Friday, July 6, 2012

Our 4th of July

Watermelon. Pretty sure I ate the whole thing. Or at least half.

Rocket popsicles

Slip n Slide & Lots of swimming. My kids are fishes.

Sparklers. That were meant for the kids, but the adults took over.

 Rice Crispy Treats that were painstakingly shaped into stars and put onto red stripey straws, only to be left in the car while we ate a restaurant and melt completely off the straw and out of the shape of a star. ...Which I said was going to happen but I'm not bitter.

Mia dancing her booty off to JB's "Baby Baby" song and then singing the word "Baby" for the rest of the night.

Smores, with the marshmallows cooked just right. Almost burned but not quite.

Fireworks that scared the bejeezers out of Mia and Bella but were still beautiful.

Towels on the grass & huge open fields.

Snuggles from nieces and lots of cousin laughter.

 Family. Sisters. The best of friends, really.

Our day was filled with everything the 4th of July is and more.
So much fun. Possibly one of my favorite 4th of July's yet. 
As the kids get older, these holidays become more & more special. 

I can't forget why we celebrate this day. I am so thankful to every man and woman who fights for our freedom and to the families who sacrifice too. I admire your bravery in every way. 

I'm a total Christmas nut, but the 4th is just so fun, it might be inching it's way up on my list of favorites.
Whats your favorite Holiday?

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  1. So cute as always! Glad y'all had a great time :)

  2. Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday, but the 4th of July is a near 2nd. It's so much fun to celebrate and show our American pride. Glad to see y'all had a wonderful 4th.

    1. It really is so much. Makes you feel so proud and thankful to celebrate our freedom, doesn't it?

  3. looks like yall had so much fun!! and so sad about your rice crispies!! haha. :( your little fam is so cute! hmm, fav holiday? I love Christmas, mainly now bc Abigail's bday is Christmas Eve...but I think my favorite is actually Easter. the colors, the freshness, the reason, the it all. LOVE YOU girl!!

    1. yes those darn rice crispy treats! lol!
      love you sarah :) xo

  4. The 4th of July is very special to us because we are a military family...but definitly Christmas!

    1. Thank you to you and your family for the sacrifice Melissa. I really do commend you and could not imagine the extent of it all!

  5. wow, looks like you all had a wonderful time!!

  6. looked like a great day! such beautiful pictures!

  7. There's nothing better than spending long days with friends and family. God please bless our country.

  8. your fourth sounds fab.
    i missed out on watermelon, popsicles and sparklers.
    i feel like i need a do over now.

    your people are festive.
    George (Washington that is) would totally approve. :)

    thanks for linking up with us!!! you are the best!!!

  9. Looked like your day was so fun(despite the melted treats!)
    The 4th truly is one of favorite days of the year... I love what I represents & th traditions that we celebrate on that day!
    I agree with you that holidays are that much more fun as the kids get older.

  10. FUN! hooray for family time. and watermelon.
    god bless the us!! xo love the cute pics :)

  11. Cute family. Rad 4th. Beautiful blog. Super happy I visited. And I'm with you: Christmas = #1, the 4th = #2.

  12. 2 things. 5 have got to be the best looking family in the nation.
    2.sparklers ARE for schmids. we took over too. their just so fun.

  13. This is the cutest! You guys are an adorable family. I love the last pic the best. ;) thanks for linking up Laura.


  14. Looks like a great one! You have a beautiful family!


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