw this tweet by Paul David Tripp (@PaulTripp): "If you're God's child, you're freed from getting your identity from being in control. Your Savior rules over all things for your sake." and yeah, i definitely have control issues. but the assurance that my Savior rules over all things for my sake? that helped a lot. :)

    hope your wednesday was better! mine sure has been.

  6. YOU are a crack up, what a hoot of a post, I'm sure it wasn't that kind of day for you, but you made it fun for us to read :)
    I'm a push over with my girl staying home from school too, awww...

    lemon bars!

  7. headaches are the worst! can't believe you even posted...good for you to keep moving through the pain. try some peppermint oil. it really helps me sometimes.

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