Friday, August 24, 2012

our week

last sunday, my sisters, dad and i did our first run together for training for the rock n roll half marathon in november. we did a 3 mile run in my parents neighborhood. lots of hills. lots of sun. my 58 year old dad kept up with us 20-30 something year old girls.

my sister vanessa lives in houston, so although training doesn't officially start until this coming monday {the 27th} we wanted to do a run together to sort of kick it off, and then we probably wont run all together until race day when she can come back again. she made us laminated training schedules, color coded for each of us. she is a bit ocd. we used to call her danny tanner back in our full house days. tell me you know what im talking about.


on wednesday i was blessed with the opportunity to tape a short segment about project hope, for one of our local morning shows here in san antonio. i don't remember much of what i said. this is usually good because it means i didnt try to think too much, which causes me to say "um" a lot.

i do remember repeatedly telling myself to sit up straight.
also, as a mom i am used to having something in my hands {usually a small child} to sort of use as a buffer, or just to keep my hands busy. Sitting there, empty handed felt awkward so i kept wanting to reach over to the ottoman in front of us and grab the lovey bear they had out for display.
oh and also i was wearing a huge chunky necklace and they told me to try not to move around too much because it was right by the mic they had clipped to my shirt.

try not to move. 
don't say um. 
sit up straight. 
be sure to include all of the important points about project hope. 
sit up straight.
and then it was over just like that, and it went well, i think.
except for my awkward longing to hold the lovey bear in front of me. but maybe no one will notice.
in all seriousness, i was really grateful they were willing to fit me in so i could talk about the Project Hope Crafting for a Cause event coming up on the 31st. it was a lot of fun, an amazing oppurtunity and i am so thankful to represent project hope. the title under my name that comes up on screen says "founder of project hope"....seeing that made this all a whole lot more real. 
God is just good ya'll.
i may or may not have a link to watch the segment on monday if you care to see it.


we had "meet the teacher" last night at asher's new school. last year, for kindergarten he went to our churches school. it was a good way to ease him {and me} in to school. it felt good to know that he was surrounded by people i knew and people who cared for him.  but this year after a lot of prayer,  we decided to send him to the school 1.5 miles from our house. our church is on the other side of town from us and takes a good 35 minutes to get to without traffic. the days were much longer, because he couldn't just come home after school, he had to wait until Brandon was done with work.

with him going to the school by our house, he will be able to come right home after school. it also just feels good to know he is close by and that he'll have plenty of time to relax at home and do his homework before it's time to go to bed and start all over.

we walked through his classroom, found his name and put all of his supplies inside of his desk. his teacher seems really structured {which i love} but also really sweet.
i've woken up in the middle of the night every night the last couple of weeks, praying for him. believing he'll be a light. he'll be a leader. he'll show God's love.....and that his teacher would totally favor him. is that wrong to pray for?? :)
im excited for this new chapter in his life to begin and watch him grow and learn in a completely new setting, with new experiences and people.


next week is a big one for us. training begins. asher starts school. project hope craft event is friday. our days of the kids and i sleeping till 9 and not even thinking about what to do with our day until noon, is coming to an end. this is the beginning of a new season in our little family...
pray for us ok?

and also, be sure to check out the project hope raffle happening. we've raised $385 so far!!!
there are some amazing prizes to be won by one lucky person. a $5 donation gets you an entry and you can enter as many times as you'd like! it ends tuesday and ill announce the winner then.


have a good weekend!


  1. Totally praying grace for you guys as you transition into the new season!
    I love that you all ran together. So, so cool.
    I cannot WAIT to see the news segment!
    I can't get over how cute your family is.
    Love you!

    1. Thank you for the prayers! I have such a peace about it and know Asher is going to do well!
      Love you!

  2. Your little family is so adorable!! I love that your family is running together, it will help keeping one another accountable. I've done two half-marathons and it is always so nice to have someone there encouraging you, keeping you going. Good luck with this next week!!

  3. Are you participating in the RnR marathon in Savannah, GA? If so, you may run right past me! My husband and I did it last year, and I loved it. Last year, I also played a roll in bringing it too Savannah. At the time, I worked at Visit Savannah and it was great to be a part of.
    Good luck with the training. :) I'm a slacker.

    because of Him,

    1. Hi Brianne! No I actually live in San Antonio, and will be running in the marathon here :) Although one day I would LOVE to visit Savannah, Georgia! I hear it's gorgeous.
      How cool that you go to bring the RnR their!!

  4. I can not stop laughing over the fact that your sister is Danny Tanner!!! HA!
    And the pic of the three of you girls together with your dad is as cute as can be:)

    Praying for your week next week... full of good things!!! Wish I could be there to craft with you...

    love you!!!!

    1. Kid you not. Total Danny Tanner. Still is.

      Thank you for the prayers sweet friend!!

  5. Danny Tanner! HA!! I love that!
    The R&R marathon is a blast, you will love doing it with your family!
    I love that you wake it the night to pray for your son, I do that too
    {and it is completely OK to pray for favor from the teacher :)}
    So glad that project hope is going strong and growing, it is in my prayers
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Aww what an amazing week! Your family is the cutest!! So awesome to see how God is using you.

  7. Just found your blog from Captivated By Love's blog - and I came to check it out and wasn't expecting to feel convicted for not running like I've been wanting to...ha!
    Very cute blog!

    1. haha! oh gosh, don't feel convicted at all!
      I just started running in april, prepping to train for this marathon! I kept thinking "in august" and now its here!!!

  8. "founder of project hope". totally true, but totally surreal I'm sure. that is so awesome friend! praise God for His goodness to you. what a beautiful story of full circle redemption that only He can write. xo :)

  9. What type of training for your marathon are you doing?

    1. I'm not sure what type, I just know it's basically running 4 days a week, staggering the mileage then one day of a "long run" {sundays for me} the other two days are weights and a cross train day.
      I'm planning to do a post each week for those who want to follow along. :)

    2. Oh please do that would be great! Thanks for the response! :)

  10. What a wonderful week and such a beautiful family! Will be keeping this new season for your family in my prayers! xo Heather

  11. I ran the rock and roll half marathon in Nashville in April. Such a fun race! I'm sure yours will be even better because it won't be blazing hot!!

  12. It's dumb that you & your sisters are that pretty.

  13. hi! are you doing bits of splendor monday this week?

  14. awww......your sisters are too adorable for words and your dad looks like he's 40. sheesh. good looking family if I ever saw one. and good for you for running:) I know that sending the kids to school must be hard. I am so nervous about that. None of mine have ventured out of the house yet and I'm already a ball of nerves. you looked gorgeous in your segment! love that necklace.


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