Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Project Hope: Make a Donation In Memory Of...

When we lost our girls, I remember that people didn't know what to say to me or how to interact with me. I could feel them being different. I didn't want them to be. I didn't even want them to say anything at all because at that point, words were just words. I had a lot of healing and processing to do in my heart and other peoples words, just weren't what I needed. Instead I clung to every word in the Bible that promised me Hope. Every thing I knew God had spoken to me and holding fast to those promises. That's why scripture plays a big role in Project Hope.

I also remember a lot of sweet gestures and thoughtful cards. Friends bringing over meals, flowers, gift cards to restaurants so that we didn't have to cook. It was a huge blessing and even though life was a bit blurry at the time... I remember every one of these sweet sweet gestures.

One thing in particular that was given to us both separate times, was a card that said a donation had been made in their name. It was a donation for a bible, given through Gideon International.

There was something about that. The idea of something being donated in our sweet girls names. Their names written on a note like they were really real. That may not sound like it makes much sense, but when you lose a baby, you just want to know their life is acknowledged and honored. You want to know they will be remembered. That their life will mean something, no matter how short it was.

So, it struck me one day that I would really love to do something like this through Project Hope, in memory of other babies. I have had many many emails from people who want to donate to project hope, because they have a sister, or a friend, or a mom, or a daughter, who lost a baby. They want to donate and give in to a ministry that gives hope to other moms just like them. They want these sweet babies to be remembered and honored.

At the root of it all, why all of our hearts connect whether you've lost a baby yourself or someone you know has, is that a life is a life. A precious, gift. And each and every one should be acknowledged and remembered.

With this in mind, the super gifted and talented Lindsay from Pen and Paints, has drawn and designed a print especially for Project Hope. And I could not be more excited to tell you about it. 

When you make a donation {of any amount}you can do it in memory of a precious baby, and recieve this 5x7 print to either keep or give.  Lindsay has done such a beautiful job on this design, it would be perfect to frame and keep as a sweet reminder that the memory of this precious life, is still living. Still going forth and producing hope in the life of other families, through Project Hope and these memory boxes.

It is our prayer, that this print would be another way that God shows himself strong in the lives of these families.  If you would like it sent to a different recipient, you can simply let me know by placing their address in the notes when you make your donation.

Every monetary donation goes toward the purchase of the kraft boxes, and the craft supplies to decorate each one special. If you would like to donate to something specifically {like caskets for families who can't afford one} or to the purchase of a lovie, you can let us know.
Simply click on the button on my sidebar that says "donate to project hope" and it will direct you to paypal. You do not need a paypal account.


Here is an update on what we still need for the memory boxes:
30 hand stamped HOPE charms.
85 sets of booties and hats {these should be small enough to fit a preemie}
approx. 85 lovies
4x6 frames {for the prints}

{if you are looking for a reference as to the items that went into our other boxes, this post is a good one to check out}

If you are a shop owner and would like to donate to our raffle for the Craft Event, we would love to have you! please contact me if you'd like to be a part.

Also, if you would like to put a craft night together of your own, to make a special keepsake for the boxes, please feel free to do so! We love to get new ideas and creations to add to the boxes! I would love to see pictures if you do have a get together, so send them to me and I will include them in a blog post.

I have already begun to receive donations on my door step, and to see pictures of works in progress. It makes me so so excited and honored to know that so many of us are joining our hearts for one purpose...Hope.

Use the hashtag #projecthope on instagram or twitter if you post about it or share pictures.
Let's spread hope as far and wide as we can friends!!

project hope

Grab a button for your blog!
Love to you all. 


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    1. Thank Mal! I'm so excited about it. I hope it touches many more families!

  2. You are truly a blessing, the prints are such a wonderful idea, this brings tears to my to my eyes because it is just what I need and been looking for.
    Thank-you Laura.

  3. OK, I blogged about the project and I hope some more bloggers and people will get involved too!

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