Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wore: Dreaming of FALL

I know, I know, it's a bit early.
It is far from feeling like Fall round these Texas parts.
But with all of the back to school prep happening, and pumpkins and scarecrows already in the stores, I can't help but start thinking about dressing for fall.

These are my most favorite pair of boots in the whole wide world.
I scored them at Old Navy a couple of years ago, and no other boots have ever compared.
Each year when summer ends and little glimpses of fall begin to show, I start itching to bring them out.
90 degree weather or not, if Hobby Lobby has there fall decor out, I can pull my favorite boots out, right?

I love this "Dreaming of Fall" High/Lo dress from Kintage. 
The color, the fabric, the whole "easy" yet trendy look of it...

Since it was a little on the "too short" side for me in the front,
I decided it was the perfect excuse to bust out my black tights and brown boots. I wasn't sure how it would all come together, but I ended up loving the whole look. The dress and tights could even be worn with either some cute flats, or strappy wedges too.

I love it when you find one piece that is so versatile. 
The criss cross straps in back add interest to the back for when I wear it alone like this,
 but I can also see the dress with a cute striped cardigan and/or a scarf when the weather gets colder.

Now if only it would.....
You hear that Texas? time to start cooling down!
Dress:  c/o Kintage
Black Tights: Express
Brown Boots: Old Navy
Jewelry: a mix from my shop & f21

Kintage has a ton of fun, well-priced pieces, from jewlery to purses to dresses.
Find something you love, and use code "laura" for %15 off your order!
{ps this dress comes in a pretty blue color that I was totally torn between!}

Versatile pieces like this dress, tights and boots will be my fall bff's.
What about you? What are some of your fall favorites?



  1. yay for fall! who cares if it's too early...all the other seasons are rushed...why can't we rush fall? haha. cute outfit! I sooo want some more gold jewelry this fall :)

  2. Oh my word, I LOVE this outfit! I never think of doing black tights/leggings with brown boots! For sure have to try that one out!

  3. I cannot wait till fall!! I have a pair of brown boots from kohls that I am obsessed with but they are getting so worn. I'm on the hunt for another pair and have not been successful :(
    anyway, this is an adorable outfit, love it!

  4. The day I bust out my boots in the BEST!

  5. I love fall clothing! It's perfect, because you can layer and look cute, but it's not so cold that you have to wear big heavy coats that cover up your outfit. I'm a huge sweater fan.

    I just bought some new boots for fall. I actually found a pair that works for me. It's so hard for me to find boots, because I have small feet but large calves so they never fit over my calves.

  6. i love love love your style!!!! I need to buy more dresses and boots -- my favorite thing!

  7. you look great in this dress!!! i cannot wait to pull out the boots but since i also live in texas, i'm still running around in flip flops. i love boot, soup, pumpkin patch weather. it's the best!! also, our fall wardrobes sound very similar :)

  8. I love everything about that! I am soooo ready for fall. I thought is was coming last week but we are back up to 100* again today :( legging/skinny jeans, boots and scarves are a daily pick for my fall wardrobe. Mmmmm...

  9. Such a sweet outfit! So looking forward to wearing boots and sweaters!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  10. Love this dress - so pretty on you! And can I just say that Old Navy is really stepping it up in their footwear? They have some really nice boots out this season!

    My fall favorites (even out here!) are lightweight, oversized sweaters and a pair of really worn-in jeans. Comfort is key!

  11. I love this dress and your right this look is so perfect for fall! The boots are fabulous.
    Almost Endearing

  12. Super cute outfit! I am really in the mood to start decorating for fall, but I am 6 months pregnant and not looking forward to dressing the 'fall part' this year ;) I feel large!! Good thing I live in FL and it is too hot yet anyways - LOL!

  13. I just found your blog through the link-up, and I have to say:

    1. I am officially obsessed with your blog. You seem so sweet, you have the perfect balance of fashion, faith, and your family life!
    2. I used to live in San Antonio! It's funny seeing you post about things and I'm like, "I know where that is!"
    3. I also brush my teeth in the shower!

    You definitely gained a new reader in me :)

  14. I love the dress and the boots. Can't wait for fall here too

  15. That has got to be the cutest outfit!!! I love your hair too : )

  16. cutie, cutie, cutie. love those boots

  17. You look BEAUTIFUL! Love the dress. sometimes I don't know how I feel about the high/low trend but I really like it in this dress!

  18. are the boots from this year. i expect a text wihtin 20 min.

  19. also. remember when i knew how to spell within?

  20. Your outfit is adorable! We just found your blog and we are your newest follower. We would love it if you would check out ours!


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