Monday, August 13, 2012

Bits of Splendor Monday

These two could not be more opposite of each other. Asher begs her to play batman with him and Bella begs him to play "moms and dads" with her. Bella is my morning girl and Asher is our night owl. Bella will try anything, and Asher will only eat a certain group of foods.
They butt heads some times. They get on each others nerves.

My job as a mom and as a parent is to help them learn how to get a long. To help them learn that nobody else is just like them. That our opinions, and likes and dislikes and our interests and our one is just like us. We are all so different from one another and unique. 
Thats how God made us. Special and different. 
Asher doesn't understand Bella and Bella doesn't understand Asher. 
As I write this I'm picturing her in my head trying to get Asher to just try one of her oranges. 
"Just try it" she says. 
Thats a simple thing to her. She is always willing to at least try something. 
Asher isn't. He is set in his ways and he likes his routines. 

There's been times where separating them would be so much easier. Where sending them to their rooms to play alone would probably solve the issue
But I don't do that. 
I make them work it out. Figure out how to work the situation so they are both happy. Compromise. 
Learn to adapt and relate. Sometimes it's tiring. Sometimes it leaves me a little drained.

But then there are times when they find that common ground. Figure out a way to blend batman and moms and dads. Build tents and houses and play for hours on end. Chase each other around the house, and always ask where the other is when one isn't around.
...And they'll share a chair, and laugh at the most silliest of jokes that make no sense at all, except to each other.

These times are the ones I'm searching for. The ones I'm working for.
And the ones I'm so thankful to be here for. The ones I hope they'll remember forever.

I really want to try this fancy version of rice krispy treats linked up last week
I loved this post from Erin about God breaking our hearts for the things that break His.
and I really wish I had the patience to do this chevron project somewhere in my house.
Good thing I have a patient husband who would probably do it for me ;)

bits of splendor monday

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  1. I'm still trying to work through the fact that not everyone thinks exactly as I do! I'll have to remember to work on that with my own kiddos once there are two of them.

  2. I was surprised to see my blog when I clicked on the rice krispie link ;) You've really got to try them. I made more this weekend for my husband to take to his 8th grade boys' Sunday School class. I filled a 2.5 liter container completely full. It was completely empty by the time class was over. ha! I guess that could be a good thing or a very bad thing...depending on how you look at it. ha!! Hope y'all have a good week!

  3. Thanks for this. My kids are SO opposite as well and it is draining at times. Home is the best way to teach them to work it true.

  4. love that picture!
    my siblings are my very best friends!
    i think your little darlings will end up with that same blessing :)

    love you!

  5. can totally relate! my littles {4 1/2 & 2} are complete opposites...but so blessed that they are best friends. :) that will probably change as they get older.

  6. i really really love this pic.

  7. Aw how sweet! they seem like some great kids!

  8. So sweet they are and such a great picture!! Happy new week to you! xo Heather

  9. Thats lovely. Celebrating their differences while encouraging them to find common ground. I imagine that if they work out their differences on their own, they'll be much more likely to form a solid long-term bond.

  10. First, how cute are your kids!? And second I totally agree with you, however hard it is to deal with when they don't get along, it is 10x more enjoyable to watch them when they do. Love your heart and I love following your blog :)


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