Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kitchen/Living room Makeover Progress and our Antique Hutch Re-do

Finally getting around to showing you the progress on our mini kitchen and living room makeover.

Remember this antique hutch/cabinet I got a couple months back on one of my antique shopping trips? Well I finished it and then kinda forgot to show it to you. After much debate and many of your suggestions, I chose to go with the robins egg blue.


Just so we get a good idea of how far it came, here's a look at the before

{don't mind the bad garage lighting}

I love how it turned out! It's a nice pop of color to the spot between our kitchen and living room. I used a bunch of white dishes I already had to "decorate" it. The clean and simple contrast of the white with blue is workin for me.


So glad I went with the blue and I think it's pretty close to the color I was aiming for, what do you think?   I also switched out the knobs for some distressed white ones that I found at Hobby Lobby when they had them for 50% off.


This is a shot of it with our kitchen table that we also re-did. You can read about that whole process here, if you missed it. The kids have already done a bit of "distressing" to it on their own, which I was hoping for.

The white semi-gloss paint has been really easy to wipe clean too which, with kids, is a major major plus.   We still plan to switch out the sliding glass doors for french doors one day, and also painting the cabinets white with some dark hardware is next on the list. I think it will make a huge difference. 


And that chandelier. Shall we talk about it for a quick second? It was a 7.99 brass one that I found on a quick "just to see" goodwill trip. I spray painted it with krylons yellow. It's fun for now. I have one from Pottery Barn that I would like to get one day, but this one is just fun for now.

If you've followed a long with this mini kitchen/living room makeover at all, you know we started around January. And we started by painting the walls a gray. I think that alone made a big difference in brightening it all up.

We're going to add a chalkboard of some sort to that island wall.

Again for perspective, here's a before picture of our kitchen about a yr ago

There was nothing necessarily 'wrong' with it, I just felt like we needed to lighten it up.

I still have a blank wall in our living room that I was trying to figure out what to do with. I was between all white plates, then all white open frames {b totally did not get the open frame look} and now I think I'm going to go with a mixture of a whole lot of whatever. Like an eclectic mixture of wall decor I already have, with some of our favorite pictures in frames and other random things like numbers and monograms. I kinda wanted to veer away from the gallery wall thing but it might be the best option for that wall space.
 I also might just put the 3 silhouettes I made of the kids there for a clean, simple look. 
I don't know...

 {yeah thats B's pull up bar on the guest bathroom door way. lovely.}

To tell you the truth, I kinda stalled out with it all. I just had to step back for a bit. Away from pinterest and the Do It Yourself blogs and decide what I liked and didn't like. I'd see something and then think I liked it, or I could do it/make it/paint it, then I'd see something else the next day and decide maybe I liked that better.

{the Living Room. Before}

{And now. Hi Bella Boo on the ottoman}

I love pinterest and DIY blogs. I think they are a great place to gain inspiration and ideas and that's exactly what it's all for. But I just had to take a break and let myself figure out what I wanted. Because it got to be a little overwhelming.

It will always be a work in progress, I know that. I think a home sort of always is as it transitions with you. And I kinda just like that idea of living, adding as we go, and just letting our life reflect through it. I just needed to get to a point of contentment instead of wishing or wanting something different every time I get on pinterest ;)

So, any ideas for that blank wall?


  1. I am LOVING that hutch! Also, I've been looking for an area rug like the one in your living room for a while now! You have great taste :)

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things.

  2. the hutch looks great in blue. your mini make over, i think was a success.

  3. soooooo darn cute! I love it all, the yellow chandelier, the pillows on your sofa, all of it!!! darling!!!

  4. It turned out so good Laura! The hutch, your walls, the chandy... All of it. It's always work to get it all done but it's so rewarding to the sit back and look at how it turned out. And yours looks great. :)

  5. LOVE the living room make over and all of the gray. We did gray walls everywhere in our house.
    I think the chalkboard wall is an excellent idea,
    My husband would have the same reaction to the open frame thing.
    Since I have been here in WA Ryan finished out cabinets and I think they are just what you are talking about. I will send you a picture when I get back!

  6. Oh my gosh, SO SO LOVELY...let me think about that wall...

  7. what about family photos OR a random eclectic mix of art etc...all different that you have?

  8. IN. LOVE. so did you spray paint or normal paint? I like the option of regular paint bc there are so many more choices for colors, but I'm so nervous to do it that way. much more comfortable with spray paint. any tips?? (I realize that's a very open ended question! ha!)

  9. and for that wall, I like eclectic. a mirror, a few photos, some prints, some hoops, random wall hangings, a big "C"... that's fun bc you can rearrange and change it up when you get bored :) at least that's what I do.

  10. i have an idea! come help me. i am inspired that you take care of your babies, run, make little lovelies for your shop AND make your house so dang cute. you are my motivation, lady! i might get painting this weekend...

  11. Love the title of this haha. And the hutch looks great. Your kitchen and living room both look great! I could see the cabinets looking pretty awesome done in white...but that's a whole other job ahah.

  12. It looks amazing! How did you ever get your Hubby to take down the ceiling fan?! Mine has a love affair with ceiling fans. I just want one chandelier or normal lighting fixture. Is that too much to ask? lol

  13. So im totally catching up on old blogs as I sit here in insomnia... I love the makeover and remember us talking about the doors. I have to say we painted our cabinets white when we moved in and no kidding, it was the best decision we made! It took our kitchen from a storage for food to a "homey", updated, open-feeling place that we spend so much time in. We actually loved it do much that we did all of the cabinets in our house!!!!! As for the wall... I think the silhouettes in cool, antique frames would be perfect! You could do white frames, a color (yellow, light blue) background with white or black silhouettes... Can't wait to see the verdict!!!

  14. Hi,

    I absolutely love your style.
    Oh my word… I’m so glad we finally got around to trying this! All of it. It's always work to get it all done but it's so rewarding to the sit back and look at how it turned out. And yours looks great. Really this post is useful for us.

    Thanking you

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