Monday, May 7, 2012

Bits of Splendor Monday

Hi Friends! I am sorry this is up late. Hope you have your posts ready to link up. I also hope if you missed it, you will read THIS post from last week so you get a good idea about why I do this link up.

I firmly believe in noticing and loving the small and big things of life. In living and being present. In recognizing and learning. I believe each of these things can be done every single day.

So with that in mind, I may be a bit quiet this week. I have been going full force with the shop for the last few weeks, which don't get me wrong, I LOVE and am so blessed by. BUT, that added to the every day mom "to-do" things, spending time with Brandon, keeping up with running, etc.... I'm needing a break. To slow down and put the laundry away that I folded last week. To finally use the vacuum that I dragged out of the closet a couple days ago,  sit and watch the Office late at night with Brandon without the computer in my lap, and just finish a few things around the house.

I've had a lot on my mind lately and a lot I am trying to process through. Self Evaluating, I guess. One thing I know is that my number one desire is to bring God glory and fame through my life- Every aspect of it.  I read this quote by Lisa Bevere the other day :

Your life is the most powerful platform you'll ever stand upon. Live it well!

I can sit behind a computer all day long and tell you how much I love Him. How much I want to live for Him, How much my heart wants to serve him and do great things for Him, but more importantly I want my life to reflect that. 

And it doesn't have to be spectacular or status worthy, it is just simply living. Living this beautiful life He gave me {us} and living it well. Serving my husband, loving my children, caring for our home, talking with neighbors. Simple every day things. And with that alone He is pleased. I know He is. But I want to do so much more. And I firmly know things he's planted in my heart are there for a reason and it's up to me to nurture them. To bring them out. 

I've been feeling restless lately. Unhappy with a few things. Not in a discontented way, but in a way I know He is drawing me to examine my self. My priorities, my life, my every day tasks and asking me where He is in them.  I want Him to be front and center. 

He's also been reminding me of my passion behind Project Hope. The heart tug behind it, the reason I could almost cry over it, I'm so passionate about it. I've been waiting and waiting for things to slow down or other things to line up just right before I start it again, but I know it's time. More importantly I know it will always be time and there won't ever be a perfect one, you know? I've just got to keep going. It's not about me or the amount of people who come along side me, follow me, support me {although those are needed and appreciated} It's about Him and bringing Him fame. Putting Him front and center. Thats where I want to be. Living for an audience of one. Using this influence, this platform to bring him fame.

Matthew Barnett
"When we become people of the cross, the pressure to perform ceases to exist, because we are living for an audience of one"

Bella's birthday party is this weekend. She is turning 4 {going on 16!} I want to take this week to focus on her and making her day special. Which doesn't mean you won't be hearing from me, just that if I don't have the time to post that day, I don't have the time. I love planning and preparing for parties and I want to enjoy it. Soak it in, make it special with her. Not a task to do wedged into other things.

She wants strawberry shortcake. So fun, right? Can't believe I have a daughter who loves Strawberry Shortcake. Pretty sure I was just watching them with my sisters in our old house in El Paso. 
Time flies! Life can pass so quickly.
I want to live it well.

Winner of the Mothers Day Giveaway was Handbags *N* Pigtails. Look for an email from me in your inbox friend! 

Love you all! 

bits of splendor monday


  1. Enjoy your party planning and Bella time. :) She is such a cutie pie. Cant wait to see your Shortcake Party :)

  2. i want to live for him but sometimes i am distracted. fail!. times of rest are good.

    have a wonderful week and enjoy your girl.
    happy birthday bella!

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  4. Beautiful post. I've been reflecting on some of these same things. I hope your week is blessed.

  5. Oh to act on that conviction, right?:) I'll watch for your email. Thanks so much

  6. Enjoy Bella's birthday! Strawberry Shortcake! I feel like I was just watching them too.


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