Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

We grabbed these pictures on Sunday afternoon. Right before I kicked off my shoes and threw on my velour pants. Sunday's are long...

I'm still new to this whole, "hey take a pic of my outfit babe!" So I was feeling a little self conscious at first. 

I said to B at one point.."wait, was that my flattering side?"..."Do I even have a flattering side?" and without even a second of thought he said "they are all your flattering side." 

Yes I know, he just loves me. And that right there is one of the many reasons why I love him. I felt so dumb taking these pictures at first, but mostly because I was worried he thought I was dumb. I have no idea why I would think this way because B is honestly my biggest encourager and supporter. No matter what. Even at taking pictures of my outfit so I can share it on my blog. And I love that about him. I know that about him. But sometimes I still doubt it. How come??

This got me thinking about insecurities and assumptions in general.
It's something I've battled before in my life, but recently what I've learned is that beyond that, I battle with assuming. Like I assume I know what someone is thinking. I assume people will think I'm dumb or look ridiculous. Or I assume I'll be rejected...You get the point. Basically I assume too much. And it plays into my insecurities. 

Most of the time it's just that I'm caught up in my own head, thinking I just *know* people are criticizing me or judging me. And sometimes, its actually kept me from doing things.
I trap myself.

Don't you know that is just what the enemy intends. Because staying inside ourselves, staying focused on all of our little insecurities, or shortcomings.... It just keeps us focused on ourselves. Not others.
I've learned it really doesn't have much to do with my confidence. I know who I am and I'm learning more of who that is each day.
More importantly I know who God says I am.
But it doesn't keep those nagging insecurities from trying to creep in.

Sometimes we just gotta get out of our own head and go do something. When I'm caught up in my thoughts, insecurities and assumptions, it tells me I need to go do something for someone else.
Maybe with an encouraging word, or a compliment or helping them in some way...
It gets my focus back in line.

And honestly? Most of the time? People are thinking a lot less about you than you think. I have to remind myself of that when insecurities start trying to creep in.

Like when B was taking these pictures and I was having all these thoughts about looking dumb and worried the neighbors would see me, and on and on....Pretty sure he was really just thinking about getting inside to turn a game on ;) 

What about you? Have you ever struggled with this?

Cami: Express
Blazer: Forever 21 {29$}
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Nine West {Ross}
Owl Necklace: gift from my sister in law
Bracelets: Mix from F21 and Aldos
Earrings:Big Hoops: F21
Ivory Cameo Ring: Splendor Shop

So about this outfit....

This blazer is one of my favorite pieces. It's a go-to for sure and you can wear them in lots of different ways. And blazers aren't just for the colder months. One spring/summer trend I can't wait to try is pairing a blazer with some cute shorts. 
Find yourself some key pieces you love and interchange them for different looks. Like my maxi skirt from last week, this blazer is also one of those kind of pieces. Shopping this way helps stretch out your wardrobe and thats key to shopping on a budget!

 Also, did you know that Express has some crazy good coupons pretty often? Sign up for email and get them sent to you, or you can have them mailed also. I always use a coupon on regular priced things there. They also have sales pretty often too! 

What are some spring/summer trends you want to try?
pleated poppy


  1. adorable!! love blazers right now. i was going to do a post this week but never pulled the camera out. you look great, lady!

  2. super super cute outfit!!!!

    you hit me right on the head with the assumption/insecurity stuff. what a great idea to let that be the push that you need to just go do something for someone else. i am going to follow your lead with that one!!!

  3. Why oh why oh why can we not live closer together!???
    I TOTALLY relate to everything you wrote. So insecure...and mostly about what Travis is thinking of me. And like your B... he's my number one fan. What is up with that? So ridiculous and the thing I struggle with most.
    I think another big part of it is having so many babies back to back has made my body obviously different than it was four years ago...and that itself has me feeling all insecure. Silly but true.
    Your jeans are DARLING! Very flattering!
    I can hardly wait to have a good sleepover in November!! WAHOO!!!!!!! Love you and happy Wednesday sweet friend!!!

  4. This outfit is wonderful! I love the blazer. And...don't get me started on that hair! It's adorable!!!! Color, length, layers. PERFECT!

    We all deal with insecurities. I think being confident in your own skin is so hard...there are so many different comparisons we can make to others. Hair, clothes, money, spouse, jobs, stay at home, etc. But. You are You. And as Dr. Seuss said “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” And really...we can only strive to be the best version of ME...because if I'm trying to be someone else...well...that's just not ME.

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. I have been wanting to try a blazer. I think your cute self has pushed me over the edge and I need to get one! wonderful post. Adorable photos!

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  7. WANT THAT BLAZER. it's the perfect black blazer. i lost mine somehow? and you have the cutest hair ever. that's all.

  8. girl when it comes to my husband i do the something. it's so silly.
    i absolutely love your shirt. great outfit.

  9. You look amazing! And no hands on the hips ;) Insecurity is the very reason I've never done a WIWW post. Guess I'm not over it yet. And now I want a blazer!

  10. what a great post about insecurities, btw, i need those jeans in my life

  11. love your insights about insecurities!

    beautiful outfit- love that blazer!

  12. Great post. I could have written the same thing word for word. Your outfit is great and I love your hair!

  13. Wonderful post! I have insecurities too~ having 2 beautiful children has changed my body from what I looked like when I met my husband, but I try to work on this each day~ your outfit is great- your adorable, it's funny how so many people feel this way and are beautiful inside and out...we all need to keep pumping each other up!
    Make it a great day! Thanks for the post!

  14. You are just beautiful! And I love this outfit! I need a good blazer.

  15. ok, 1st of all I MUST get to a F21 and buy me that blazer! Seriously so cute! 2nd, I totally get what you are saying about insecurities and assuming what people are thinking of you...I do it ALL THE TIME. :( It's good to know that I am not the only one and seriously you are just so cute and pretty. 3rd your blog inspires me to keep mine after many thoughts of deleting it.
    Much love to you Laura!
    I got my my lace/burlap ring from your shop and love it!

  16. I definitely struggle with that too. I think we ALL do. It's human nature. And that dang Devil loves it when we doubt the beauty that God has created in us. Seriously, you are adorable. Your style, your heart, your posts. Keep it up! Somehow I ended up following you on instagram. Love that too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. I think you look amazing. And i can relate to this whole post. One of the reasons I've only done a few of these...bc I always feel ridiculous asking my hubs or kids to take pictures of me. Like you though, they are my biggest fans. Your jeans are great... you're beautiful, love it all.:)

  18. You are beautiful! I'm seriously in love with your hair!! So dang cute!! Thanks for the comment so I could find your blog :)

  19. wow, i totally know what you mean! {probably there are very few pictures of myself on my blog!}.... && I happen to think you look super cute for the record ;-)

  20. I just discovered your blog from The Pleated Poppy and I am so glad I clicked over! Love what you said about assuming - there's no life in that, is there? And I was excited to see you're in San Antonio - I'm just up the road in Kerrville! :)

  21. oh my goodness girl you look FABULOUS!!!! you are seriously so gorgeous friend!!!

  22. i'm so glad you wrote about this...i've only done 1 WIWW post and i felt soooo weird while the hubs was snapping away. Then because i was feeling that way, I got mad at him because "my picture's were not good" So silly! But as always he was understanging:)

  23. somehow I missed this last week? love the blazer and love the top. I'm exactly the same way, very focused on what my husband will think of me. every time I get vulnerable and let him in on whatever it is I was hesitant to share or ask or suggest or do, he's more than supportive. I need to realize he just loves me. period! (glad its not just me)

  24. Love the blazer and your hair. Smart man who is also correct they're all your good side.

  25. You look GREAT! I am the same way in regards to assuming...and I have come to the conclusion I don't know everything I thought I knew or assumed about life and people in general!

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