Thursday, May 24, 2012

Searching for Treasure

I am so glad that so many of you could relate with me on my last post. It's a huge blessing for me to know that when I let go of my own reservations and share some of my struggles, that God swoops in and uses them to speak to you too. It's always my biggest hope that we can all inspire and encourage one another together. That there isn't a sense that any one of us has it all figured out, but that we are living in a continuous pursuit of Him...not perfection.

I sat under our twinkle lights on our back patio last night. The sun was just about to go down and it was the first time I'd found for some quiet. So I grabbed my books and took them outside

Letting go of the "just right," I was totally ok with this. In fact, it might actually become my new favorite time of day. The kids were fed and watching a movie with B, and there was this sort of "lull" before we started the whole bedtime routine. 

I know a lot of people love the morning. But the evenings? They are really good too. I loved sitting outside listening to the quiet. Our neighborhood is usually swarming with the sounds of kids playing, dogs barking, motorcycles and cars. But just after the sun goes's quiet. There's this sweet stillness that I love.

Mornings are all about the beginning of a new day. New mercies and blessings and opportunities. But the end of the day is a time to look back on all of those. To reflect and remember and be thankful.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is if you've been like me and felt like your quiet time had to come in the morning? It doesn't. It can come any time of the day, and there is freedom in just embracing that alone. Because instead of feeling guilty that it didn't happen that morning, you can look for it through out the day. And you'll realize, as you search for Him, His presence...that time a'll find it.

"Approach Each New Day with desire to find Me.....There are hidden treasures strategically placed along the way. Some of the treasures are trials, designed to shake you free from earth-shackles. Others are blessings that reveal My Presence: sunshine, flowers, birds, friendships, answered prayer.....Search for deep treasure as you go through this day. You will find Me all along the way." {Jesus Calling}

I closed my eyes and started thinking about the ways I felt His Presence in my day. I started thinking it wasn't much of a significant day, just a regular day of getting things done around the house, working on some shop stuff, and the usual mom duties. I was thankful for the stillness of the moment, the quiet breeze, finishing a good run....But then I started to look deeper for the "hidden treasures." The ones I might have missed.

This scene from earlier in the day instantly flashed through my head. There is this young girl in our neighborhood. She and Bella have become friends, but I don't let Bella play outside unless B or I are out there also. Mia was napping and Bella begged me to let her play with her so I told her to invite her inside.

The little girl is pretty reserved. Sort of timid. Kind of hard to read. Shy. But sweet. I can sense something more to her, I just can't figure it out yet. She and Bella were playing in her room, while I worked on some shop stuff in the craft/play room. I always have worship music on while I work so yesterday was no different.  The girls came out into the room and a few minutes later, I noticed the little girl hopping around the room. I thought "well my goodness, what did she just get so excited about!!" Without looking up to see what she was doing, I remember thinking she was like a jumping bean and must have got a spurt of energy. But then I turned around and realized what she was doing.

She was dancing to the music. Like, totally unapologetically, without a care of us seeing her. Just, dancing. I caught her eye and she had this huge smile on her face. So ungraceful, so not coordinated, all lanky and awkward. But you know? I bet to Jesus she looked like the most graceful ballerina ever. Precious in His sight. This little girl giving her all. And don't you know that's how God wants us to be. Willing to just soak Him up where ever we are, no matter who is around.

Obviously I don't mean start breaking it down in the middle of Target {although I've been known} But I mean just being free from the shackles and condemnation that everything has to be just right, or done in a certain way, or heck, even caring what other people think. Lord knows thats one I struggle with. "What will they think of me?"--Pretty sure thats one of the biggest ploys of the enemy. Fear of what others will think. But I think it's time we say, "who cares" and just do it. No excuses. No reservations. Just dance before the Lord, you know? Do your thing!

It really doesn't matter to God whether we seek Him out in the morning, or afternoon, or evening. Just that we do, you know? And more so? That its out of a simple desire to find Him. Not a task, or a work or something to check off. Just a searching for Him. There is freedom in that. He is in the every day. The treasures of sunshine, flowers, birds, friendships, answered prayers...and shy little girls dancing to worship music without any other care.


  1. Love this post! So very true!!!

    The girls and I just read about the hidden treasures yesterday in their Jesus Calling Devotional, so we were on the hunt all day finding the gifts from God. They did such a good job finding them. My oldest came running in to share she found a beautiful yellow flower that had popped up! :)

    I ordered my own leather version of Jesus Calling Tuesday night. Thanks for sharing about the deal. Can't wait to get it!

  2. i work in the pediatric icu, and my coworker caught me dancing at the copy machine a few days ago. i didn't realize i was doing it, but it was a particularly rough day, and i guess, subconsciously, bustin' a few moves was distracting me from the emotion and allowing me to complete my task. whatever reason that little girl has to be shy, i'm glad she's found a place in your home to be free. you seem like a great mom, and i loved this post. thank you, and happy memorial day weekend!


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