Monday, June 4, 2012

Bits of Splendor Monday

The kids have been with their mimi and papa at the beach for the last few days and we just got them back this afternoon. Feels so good to know my 3 little chickies are back in one place and tucked into their beds. Mia stayed home with us but she kept asking for them every time she woke up from a nap or in the mornings. Having our 'AshUH' and 'Lella' back just makes everything right again.

Seeing the 3 of them together just does something to my heart.

Not that B and I didn't enjoy the "time off." We got to spend a lot of time together because B worked from home for most of the week. We also took the opportunity to get a ton of projects done around the house while they were away.  All of the ones that have been looming in my head to do. If I were pregnant I would say this is nesting, but I'm not so I'm not sure what this is.

I cleaned out all of their closets and got summer clothes hung and put in drawers.
Rearranged their rooms and deep cleaned them {cause you know when you start moving furniture you are going to find some random things under those beds and a whole lot of who knows what}

I also totally cleaned out our laundry room and did a ton of laundry. We were blessed big time with a new washer and dryer. Our old one was smaller and couldn't take too many clothes at a time. The dryer had to be restarted on average, about 4 times to fully dry the clothes. So needless to say we needed a new set. The very day we were blessed with them out of nowhere, I had just thought to myself how much of my time is sucked up by laundry and that we needed to buy a new set asap.
These new ones are like bliss. Really who knew washing clothes could make a girl so happy.

One of the biggest projects I also got done was organizing my work space where I make all of the Splendor jewelry and package all of the orders. I needed to get it in better "working" order to make keeping track of stock easier, and  packaging and shipping more efficient. I'm going to take pictures here soon and do a little post on it. That room, particularly my little space has become one of my favorites in our house.

I also shipped out a lot of orders including the ones from the Peony necklace sale I posted on my facebook and instagram. If you aren't following me in either of those places, you might want to so you don't miss out on special promotions and discounts. I promise this is not an effort to gain followers because I could care less about gaining followers just for the sake of numbers, BUT if you want to catch a deal, that's where you'll find it, is all I'm saying.
Also, a quick note--if you pre- ordered the Vintage Cream Bloom necklace, I got all of the supplies in and will be working hard to get them all made and shipped out in the next couple of days!

And what else? Oh! One of B's biggest projects was power washing and painting our back patio. A certain wife of his sort of ruined it with spray paint. Don't even start judging me and my spray painted patio. Some might call this art.

Just not this guy.....Don't let the face fool you he wasn't that annoyed with me ;)

We added some new cushions to our chairs, got a firepit for s'mores in the summer and cozy fires in the winter, and painted the patio a terra cotta. It looks so much better out there already. I'm working on some hanging mason jar lights to put up also.

One last thing. I am jumping in with "She Reads Truth." Have you heard about it? Basically it's a huge group of women reading the word each day along with a devotional called Soul Detox. Then writing what God is speaking to you about it and sharing it. Mainly through twitter or instagram. I believe this is day 19.  You can download the You Version App on your iphone, and get the Soul Detox reading. I have done a few of the readings here and there but hadn't fully committed. Till now! I'm going to add it to my Jesus Calling devotional for each day and really commit to writing out what God is speaking to me each day. If you'd like to join, you should! Do it with me! And if you already are, let me know!

Also, can you make it a point to check back here in the next week? I will be posting some news about Project Hope!!

Hope your week was a good one. Can't wait to read about it! Grab a button and tell us how you found your bit of splendor. If you are wondering what Bits of Splendor Monday is all about, be sure to read this!

Happy Monday!

bits of splendor monday


  1. going to follow you on facebook! love my bracelet.

  2. I love weekends like that! Your patio looks a-mazing. I think I need a fire pit like that asap.

  3. your patio looks great!!! Love the lights!

    my son doesn't know what to do with himself when our daughter isn't home...he can't stand it

  4. Love your patio too :) But I love love the before pics even more!...and I thought I was the only one who did that kind of stuff with spray paint! lol. :)

  5. oh my goodness~~~i can not believe you spray painted on the patio! that totally cracks me up. if i did that, my hubby would be so mad!!! the patio looks like a nice place to sit in the summer! i love the lights, we have some like that too!

  6. Love love love the patio! The lights are perfect.xoxo

  7. Looks like those kids are having fun together! Enjoy your week, Laura.

  8. I'm impressed! You got so much done!
    I had to laugh at your patio-my mom's garage floor looks like that! ;) It looks amazing now, though. Such a cozy patio!

  9. haha nice patio! Great post, looking forward to your next post!


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