Friday, May 25, 2012

the Honeymoon is over

I ventured to say I loved running in the beginning. I mean once I got past the first trial of starting {which I think is the hardest thing--just starting!} And once I figured out a couple of things like my breathing and pace... I was loving it. I looked forward to starting out on our trail and seeing the family of bunnies that would hop across it as I ran. I looked forward to seeing the sweet older couple who go on a walk just about every day at the same time. I looked forward to listening to my worship music and letting my mind wander. I looked forward to making up new routes to make my run longer.

Oh it was all so new and so fun.

But now. I honestly am struggling to say I still love it. Aspects of it? Yes. Like I can feel my body changing and getting stronger. Running is a full body workout! I had no idea! I love the way I feel after I finish. I love the mental break. I love pushing myself to do something that isn't easy but is very rewarding.

But all the other aspects? Not so much. The routes are getting too predictable and boring. The music is still good, but just not enough to keep me wanting to move my booty. A lot of times I will put it on one station like Jesus Culture or Kari Jobe and while I love the songs that come on, they are much more of a worship and reflection feel, which makes me want to lay down in the grass and take a nap, instead of keeping my booty moving. Right now, I'm just using my pandora app on my phone, but is there another option??

I'm just at a mid point where I need another kick in the butt to push past 3 miles. I'm not a "beginner" anymore, but I'm also not a long distance runner. I can't wait for the day I can set out on a 6-8 mile run like nothing. At this point, that seems simply crazy, but I know I can get there if I keep at it.  I just need to get up and over this little road-block I seem to have hit.


But. I'm the type of person who needs a challenge, structure and accountability to keep motivated. She had given me a schedule in the very beginning to get from 0 to 3 miles and after I accomplished that, is about when I got stuck. I just need that challenge, you know? something to strive for. So my sister is supposed to make me a new schedule. I'm hoping that this helps. Right now, she says not to go over 5 miles so that I don't get burned out when real training for the half begins in August.


Running is obviously very physical, but it's also hugely, mental. We are all different but I'd love to hear from other runners----how do you keep yourself mentally motivated during the run?  Right now, I'm basically just giving myself no choice. Once I start that's it. It's like Nemo---just keep running,  just keep running!  If you have some ritual or trick that works for you like eating a banana 32 minutes before you run, share it with us!

Also, if you aren't a runner, I don't want you to feel like this isn't for you too. I wanted to share this journey of mine so that others could be inspired too. Anything I learn along the way can be applied to whatever physical goal you make for yourself.  Whatever you're striving to do---I'm learning that the biggest key is simply believing in yourself and your abilities and then not giving up on them. Even when everything in your body/mind screams to stop.

On a side note, I'm getting myself some more official running gear. The v-neck tees and yoga capris, aren't cutting it. I need some shorts {which is huge for me since I've always been a non-shorts wearer.} and running tanks. Hoping that this helps---whatever works right? Have any favorites you can share?


  1. Right now I only run inside on my treadmill which is way easier for me than running outside, I can grab water if I really need and I watch tv while I'm doing it. But I'm in a similar boat, I'm stuck running 3-3.5 a day. My sister in law who is a runner suggested I sign up for a 10k so I have something to motivate myself towards. What are you running for? A marathon? Maybe you could do a 10k or a half marathon sooner to have something to look forward to? Let me know what works for you, cause I need ideas too!

  2. Hi! I'm not sure how you feel about Christian rap?? But I felt the same way listening to Jesus Culture and Hillsong, so now I listen to Lecrae, Trip Lee, Da Truth, Shacha, Ambassador, to name a few and I LOVE IT!!! It gets me SO pumped up makes me want to keep going every time! :)

  3. oh my gosh. i jumped off the running train almost two years ago. the last 3 or 4 months trying to jump back on has been ROUGH! todays a long run for me and i'm kinda dreading it. ha! and procrastinating on the computer. i needed to read this post.
    anyway i listen to music with a fast beat {like gwen stefani} if i don't i won't/can't run. also, i do a lot of mental yelling at myself because i know i can get the run done. oh and sometimes (always) i pray that God helps me get through that last mile.
    i haven't tried to get past 3 miles yet. boo!

  4. I feel ya when it comes to hitting "that" wall, it is every so often during training that I just get "there" where I feel like a 3 year old that has to get pulled out by my arm kicking and screaming (in my head of course :) to go out and run. BUT after I do I always feel better (if not physically, mentally, that I kept to doing what I set out to do) I know you like to run to worship music, but I am the same as you in the sense that it can make me want to lay down on the grass (or dance, but not in the fast moving way haha) so for me to go my fastest I really do have to listen to dance music. I grew up in dance classes so I have always felt that if I have a beat or a rhythm it helps me a lot to keep a good pace, without it I am lost, and if the song slows so do I. I just found out that my duathlon doesnt allow headphones, I almost lost it because I NEED them.. my solution, I am going to run with my pandora on speaker on my phone and just share the tunes as I go by (or they go by haha) That is how much I depend on it, that may not be good, but it is how it is. For clothes I just bought some amazing workout clothes for a great price at Target, there is a fited tank top with a shelf bra that doesnt wiggle around when I run so I never have to pull it down that I love (plus it holds all things in nice and flat looking)

    And I was afraid to buy these because I dont do spandex bottoms esp in public, but they are amazing, they stay in place, they have special stuff on the inside of the leg like bike shorts to keep them in place and they dont crawl up. I even bought some for my friend who runs because I love mine so much.

  5. Opps I linked to the wrong shorts, though I am sure those ones are great I dont own them so I cant be for sure, these are the ones that stay in place perfectly :)

  6. I live in my Nike Tempo's!! I think I have them in every color ever since I have been wearing them since college! I see them from time to time at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    And check out for some awesome running mix inspiration. ;)

  7. I'm with you on the wall thing. I have been at this on and off for over a year and still haven't built up past three miles. Shin splits and a bad knee have kept me back (or at least that's the excuse I'm using).

    Music has NOT been a problem for me, thankfully! What I found works best is downloading to iTunes, and then creating a power hour playlist. I will pick the fastest/upbeat 1 minute segment of my 60 favorite songs and program them to play on shuffle while I run. I just hate listening to a whole song on Pandora and not being able to skip it once I get bored, so only having to listen to the best 1 minute of a song was the best solution for me. Obviously you could pick more songs if you wanted a bigger variety.

    To program it to only play one minute segments, in iTunes, right click on the song in your playlist, click "get info" and then click "options." Then program a start time and an end time based on when the beat really picks up in the song. Usually this is around the chorus for me, or a really motivational line. You can make the segments longer if you want if 1 minute makes an awkward cut off or something. Just an idea for you - I know a lot of people don't like downloading music but if you've already got a pretty good library this could be a great option. If that's confusing, let me know and I'll try to explain it

    One of my favorites right now is Changed by Rascal Flatts - there's this hill on one of my usual routes and for some reason, even when I'm running with the iPhone on shuffle, this song ALWAYS comes up right as I have to go up this hill and it makes the climb SO much easier!

  8. As a breast feeding/well endowed momma ;) I have to wear two sports bras when running, if I dont it greatly effects me. Also I went to a running store called Luke's Locker, they anazlyze the way you run and get you in the right running shoes. I had never heard of the brand they suggested for my feet, but they turned out to make all the difference. Even after the 1/2 marathon, my ankles/knees... nothing hurt.

  9. Thanks to the other gals for the links for clothing! Okay...I'm totally humbling myself here, but I would've appreciated it if someone had shared this lovely tidbit with me before my first half marathon. Hopefully your sister is already clued into it. Have you heard of the "runner's trots"?

    Yeah, after I hit about 8-9 miles in my training, I desperately have to visit the bathroom! Hence, the trots? Not sure how to avoid it, I've just humbled myself and come to the grips that that's how it's gonna be.

    I've run two half marathons and didn't care for that side effect, so I've been seeking out other options. My husband and I are currently completing the workout program P90X and we actually signed up to do a Tough Mudder in September. Yes, we're CRAZY! But, I'm totally excited about it and it mixes up the plain old running.

    I realize none of this probably helps you, encouraged. I think every runner has ups and downs. Stick it out! Praying helps me on my run, for friends and family. =) Good luck!

  10. I love my Nike tempos! Personally, I sweat too much (super embarrassing I know) so I can't wear the tank tops cause I like to wipe my sweat with my sleeves.

    I think if you signed up for a 5k, it might give you some new motivation.

    Good luck!!

  11. so inspirational! i've recently started to actually love running. it's so nice to clear your mind and just run.

    andrea brionne


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