Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

We went to one of my cousins wedding this weekend. It was so much fun and super casual. Tons of good food and a make your own sundae bar for dessert. The ceremony was outside and there was lots for the kids to do including a jumpy house. Talk about wasted kids by the end of the day...

So knowing it'd be outside, I wanted to be comfortable and cool. I have this black one piece pant thing {I'm sure there's an actual word for this? anyone?} that I got last year and wanted to wear it. But the material is sort of dressy so I wanted to dress it down with a belt and sandals.

{totally not trying to make a certain face here, it was just hot and we were in a hurry!}

I knew the exact belt I wanted for it, but didn't have one like it. So B took me to good 'ol Forever 21 after our dinner on Friday night and thank you Jesus and F21, cause they had just the one I was looking for. I mean you just can't beat 8 bucks for a belt either, am I right?

I'm an accessories addict. I think you are probably catching this drift. I just love how they change up the look of a basic piece. The belt and sandals made this outfit a totally different look.


That is one thing I almost always look for when I shop. Whether it's for me, or the kids or B, I never like to buy things that will only get one good wear. Like this pair of black dress shoes we had to buy for Asher for a wedding he was in. Never wore them again. Still bugs me to this day.

Last time I wore this black pant outfit {what the heck is it called?} I wore it with strappy heels and dressy jewlery, no belt. totally different look.

 Black Pant Outfit, Belt, Leopard Sandals, Gold Hoops- Forever 21
Gold Wishbone Necklace- Splendor Shop
Owl Necklace- Gift 
Bracelets- Aldo

Basic pieces with mixed in accessories. Easiest way to stretch your wardrobe, don't you think?
Whats your favorite way to change up an outfit?

Also, can I just say that I used to be very anti mixing black & brown. But I'm really starting to like the way they look together. What do you think? Do you mind mixing brown and black or try not to?

By the way, I got a lot of suggestions for places to look for v-neck white tee's. Thank you! One place that got lots of suggestions was J Crew. In case anyone else was wondering. BUT. This is exciting news...I looked at Target yesterday and I *think* I found a new perfect one. It is 95% rayon and 5% spandex. Now. I haven't given it the real test of actually wearing it just yet, but when I do I will let you know. Another plus? It was 7 bucks on sale. Go look for it! They had lot's of colors.

pleated poppy


  1. I swear you are the cutest/most stunning girl ever! Love the outfit(& your hairstyle:))

  2. lookin good my friend! and yes, one piece pant thingy is a technical term for that outfit ;)

  3. It's a jumpsuit, they were all the rage in the 70's, even men were them:)
    You look wonderful and love how you can make it look casual or dressy
    I love a black sweater with jeans and brown boots!

  4. I have been a silent follower of yours for a while now and I love your blog! I can relate to so many of your posts, but for some odd reason I can never bring myself to voice my thoughts. But anyway.... you look fabulous in that outfit and your hair always looks great!

    Gotta tell you... I'm one of those people that are against mixing black and brown, but it works here.

  5. That jumpsuit looks great on you!!

  6. You and I need to get together and hit F21!! It is my go-to place. I always find something...and the prices...yes, please!! I love that black one piece...I haven't seen it there and believe me I hit the store once a week. Totally agree, I try to buy things, especially accessories, that I can wear over and over. Black + brown = well done!!

  7. You are rocking' that jumpsuit! So cute :)
    I wish we had a Forever 21 in my town, they have the cutest (and cheapest!) accessories. PS~ your hair is darling!

  8. My favorite white T's are actually from F21. They have a couple of different ones and it's on the higher price range over $7 but they are holding quite well just don't put it in the dryer. I like the blend of it but it's V neck. I love jumpsuits for their versatility. You look great!

  9. 2 things... Jumpsuit is one term but it's also technically a "romper"! 2, I can't agree more with black and brown... My favorite outfit in the winter is a black dress, black leggings, and brown boots!!!


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