Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bits of Splendor Monday

I think it's pretty evident by my last post that I have had a lot on my mind. And judging by all of you, sweet, kind people who commented on that post, you can relate to how I'm feeling too. 

I've been taking some time to sort of try and understand why and where this is all coming from. And I'm still mentally sorting through it all. I tried to write it out but it's just not there. I think God still has some things to say.

I don't know if you are the same way, but when I start feeling things heavier, I know I need to lean in a bit more. I need to listen and be still and just let my mind process through. And thats where I'm at. Still processing.

Instagram was down the other night. I'd be lying if I didn't say 1) I checked it every hour to see if it was back up. and 2) I kinda liked not having it. 

Now don't get all huffy on me. I love instagram with a big 'ol puffy heart. I seriously do. It's just that it being down got me thinking about how much we keep up with other people through social media. And what on earth did we ever do before it all?!

It just reiterated some of the things God is showing me lately. About being more purposeful to connect with people in my life one on one. Those people right in front of me who could very well just be waiting for me to put my phone down, or simply ask how their doing,  so that they can unload a bit of their heart on me.

I want to be that person to people in my life. I want to be aware, and sometimes that's hard to do when you're all caught up in emails, texts,  pretty filters and pictures, and words on a screen. There is a place for all of that don't get me wrong. I mean I really think instagram was divine inspiration from on high, but. not to the neglect of the realty in front of me. you know?

And what really really spurred this diddy of a post on was today when I was checking out at old navy {um hey, .47cent long sleeved work out tops! perfect for running when cold weather returns. holler!...did you hear me? FORTY SEVEN CENTS! and they have those holes in the sleeves for your thumb!!} but I digress...I got a text message that took my attention away for a minute until I realized the poor girl behind the register had asked me something and I felt so bad because I can't stand those people who have their nose stuck all up in their phones at the register, or at a restaurant, or in any social setting. Yet there I was. Phone all up in my face.

I just don't ever want to become that. Gosh there has got to be a good balance, you know? And I want to strive hard to find it.
These people in my day to day, face to face? They are a gift.
A right here and now---in this moment---mist of a life--- 

All this hurt in the world, and sadness, and need, it's all so much...But what good am I to doing anything about it, if I'm stuck up in how big it all it is, that I neglect the smaller things that I could be doing. The one steps. The small gestures.

My instinct sometimes when things become 'too much', is to shut it all down and run in the opposite direction.

because its too much and too big
 and im too little and not enough.

but thats not the truth. i can do something. you can do something.
and it starts with those people in the next room or across from you, or beside you... loving them, and giving and smiling and talking and just living life with them. 
 Not just talking about it, or reading about it, or tweeting about it or taking pictures of it...
but truly living it.

We may not be able to take away all the hurt, or pain or struggle of this world...that's not even possible. That ship done sailed years ago with adam and eve and the fall of man.
We can love those around us.
The people we run into when we're out, our neighbors, the girl behind the cash register...

And I think, that alone is big.
...and enough.
don't you?

Happy first day of the week sweet friends... Make it a good one!
Project Hope update coming to you Tuesday!

bits of splendor monday

P.S---Have you seen this commercial?  cracks. me. up. I big puffy heart love it too.
{by the way, using the term "big puffy heart" twice in this post, is twice more than I ever have in my life}


  1. I love love LOVE this post!! This has been on my mind a lot lately also as my husband makes comments about my phone, and computer. I'm worried I will miss out on something because I was working on a client, or tweeting- ya know?! xo

  2. oh, laura. yes. thank you for this important reminder!
    also, cute pictures!!!
    LOVE you xo

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  5. What a great post, Laura. I don't know you well (yet- but I will be back, cuz I love your writing style) but just want to say I appreciate your big puffy heart. :-) Be blessed, my sister!

  6. Oh're in my head, I've been having this conversation with myself and with a few others lately too. My friends and family who don't get the picture/blogging business, just don't get it, so I need to disconnect more for them some more...but I have been saying that I'm so caught up in trying to live and analyze and record everything all the time that I'm not having a life if that makes any sense at all...instagram down?! It was like someone cut off my thumbs. I know, I know...sigh. Balance. It's all about balance, living in this day, and being anxious for nothing < my biggest, hardest lessons these days.

    Thanks for the reminder

    <3 a new follower - Lauren

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I'm just amazed when I sit at think about how the very things that were meant to bring us "together" and "connect" us with one another can be the things that keep us from truly fulfilling connections and relationships with people. It's a delicate balance. One I'm still working at.

    I pray you get some clarity soon with all that is on your mind right now. I hope your having a fun summer so far with your little ones! God Bless!

  8. Such a great word of reminder (and caution) for all of us. Thank you girl for sharing your heart....I big puffy heart love you! ;)

  9. I've always thought that commercial was funny! :)

  10. sweet post and I love your : big puffy heart" term! : )

  11. Thanks for hosting. Linking up for the first time. :) Btw, I like that term "big puffy heart"!

  12. This was a great post! This is something I'm struggling with right now!

  13. This is such a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing so much. Personally, the last few weeks have been challenging for me, and I think if I had be more *aware* it would have helped a bunch. It's so easy to get distracted with all this fun stuff, but those people in front of you are so precious and they deserve to be shown it.

    Oddly enough, I don't own a cell phone for the exact reasons you talked about (that and they're just too expensive monthly) and life as a whole is getting so big, busy, and all over the place that it I keep feeling the urge to get one... I get all wrapped up in my ipod touch as it is, I'm scared of getting a phone. xD

    Anyways, thanks again for sharing!

  14. Hi girls - just thought I'd share this link to this article I read after I read/responded to Laura's post about remembering to connect. It's not sugar coated, but it really kind of breaks down this uber-busy social attitude that's been adopted. *raises hand* I'm guilty. :-|


    ~ Lauren

  15. I have also been feeling this stir for the past few months. I get far too caught up in the blog world or those I only "know" through the computer that I sometimes miss those that are in front of my face and need my attention. Thank you for this reminder. xoxo


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