Thursday, August 9, 2012

finding rest

this has been one of the weirdest weeks ever.
maybe one of the longest too.
i started it out with every intention of getting all kinds of things done. being purposeful with each day to accomplish all of these things ive got floating in my head to do.
but it also started out with brandon fighting off a bad stomach bug, and the kids at the end of the same one. seriously. sickness? you can just go on and leave our house already.

Saturday I realized we were out of diapers, so i left Brandon to rest at home, and took the 3 kids with me to HEB. mistake number one right there. mistake number two was going on a saturday. mistake number three was saying yes to the bus of a cart they begged for, and mistake number four was going to the store hungry and spending 75$ on what was just supposed to be a pack of diapers.

times likes this, i am even more aware of how much weight brandon carries in our home. with the kids, the little jobs like getting me the computer cord right before the computer dies. Not to mention he is the cook most of the time. so when he isn't feeling good, that means the kids get a selection of like 3 things, and mom gets watermelon. cause i have no patience for the kitchen y'all. unless it's to make smores, rice crispy treats or cupcakes.

so when the days are long, I turn to jesus. on my knees in prayer.
well not really. wouldn't it be great if that were true? ya'll would think im so holy right?
honestly when the days are long i usually turn to target. not even gonna lie.
wandering the aisles of le tarjet is what golf is to brandon. he used to question my love for it until i gave him that analogy and a light bulb went off in his head.
no surprise my love for target. i know.

in all seriousness. target can only do so much.
sister needed rest. 
i found myself in bed before 10, more than once this week. which is crazy and completely unheard of.
brandon being out of the game of life, isn't all to blame. i just have so much on me right now that by the end of the day i just want to hurry and close my eyes and start over the next day.

 {by the way if i had ran into you this night i would've pretended it wasn't me and you were delusional}

when i say that i have so much on me, i don't mean that in a negative way. i can honestly say, i love every bit of weight the lord is placing on my shoulders. it's all good. but every one needs rest and im trying really hard to be aware of when that is for me. because im programmed to ignore it and just keep going.

{She Reads Truth started a new study this week! It's a study on good!}

and as a human, im programmed to think i can do it all.
but ive been leaning in to the Lord more than ever this week. i think sometimes God kinda puts you in a place of gentle reminding that you need Him. Not your husband, not those emails/connections/etc. Not your mama or your sister, or a live in maid. Although Lawd knows that would be bliss....

You need Him.

I used to think rest would come with a good nights sleep, or an afternoon of wandering mindlessly through target. but truly and honestly im finding it to be in Him and in simply asking Him for help. that one thing, can be the difference in a drained laura, or a renewed one.

even though I may still need the reminder now and then, it's becoming easier and easier to see coming on my own.  and im thankful for that....
in knowing when and how to find rest.

tomorrow is friday y'all and i am so glad.
brandon is feeling better, i actually got some dinner...
and im going to sound so un-american when i say this, but the olympics are almost over and id be lying if i said i wasn't kinda happy about that.
i know. go ahead. disown me.
im just a sucker for normalcy. 

 hope you have a happy, restful weekend.


  1. I love you and don't worry I would've acted like I didn't see you and ignored yo if I saw you in that get up!! HAHAH! I kid, I kid. But seriously, fab post, like I needed every bit of this and I just came from Target, because I needed to walk around and now I'm heading over to She Reads truth because Target didn't fix this, but this post sure was a great reminder of what I really need. HIM> Always and truly will be more of HIM!

  2. "wandering the aisles of le tarjet is what golf is to brandon"... my husband and i precisely. oh my goodness. it's a toss up which one is cheaper though :)

    on a serious note, i loved this. and need reminding so much. and i think you're so right that God gives us seasons where we can do nothing if we don't rely solely on Him, even when they're all good things. i feel like i say this a lot, but God is all about relationship. so whatever cultivates relationship, i think is good... including being so overwhelmed that you're unable to do anything on your own and you just NEED HIM :)

    oh, and also? brandon cooks? i'm dying of jealousy. i actually enjoy cooking, but during the week it's just one.more.thing. that i have to do as the day is closing and i'm exhausted and so are the kids and i'd rather take a nap!

  3. Loved this post. It's resonates so truly with so many women. It was just what I needed to hear this morning.

  4. finding rest is so difficult. i've been so accustomed to constantly being "on the go". and when i have downtime, i'm uneasy with myself. its true that we really do need rest so that our ability to function well on a day-to-day basis is not compromised. it is said for us to run this race WELL that has been set before us...and when we're too tired, it never works out all that well for me. thank YOU for sharing your heart with us. its real, its transparent, its raw. happy friday!

  5. LOVED this post! I loved every part but to not comment on every line I'll just say this: I hear ya on the Olympics, I can't help but watch them every night and I just wanna go to bed at my normal time!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  6. I have been feeling the same way for the past couple of weeks (minus the sickness). I haven't been leaning on God as much as i should have though and you are totally right, He is the only way to get through it all. I'm totally with ya on the Olympics. At first they were cool but now I am ready for some normalcy as well.

  7. oohhh thank you for this sweet sweet reminder!!! (:

    I need to learn this too.

  8. I'm loving the study of Proverbs at She Reads Truth. It's speaking very strongly to me!

    I also love Target. Most of the locations I go to have a Starbucks inside too. It's the perfect getaway for me!

  9. great post and thanks for the reminder! :) so glad that i'm not the only mama that enjoys wandering around target all by my lonesome...PLUS...i can actually try on clothes for goodness sakes! ;) good times! have a blessed weekend! ;)

  10. Oh I love this post! I thought I was the only one who after a terribly long week said look I just need an hour ALONE (or maybe two) to go to Target. But in truthfulness, Target doesn't come even close to renewing me the way that God does. thanks for a great reminder!

  11. Sweet post and a great reminder!! I am loving the She Read Truths study of Proverbs, too!! xo Heather

  12. awe I so needed to read this post! thank you! I love love love reading your blog. your words are an inspiration and today they really hit home where I've been struggling the most. I don't particularly need rest, moreso a break and answers to why I can't find a job and how that relates to my family. but the reminder that I need God and no one or thing else can cure my feeling of being lost is exactly what I needed to hear. thank you for writing from your heart and sharing your words. much love. I hope you have rest and a blessed weekend!

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