Friday, August 3, 2012

3 Sweet Years

3 years ago, my life changed.
A new determination, a new faith, a new hope.
And today it is all still being unraveled.

The road has been hard at times, but so so sweet too.
There is a part in one of my favorite of those that speaks down deep to your soul.
It says "Glory is rising. Yeah glory is rising. Beautiful beautiful the sound, Of redemption's song."

Our song is still being written but how beautiful it already is.
Today we remember Faith.  Close my eyes and I can see her so clear still.

And today we celebrate.
For what has already been done, and for what has just begun.

You can read Faith's story here

I also wanted to share this short video with you. I am so blessed to meet Sandra of Sandra Bludau Photography. She reached out right away and wanted to be a part of Project Hope. I met with her one night this past week to go over some details, and then she asked me if I wanted to do a little video about Project Hope. I was not at all prepared, but then I think sometimes the best things come out of being completely caught off guard. Especially with me, the person who over thinks and analyzes every thing. I think she did an amazing job at piecing together bits of my heart and putting it all together.

Happy Friday Friends!
Find a reason to celebrate. There's always one to find!


  1. I've never met you or your beautiful family or your angel Faith, but somehow still, I know you in my heart and I'm remembering her with you today.

    God bless you for how you bless us, and help us all to remember our little ones. xo

  2. Hi Laura,
    I am newer to your blog, and I am so touched and inspired by your Project Hope! The Lord has truly given you a gift of being such a bright light and hope to so many women! You are in my prayers today remembering precious Faith. Thank you for sharing your story and heart! Have a blessed weekend! xo Heather

  3. love this and so impressed with how you've handled everything through it all! after being in the same position you really relate and learn so much from others who have been there. xo

  4. you know how a feel about this project having lost babies i can honestly say that it is so true as a mother you long for something to hold on to. you and your heart for this is such a blessing.

    and that video...doing it on the fly...great job girl. it's perfect.

    love to you laura.


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