Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bits of Splendor Monday

Another Monday, for real? These just keep sneaking up on me, I swear!

I'm all over the place so here's a few randoms for you to start the week.

-It hit 90 degrees on Saturday. And our car, which is not even old and should not be giving me trouble, decided to anyway, and stopped blowing cold air. But I had errands to run yesterday so I toughed it out. Windows down and my sonic route 44 Diet Dr pepper to keep me going. I had flash backs of high school cause back in high school I thought it was fun/cool to drive with my windows down and the dixie chicks blaring. Did you do that too? Do you still do that? Cause secretly I do it now and then when it's just me in the car. What is it about driving with the windows down that makes you feel wild and free.....till you catch a glimpse of the car seats in the backseat.

-Each spring I buy a new hydrangea plant for our front entry. They remind me of our babies in heaven and make me smile. Sams, by the way, has huge gorgeous hydrangea plants this time of year and they are only like 17 bucks. Sams also has the best polish hot dogs. Sams is just awesome, is it not?

-I'm looking forward to this weekend. Are you? I love Easter. I love why we celebrate it and teaching my kids why we do. I love dressing them in their Easter outfits and the egg hunts, Easter baskets and all the candy. We are celebrating with B's side on Saturday, church with everyone on Sunday and then celebrating some more with my side in the afternoon. Two thoughts about this: I will probably gain 5lbs, and my kids are going to be exhausted come Sunday night.

-I've yet to have a cadbury egg this year. I've resisted because I'm staying away from sweets, but I'm about to cave. A cadbury egg after Easter isn't as much fun. Some people prefer peeps. I'm not a peep person though. You?

-On a totally similar note, do you have any fresh, easy and healthy recipes to share? I'm looking for some new ones to add into our rotation. Share some and you'll be my best friend. I'm going to try this one as a side this week and this one looks really good for Saturday's breakfast, or even as dinner one night.

-I went clothes shopping for Asher yesterday. He is no longer in the section that has a "t" after the number. I kept wanting to go in that section anyway though and found myself looking at those little baby boy one piece romper outfits that are my fav. I don't think they make those in a 6 though.

-The boy is at the age where he runs his clothes into the ground. literally. What he does when I'm not around I'm not sure but it must include a lot of sliding and skidding around on his knees. I suspect possibly break dancing because almost every pair of his pants has holes in the knees. It's sort of annoying but I also kinda think it's cute, cause it's such a typical 6 yr old boy thing and it means I have one of those typical 6 yr old boys.  Which makes me both happy and sad. Such perplexities to being a mom.

-We ran into an old teacher of mine from high school. I started thinking it had been almost 10 years since I graduated and that I was getting old. Then I realized it's been 12 years and that I am getting old. I've got lots to do before I turn 30 in about 6 months. I think I'm going to make a list. Did you ever make one? Will you?

-Hope you had a good weekend. I'm ready to get this week started, how about you? Perfect, let's do it then, shall we? Happy Monday my friends!

It truly is the little, distinct things that make life big. The important thing is taking the time to see them and I believe it can be in anything. A project, a recipe, a special moment or milestone, maybe just a word or picture you found encouraging. 

"You will miss what matters most in life if you are only ever looking for the spectacular"  

bits of splendor monday

How did you find a little bit of splendor in your week? Share it with us!
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  1. hmmm...yes...those hole-y knees:). My son is 6, too. At any moment- in a store, on the sidewalk, in our kitchen-- he'll just drop to his knees and like slide into base or something. I'm not really sure what possesses him to do it:)...but he's ruined all his school uniform pants.

    And I love Rt 44's!!:):). Sometimes I buy two during happy hour just to have one late at night when everybody's gone to bed:P. hehe.

    Super fun post to read. Wish I could send you a great recipe, but I'm a terrible cook:).

    Happy week, friend! xx

  2. I have lots to comment on this one :)
    Yes, I feel totally wild and free with the windows down.
    And then looked back to find Selah gagging, trying to catch her breath, and Ashlynn yelling, "IT'S TOO WINDY, MOM!!!!" Oops.
    (My husband just flew into Houston today and said the heat mixed with humidity was awful. I told him to go to Sonic, just because of this picture.)

    I was JUST at Sams today and saw those hydrangea plants and thought, "Wow, $17 is a great deal." Not kidding.

    I adore Easter. I am trying not to cry that Ryan is gone our first Easter here. I'm still going to try and make it wonderful for the girls.

    You are in luck, my friend, I did a recipe post JUST for you today. Happy birthday.

    I am currently righting my 25 by 25 (which is in 6 months). All of my friends either have or are 30 and so I'm pretending to be a grown up too.

    Long enough comment? Loves :)

  3. the minute it's nice enough, our windows are down and the music is up. it's the only way:)

    sam's is the jam! it's amazing how much i NEED in bulk. also the soft pretzels and icees always shout my name.

    you're such a cutie! enjoy your week! and happy early birthday, it'll be great. 30 is fun:)


  4. yes you are officially cool driving with the windows down and music blaring even with carseats in the back (that is what I tell myself cruising in my Honda Pilot anyway) I can't believe you haven't caved with Cadbury yet. I bought my first 1 lb bag the day after Valentine's. HAHA! I don't even want to think about my littles being out of the toddler clothes section. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

  5. oh and totes turning 30 in six months too!AHHHHHH! Craziness.

  6. It's been 90 around here too! I wish we actually had Spring instead of this jump to summer. Oh well it's better than cold and snow!

    I too am a cadbury egg person, though I always feel sick after eating just one. Too much sugar! I kind of despise marshmallows unless they are incorporated into s'mores or the occasional hot cocoa. My husband loves peeps though!

  7. i'm with you - there's not much better then the windows down and music blaring. :) LOVE your sunglasses!

    one of my favorite summertime recipes is to chop up tomatoes and cucumber (and any other veggie you want I guess), and cube some mozzarella, and mix it all up in a bowl with some zesty italian dressing! yummy fresh summer salad! :)

  8. windows down and music up is the ONLY way to go!!! i love it!

    my little man is 6 too and tears his clothes up - i don't even know how he manages some of the damage. unbelievable.

    i can't wait to celebrate Easter. we will be with my husbands sweet family. i have had a lot of amazing things happen to me recently and feel like Easter is just going to be that much more special this year.

    enjoy your weekend with your family and all of that candy and those egg hunts, they are the best!

  9. My music blasting was Faith Hill, but I totally get it! Drove all over NY state without air for the entire 8 years I was driving up there. And I still blasted my music on big roads at 23! Thankfully the kids I nannied for loved it! Their friends moms and preschool teachers were a different story though!

    I'm in love with hydrangeas too, I just wish they'd survive in a pot on my patio since I can't plant in the ground in our apartment. Potted ones on the counter get very expensive to replace every 2-3 weeks when their blooms die.

    As far as light recipes go, my light dishes are usually sides. Here's where my current go to favorite is posted -

    Hope that helps! Have a great Monday!

  10. I love Easter!!! I love seeing all the kids in their little Easter outfits- so cute! But most of all, Easter for me is about remembering what Christ has done and why I have life & salvation.
    Stay on the lookout for my new healthy foods series! ;)

  11. I definitely enjoy blastin some music on occasion... not the dixie chicks though hehe. And i cannot believe you haven't had any cadbury eggs yet! I've probably had enough for both of us this year...

  12. I LOVE this post! So much fun and it made me smile the whole time. Windows down are the makes me feel super cool. 90, already...geez Louise it's gonna be a hot one!

  13. Oh I love windows down, Dixie Chicks blaring. I did it a lot to Counting Crows too.

    We had the windows down and the music up today - but we were listening to Veggie Tales. Just isn't quite the same.

  14. Now, I have "Wide Open Spaces" in my head... lol

    I still have that CD =)


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