Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bits of Splendor Monday


My older sister {the one in the middle} lives a couple of hours away, in another city and it is always hard to say goodbye after she's come for a visit. It seems like it gets harder and harder every time.

My sisters are my absolute best friends. 
When we were younger, my mom would always tell us "friends may come and friends may go, but your sisters will always be there". 
It seriously used to make me roll my eyes at times.
But, as I've gotten older and become closer and closer to them both, I've realized how true that little saying was. 

When I see Bella and Mia just being "sisters" together... Through the laughing and giggling, and silliness, and made up songs, and even the tattling & getting on each others nerves...
As a mom it just makes my heart smile, because I know that no matter what, they will always have each other. 

I'm sure there will be days where they really don't like each other very much. There may even be a hanger thrown a time or two {I'm just sayin. It's possible}, but I really hope & pray the day comes too, where they love & respect & just treasure the relationship they have as sisters.


bits of splendor monday

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"You will miss what matters most in life, if you are only ever looking for the spectacular" 

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  1. On my way to see my sister. And I definitely agree... It gets harder and harder to say goodbye!! But the time away does make each visit that much more precious. :-)

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  3. you all look so much alike! you're gorgeous! and i agree - aside from my husband, my sister is my closest and greatest friend. to sisters!

  4. New follower here! I only have a younger brother and I've always wanted a I lean on my girlfriends from college =)

  5. Loved this post :) My sisters are my best friends too - there's no blessing like it!

  6. What a beautiful picture of beautiful girls!
    I always wished I had a sister growing up. I had a brother who was only a grade older, and I am thankful for that. We did play outside together a lot and once we were in high school we shared a lot of friends (I did enjoy having his guy friends come over once in high school, hated it in middle school haha!) But I always wanted a sister to share clothes with, to play dress up with, talk about boys. But since I didn't I think that is why I got sooooo close to my 5 best girl friends in middle school and high school and why we are still bffs today, even though we all live apart.

  7. My sister and I are best friends too. We call our special bond Sisy Love and we grow closer with each day. Even though we live 150 miles apart, we talk daily. Loved this post.

  8. yes. praise jesus for sisters!! THE best gifts, the dearest friends!
    also? y'all are super duper cute:)


  9. I will always have my sisters and they will always have me. Now, do we always get along...that is a different story : ) The love we share, no matter what the circumstance, is like no other. Sweet post!

  10. How precious. And what an absolutely precious picture of all of you! I am so grateful that God blessed me with 3 sisters. They are definitely my best friends!

  11. This is my first time linking up for Bits of Splendor! Thanks for hosting. I'm also your newest follower!

  12. Lovely. I've just said good bye to my little sis too, and I miss her and our sisterly shenanigans!

  13. I love that picture!
    That is so sweet. When my sister lived a few states away, we would cry every single time we parted. Now she lives 10 minutes away!

  14. i have four sisters and three sister in laws....some of my greatest blessings!! love them! beautiful pictures of you and yours.

  15. My parents told us the exact same thing...and they were so right! I miss the heck out of mine.
    And because of that, I love watching my girls. Fills my heart to the brim!

  16. pretty ladies!

    there is definitely nothing like having siblings. my husband is an only child and sometimes he just doesn't get it. i can't wait for him to see what it's like by watching our son have siblings someday.

    i just recently started reading your blog and i saw you are from san antonio. i live an hour south of there and grew up in corpus christi. i feel like i never find bloggers from this part of texas!

  17. seriously, how beautiful are you guys! Pretty, pretty group of 3 sisters.

  18. ummmmmm you girls are all beautiful.


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