Sunday, September 30, 2012

us, lately.

i can not believe it is officially october. 
my most favorite time of the year. i want time to slow way down so we can enjoy these next couple of months.

September was a busy but fun one around here...
let's catch up a little shall we?


Mia got her first official hair cut. home girl was crying out for one. i was a little nervous about it because we had a previous mis hap with a "bang trim" gone wrong, a couple of months ago.
but one night i looked at her and said, "mama's gotta help a girl out" and took her to get it cut the very next day. she got a cute little bob to match bella's. 


 you should know something about me...  im a huge goof. 
if i think something is going to make someone laugh, i'll do it. particularly if it's my mom and sister and we are in the costume aisle at target and i spot a hot dog costume just begging me to try it on.
and then because i have no shame, i will totally post it on instagram and ask if i should get it. and some people may or may not have thought i was serious.

Even more hilarious is that a few days later we went back with the kids and Bella must have felt the same compulsion to try the hot dog costume on. she had no idea i had done the same thing a few days before. she did it all on her own and i must say she made this mama proud.
this is one of those pictures i'd like to reach into and squeeze her. have you ever seen a cuter hot dog??

We went with my mom and sister to walmart to get some new "bubba's" and "betty's"{that's what we call scarecrows}. We made quite the scene. as always. because the decision of which bubba or betty to get is life or death, if you didn't know.  contemplating which one had a better hat, or a cuter face. oh the decisions. you probably never want to go shopping with us.
the kids were getting restless so they decided to make themselves comfortable right in the middle of the display of hay bales and bubba's.
Asher was there too, but he fell off a hay bale right before this picture and well, he was no longer feelin the photo op. we were totally the people of walmart that day.

bella started a mother's day out/ pre-k on tuesdays and thursdays.
i thought it was a good idea for her to go boss around some people her own size. 
she looooves going to "school"
she also gets her own special "homework" assignments sent home because she likes doing homework. 
she might not be my child.

other tids and bits:

-i am planning to post my training schedule with a little update on my running this week. i was supposed to run 7 miles today, but pushed it off till tuesday. sometimes you just have to know when your body needs a night on the sofa. or sometimes you choose to walk around target with your mom and sister and by the time you get home, it's dark and you can't run in the dark because you mistake fire hydrants for people and scream. 
either one.

-brandon and i are headed to cal-i-for-nie-a on saturday. that's how i always say it in my head. anyone else? im kind of nervous. this is a kid free trip. this hasn't happened. ever. but im looking forward to a few days with just brandon and i. 

-it's starting to cool down here. i think i heard we are getting a low in the 50's tomorrow. this makes me super happy. 

whats the weather like in your neck o the woods? 


  1. The weather has been beautiful around here too! I'm just loving the cool down, it makes it far easier to get out for a walk every day.

    That hotdog costume is hilarious! Actually my dad owns it! He sells hot dogs at the Husker games here in town and on the game closest to halloween he wears his whole hotdog costume. During just regular games he just wears his hotdog hat. He's kind of ridiculous!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. I've missed your posts. I was so happy to see you in my blog roll!

    Little girls are the cutest with bobs. I heart them so very much!

    My sister and I have been known to do the same thing in the costume aisle at Target. You got a smile out of me :)

    Putting together an email to send you....

  3. Tis rainy here. But it's kinda nice for a change...other than my hair is a mess! But oh well!

    Y'all have fun in cali! Kid free?!?!?! OMG! SO MUCH FUN!

    Love your goofy self!

  4. Where you feeling particualrly sassy when you wrote this little blog gem? Your tone is pure sass to me and I love it!

  5. love the hot dogs! haha :) and i love you girlfriend. Cant wait to read your running sched. I also took the day off and hope to resume tomorrow.. :) have a fab weekend with the hubbs - you deserve it mama!!!

  6. love the hot dogs! haha :) and i love you girlfriend. Cant wait to read your running sched. I also took the day off and hope to resume tomorrow.. :) have a fab weekend with the hubbs - you deserve it mama!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, those hot dog pics are awesome. Love it when the littles emulate stuff their mamas do without even knowing!

  8. Hey, you are coming to my neck of the woods...California! :) If you venture way up north to see the redwoods you might catch some nice weather. It was in the 90's yesterday! Hope you have a great trip!

  9. you and your girl + hot dog costumes = perfection in my book.

    what's your cali destination? have so much fun with your hubs.

  10. I love Mia's haircut!
    The hot dog costume is hilarious, too!

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