Friday, April 27, 2012

Running {Week 3}

at some point these weekly running posts will slow down. promise. but as for now, this is a big part of whats going on in my life and this is, after all my blog. where i write about our life. so if i bore you with my running posts, i apologize but the purpose is to be able to look back weeks and months from now and be able to read where i started and what i learned along the way.

i already feel like i've come a long way from my first attempt at 1 mile and man, do i know ive got a long ways to go. i hit 3 miles on monday. it was a pretty good run. i felt good through out the whole run, and didn't have to lay down on the sidewalk of our house to catch my breath.

 like i did on my next 3 miler wednesday night...

lord have mercy it was hard. it may have been because instead of a "rest" day the day before, i went to spin. it might have been because i didn't drink enough water before hand, or maybe im not fueling myself correctly. it might have been because the temps have jumped into the 90's and my breezy 70 degree weather is a distant memory. it might have been because i was running into the sun for the majority of it. who knows. probably all of the above. im still learning these things, like what works, when it works. all that. sometimes i think i totally got this running thing and sometimes i feel like i don't.

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i know one thing. im determined. and i dont care what all you do or don't do before a run to prepare, if you aren't determined to finish, you won't. the second your legs start to ache or your head says to go home, you will. determination is key. every inch of me wanted to stop. every voice inside me {what? you don't hear voices too??} told me to give it up and stop. that 2 miles was good enough. 2.5 miles was good enough. 2.75 miles was good enough. but. i was determined. 3 miles was my goal and i was going to reach it. around 1.5 miles i wanted to quit. i seriously was praying and promising all kinds of things to keep me going. but by the end my mind was mush and i was in a black cloud of "just keep going laura, don't stop."

in fact my poor niece {my brother, sister in law and sweet niece live a street away} came running toward me as i run past her house. i had my headphones on but i could see her mouthing something. i knew if i stopped i wouldn't keep going, so i kept running. poor thing was just trying to show me her ladybug she caught. sorry layla!

i finished in 30:39. i literally fell down on our patio and laid there. kids running and playing all around me. brandon playing with some remote control car. pay no attention to the lady laying on the ground begging for water people. seriously. i asked for water from every person passing by and no one got me one. thanks guys.

crazy how one run can seem like a breeze and another one at the same distance, can seem like torture.
now that i've made it to the 3 miles, im going to stick here for a bit and try to get the miles to 9:30 each. i may have runs where i go further than that but i don't want to go below. i want to get to a point where 3 miles is easy peasy and then start the real training for the half.

Question: all you experienced runners or anyone who can give me an answer {why google when you can ask your blog friends right?} i've been getting a pain in one of my heels, more toward the back of my foot, not the bottom. it isn't enough to keep me from running but it's enough to bug me and hurt for a bit afterwards. is it my stride? my shoes? any suggestions? i don't want to do anything to injure myself so early on.

so summing up this 3rd week: im feeling pretty good about finding my pace and have figured out the breathing. only thing i need to make sure on is my stride and making sure to go heel to toe all the way through, because maybe that is what is making my heel hurt? i also need to mix up the music a bit. still love pandoras jesus culture but the songs were starting to repeat too much. so i tried hillsong united this week... any other suggestions? anyone? how's your running going? whats your goal? have you started? thinking about starting? let me know!

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Happy Weekend. Love to You All. See you on Monday!


  1. I really like the running posts, keep 'em coming!! They are inspiring...even though I don't run I really want to start (once my Nikes come in the mail ahaha... it's like now that I have them I have to use them, right?)

  2. worked out 4 times this week, say wha???? ;) i definitely didn't run 3 miles without stopping though. good job! :) i am kind of walking like i just rode horse though. my butt and legs are sore. and i have jesus culture, hillsong united, hillsong, gateway, new life, and casting crowns on pandora. believe it or not casting crowns is a pretty good one (not TOO "k-loveish" ;) i love their song "glorious!"

  3. so true. some runs are easy some torture. the hardest thing for me to do is start. i dilly dally all day trying to avoid my run. and why? i really do love it.

    also i think it's time i order something from your shop everything is oh so cute!

  4. i can totally relate with the difference in runs. some days it feels like i am light as a feather and others it feels like i am dragging a truck behind me.

    i have registered for a 1/2 marathon on nov 10 and am praying for a "good" running day!

    i love these running posts! i wish i could help you with the heel question - now if you had a knee question i would be your girl : )

    i think i may have to break down and get myself one of those rings, i adore them!!!!

  5. thanks for the awesome discount code, I placed my order! love your blog, jewelry, well just you in general!

  6. Wow! Just tried the RunKeeper app that someone suggested in your comments and I LOVE it!! I looked for Nike plus but I guess it isn't for androids. Either one... Amazing how it takes the 'technology' of running on a treadmill and let's you 'measure' progress/rates while running outside!! Very exciting!! Thanks for the tips!!


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