Tuesday, September 25, 2012

at the root of it all.

i keep finding myself wondering when i found the time to blog before. like all of a sudden life seems so busy. as im transfering wet clothes into the dryer, or im rocking mia to sleep, or fixing bella a snack for the 10th time that day, or finding something for asher to work on when he gets home from school, or scrubbing baseboards, or getting orders filled, or taking pictures for the shop update, or getting ready for a couple of big market shows, or training for the half, or getting hair cuts, or making lunches, or watching old episodes of CSI into the late hours of the night with brandon

....i keep thinking when did i find the time?

truth is, life is really not any busier than usual. i mean we are in a new season for sure. it's a different one, and i am learning the rhythm of it all. of being a mom to school age kids, a toddler who doesnt stop, a pre-schooler needing tons of attention, a business owner, and a wife to a pastor....

when i was a little girl, i remember the first time i read something i had written to my parents. i sat on the end of their bed and read it out loud. they would always tell me what a great writer i was. that i would write a book one day. 

at the root of it all. all of these roles.... i love to write.  i am not the best writer. i'm really not even a writer i don't think. at least not by defintion. whatever the defintion is, cause i actually don't know. but anyway, what im saying is that, i like to write. and this blog is an outlet for me to do that. to share my heart and my thoughts and stories. i like to tell stories. i like to make people laugh and smile. i like to entertain people and make them feel good. to encourage and inspire. 

so maybe my life is different right now. maybe i rarely find a minute to sit down and gather enough thoughts to type them out in a cohesive manner. but writing is part of me. who i am. who i was made to be. and the truth is that finding time is just an excuse i've been using.

i've let other things get in the way. distract me. rob me of what i really love to do. 
i heard my brother in law say it this weekend--- "comparison is the thief of joy"
i nodded my head as if i knew that. like it was a really good word... for someone else. 
but then i realized, maybe i needed it for me.

i have read posts by other people before about why they blog. i sort of struggled with my "why's"...is it because i have a story to tell? of hope, and joy? of loss and heartache? of redepemption and grace? yes. 

is it because i want to document our life, for our kids, for their grandkids? yes.
 is it because i like to connect with other people and encourage and relate and inspire something in them? yes. 
is it just because i like to write? yes.

i don't have one specific reason for why i blog. i don't have to have a reason.

you don't have to have a reason for doing whatever it is you like to do. you don't have to follow rules or fall into a category. 
  figure out who you are at the root of it all. deep down, what your heart wants to do. what your passions are and your gifts. and then do them. 
don't look to the right or the left, look ahead. 
and just do them. 

part of this is for me. reminders for myself too. 

because at the root of it all...im just a girl who likes to write. 
who may not be the best at it, or may not follow rules. who doesn't always use proper punctuation and hardly uses spell check. 
just a girl who likes to write. 

i think we all have something that is just part of who we are. that needs to come out. that flows straight from us freely. easily.

i think it's a gift. i think it's not for us to keep. 
it's just there. at the root of it all. 
whats yours?


  1. amen! I feel the exact same way about my blog! I just love to write. love this post :)

  2. I just love to share my heart and what the Lord has put on my heart. This means I wont necessarily be sticking to ANY kind of schedule, which I struggled with for a while. But I love to put into words and stories what the Lord is doing in my life!

  3. I echo your sentiments...really enjoyed this post.

    Writing is my way of expressing myself. I love how I can combine my love for writing with my love for photography via my blog. :-)


  4. Thanks for sharing this. It's an encouragement to me to do the things I so desperately want to do but am afraid of doing on a larger scale. I love to bake (and cook). and when I say love i mean LOVE!!!!! There are few things more therapeutic than being in the kitchen - for me anyway :)

    maybe a blog for me too, one day. maybe....

  5. I think something that is a gift that I have is crocheting. I have been so scared to open a shop because of the what ifs... What if people don't like what I'm selling? But I think overall it's something deep down in me. I like to create things using yarn and it makes me feel free when I do it. That is something that I need to start doing more of. & I totally get you on the time thing! I keep looking at my husband asking when can I even begin to think of opening a shop with being a stay at home mom. It's a lot to get used to really fast, but in the end of the day you just have to do what God has given you to do for that day. :)

  6. Thanks for this. I'm struggling with that thief of comparison right now. Needed this a lot!

  7. loved reading your thoughts. i feel like i'm kind of in the same spot right now.

  8. im so glad you are "just a girl who likes to write"...because I am a girl who loves to read your writing. :) love you friend!!!

  9. I'm with you! And, I think you are quite a lovely writer. Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. I write because I want someone to know they aren't alone!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  11. Such an encouraging word. Glad you were brave enough to share.

  12. So many women, such as myself, compare ourselves to every one else... and your statement was true. Comparison really IS the thief of joy... I may not have many followers on my blog, granted I just started... BUT, your post gave me some much needed encouragement. Thank you :)

    new follower--Kayla

  13. Well I am not that much happy regarding my schedule as I am moving totally out of the way where a better path of life is....your post inspires me so much that I went through it twice and now I feeling much positivity in me....thanks for your helping post..!!!

    1. I love what you have got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having important information about many thing.

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