Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bits of Splendor Monday

Two people in my life have played a huge part in the kind of mother that I am. It wouldn't be right if I celebrated today {Mothers Day} without celebrating these two also. I am beyond words thankful for them.

My mom taught me to celebrate the little things. That anything could be made into a party. Especially Christmas decorating and even cleaning wood floors. She taught me affection and love. She would scratch my arm while I fell asleep and always let me into her bed at night when I needed her. She taught me to make sweet family traditions like Friday night family movies, with a bag of skittles and popcorn and make your own sundaes on New Years Eve. She taught me that friends would come and go but my sisters would always be there. She taught me to serve the Lord and the power of prayer. She held my hand and celebrated with me each time I held one of my babies for the first time. She held my hand and cried with me each time that I had to say goodbye too. She taught me loyalty and truth. And to always walk in faith, confidence and joy that God's got a good plan. Best of all she prayed for me. And never stopped. She prayed for my future husband and the very first night I met Brandon she knew he was the one I would marry. She never told me that until the night he proposed. She trusted me to make my own decisions because she knew that I would.

That is one of the biggest lessons I learned from her as a mom. To pray, guide, nurture and then trust your children to make the right choices. She gave her very best for her family and still does. She is sentimental and soft hearted and cries when reading birthday cards. She is the very best mom I could have ever hoped for.

And Brandon. He is my greatest supporter, encourager and my very best friend. He loves me in big and small, loud and quiet ways. Ways that could easily get missed and he would be ok with that. He does, just because. And I love that about him. He has taught me selflessness like no other person I have met. He loves our children, he shares the load of parenthood and he never complains when he stays up really late with me packaging orders or making party favors. He's my biggest fan and makes me smile on a daily basis. He will go to the store at 11 at night if I needed him to. He makes me feel beautiful when I'm dressed up cute or when I'm just out of the shower with wet hair and old pajama pants on. He knows the importance of giving me my time alone, of making sure my "pink waters" are always stocked and being quiet when I say things I shouldn't because I'm irritated with something else. His silence in those times has taught me more than he realizes. He makes me a better person. A good mom. And a happy wife.

We sat in the backyard of my parents house today. Watching the kids jump in and out of the pool. Mia was on my lap, as usual. Sticking close to mom, and Brandon was beside me. I just had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude as I looked at each of my kids. Sometimes it hits me really hard that I am the mother of 3. When I look at them and how perfect and beautiful and healthy they are, I don't ever take it for granted. We have 4 more waiting for us in heaven. I can't wait to be mama to them one day, But right and now, my heart is content and full and grateful. The here and now is beautiful and noteworthy and reason to celebrate. Always.

You know what else is noteworthy? Asher trying chicken nuggets for dinner for the first time in 6 1/2 years.  Not just trying them though....actually eating them all up and liking them! My life just got easier. The worlds pickiest eater has finally expanded his repertoire. Happy Mothers Day to ME! How was yours?

bits of splendor monday


  1. Love this post. Praising the Lord with you for chicken nuggets! :)

  2. This was a beautiful post.
    You are an incredible woman and it is great to see where it comes from.
    Love you!

  3. Love this. The picture of you and your mom is beautiful. Hope you had a blessed mother's day. xoxo

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful mother's day!

    What a blessing to have such a wonderful relationship with your mom! Mom's are truly the best!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. Sweet post! Its so wonderful to sit back and remember God's blessings in our lives:)

  6. great post...I love how you showed some love to the husband...mine was just gone for 4 days and I realized how much he really does and how it makes me a better mama!

    p.s. I have picky eaters and one of them hardly ever eats meat.ever.

  7. So funny that Jami(Call Me Blessed), a friend IRL and I posted about the same thing today...old soda crates. :) Yet different uses.
    Happy Monday!

  8. laura this post is incredibly sweet. i am so glad you had a happy day. you more than deserve it.

  9. ummm i LOVE "pink waters" too!! hahah i drink those ALL the time. we actually get the huge "variety pack" at Sams! :) hehe SO glad you are a mama to your 3 here and 4 there...they are ALL blessed to know you. and yay for chicken nuggets!! (I secretly wish Abigail would like them too!) :) love you mama!!!

  10. Yay for amazing mothers! Have a lovely week :)

    xo Shane


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