Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bits of Splendor Monday

Did you have a good weekend? B volunteered at the Texas Open yesterday so the kids and I decided to busy ourselves by going through their rooms and closets and cleaning em out. I lied. I decided to, and they just obeyed. I went through every toy and they had to say either "give away" or "keep."
It took forever. Especially because Bella treated it like a life or death decision. Asher was better because he had it stuck in his head that the toys were going to the kids in Africa who have nothing. He's obsessed with those kids. My sister went on a trip there a while back and brought back a bunch of pictures,  and now he can't forget about them. I think as soon as he can he will go on a mission trip to Africa. I'm not kidding. He lays awake at night thinking of ways to help them. He has such a heart on him, that boy.

I couldn't bring myself to tell him the toys were just going down the street to the local goodwill. Who am I to dash his dream if he thought Lightening McQueen might end up in the hands of a sweet kid in Africa.

Cleaning things out does my heart good. I really love simplicity. I think it just makes life easier, don't you?

After a day of cleaning and organizing and talking about the kids in Africa, I had barely eaten, so when B got home we went to Chikfila for dinner. And I sure did scarf down a chikfila chicken sandwhich. And I sure did think it would be a good idea to try to go run my 2.5 miles 30 minutes after that. And I sure did regret it. I mean I still got it done. I ran my 2.5 miles in about 26:00 minutes, but let me tell you, it was rough. My legs were achy, my mind was scattered, and my stomach was not happy. But I've taken on the motto when it comes to running, that once I start, I can't stop.  I was so glad when I turned the corner into our neighborhood at the end of that run and saw the kids and B waiting for me.

I know they won't always be able to, like when I start getting into the higher miles, but for now, they wait for me out front. I mean it's not all about me, they are playing with their neighbor friends and riding their bikes. But its so cute cause they wave at me as I start off, and then run toward me like it's been years apart, when they see me coming back.

I'll tell you something super cheesy now. It makes me so excited for the day that I finish the real race. They are going to be able to watch me through this whole thing and then see me finish it. I love that. I always think the best thing we can do for our kids is to live out what we teach. I hope they remember their momma setting out to do something and then doing it. Gosh that gives me more inspiration than I could ever to describe. Even when the chikfila sandwhich is yelling "stop! you crazy lady!"

You know what else is super inspiring to me? All of the emails, texts, comments and people in my "real" life that have told me that my running has inspired them to start doing something themselves. It may not be running, but heck if I've inspired you to get your booty moving in some form of do something for yourself, to be fit and healthy and just feel good about yourself, then by golly ms. molly, my work here is done. That just plain makes me so excited. It really does. And I love to hear about what you're doing, so don't be afraid to tell me. I don't always get to respond to emails but I do try to. And I definitely do read every single one.

Which reminds me that I've had a few emails recently about Project Hope wondering what our next project will be. I already know what it is and it is truly another cause, close to my heart. I can't wait to tell you all about it, but I'm waiting until I feel the "release" that it's time to start another project. I am trying to be wise with my time and how I divide it. I know that every single thing I have on my plate is God inspired and produced. I know that each idea and desire I have is from Him. I just want every single one to happen in his timing. That said, our next project for Project Hope will be announced very, very soon. Promise. And I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Also I worked on a few new jewelry pieces for the shop this weekend too. I'm hoping to get it stocked for Mothers Day and plan to have a promo code for you to use when I do. So you can do some Mothers Day shopping and get it shipped to you in time to give away if you'd like. That's the hope and plan at least. I try to only work when the girls are napping. Especially Mia. She is like a bandit. Steals things off my work table and then runs like the wind. It's like she wants my full undivided attention or something. sheesh.

I've been doing more and more custom pieces as well. If there is something special you'd like, let me know! I love working together to make one of a kind pieces too. 

So how was your week? Hope it was beautiful and sweet. Cause life really is. So much beauty and blessing if we just keep our eyes open to see them all. Happy Monday---Here's to a new week my friends!

It truly is the little, distinct things that make life big. The important thing is taking the time to see them and I believe it can be in anything. A project, a recipe, a special moment or milestone,  maybe  just a word or picture you found encouraging. 

"You will miss what matters most in life if you are only ever looking for the spectacular"  

How did you find a little bit of splendor in your week? Share it with us!

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  1. All weekend I've been thinking about how I can't wait for school to be out so I can clean out every cupboard and closet in my whole house!

  2. High five for you running through the yuck. That is the hardest - to keep going when you have good reasons to stop! Way to go.

    I love seeing bags lined up and ready to go to donate right now. I think my nesting and Spring cleaning bug have combined into a decluttering monster. I love seeing empty space!!

  3. i love the feeling of clarity after a big closet purge! good for you!

  4. Yay for you and your purge! I can't wait for school to get out so that I can do the same:)

  5. I'm known as the purge queen among my friends and family. But I say "the less that lies around is less I have to dust."
    I'm linking up for the first time today. Have a lovely week!

  6. Your newest follower. Found you thru Handbags N Pigtails blog. I love everything in your shop especially your bracelets. Hope you stock it soon!

    have a nice day!

  7. Love the sweet ice cream shot!

  8. Your silly and cute and that's why I love your blog. ;-) Oh and I cant forget inspiring! You truly inspire me in so many ways.

  9. I never would have told him the toys were going to Goodwill. Good job momma. And you ae setting such a good example for your kiddos by setting a goal and achieving it. They will be so proud of you! I just started going through my kids rooms too. Boys are done and now it's on to girls. Feels amazing.

  10. organizing and cleaning out has to be one of my fav things to do! we make goodwill runs like it's the ice cream store. (and my little boy has a heart for Africa kids too warms my heart.)


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