Thursday, September 6, 2012

Project Hope Crafting for A Cause Event- A Thank you & Photos!

I can not believe that we are at the end of the week already. It has been a busy one for us. A really good, busy one. So many new firsts for our family. So many things happening and changing. I literally feel like my heart could just burst wide open with all of the gratitude and happiness I feel.

It took me a few days to sort of "decompress" from the Project Hope event. It was overwhelming for me. In the best way. Completely humbling. Totally blessed. Beyond words.

I told this story at the event. God reminded me of it as I laid in bed the night before. I was remembering the night we had Faith. The night I get the memory box that sparked Project Hope. The lovie bear....I've always remembered the story as picking up the lovie bear and telling myself that I would have another little girl one day and it would be hers. And that is still the story. But moments before that. Before holding the memory box in my hands, I held Faith. My sweet girl. Lifeless in this world, yet full of it in heaven. And rather than feeling anger or sadness, I felt a strong determination rise up in me. I felt something stirring in me even then, to do something. To make her name known. Her and her sister Grace. I didn't want there short lives to be in vain, but to live on somehow. I wanted to do something to carry on their names.

Last Friday night, I stood on stage in front of a group of about 60 women all there for one purpose and one cause. Lovie bears filled a basket, boxes waiting to be decorated...and I realized...I was doing it. The something I was determined to do. It was happening.

Something that started as a small seed in a hospital room, has grown beyond what I imagined. And in my heart I know it is really just the beginning.

Thank you to each person who made this happen. Every donation, every bit of time, gifts and talents that were given...thank you.

One of my favorite things about the night was that Liz Page, the founder of the Threads of Love, Sarah Chapter, the sweet woman who I have worked with from the beginning,  was there. She brought some of her friends and they all got to be there. It meant so much to me. One of them came to tell me thank you and I almost had to laugh. These sweet women who have been doing this for years, telling me thank you....

Will there be more to Project Hope? Yes. This is only just the tip of what I believe God has in store for it. I've always known and felt that it would be bigger than I could even try to imagine. So I don't even try. Last year when we sat in a school cafeteria with 15 women, I knew it was where Project Hope was supposed to be. And this year as I was surrounded by 60 women, fun decor, and amazing food, I knew it was where Project Hope was supposed to be.

One step after the other. Making much of Him where ever we are.

And in the end it is about that one mom, grasping for hope in moments where she feels none at all. My prayer is that though she won't hear our words, or see our faces, or feel our arms around her...she will feel His presence as she opens that box.

I will continue to take donations for memory boxes, so if you still want to donate any of the items we use for them, please feel free to contact and send them at any time. We will be doing this again...and again.

On that note, I have been asked about getting Project Hope into other cities. That is most definitely in the plans and I will keep you updated on it as it unfolds.

Here is a video of photos taken at the event by an amazing {now} friend of mine, Sandra of Sandra Bludau Photography. She captured the special moments and details of the night so perfectly. I can not thank her enough for giving us this priceless gift. So grateful. Be sure to watch through to the end {there are two songs worth!}

Project Hope Crafting for a Cause 2012

I would also like to give a thanks to these special people & businesses who donated to Project Hope. Thank you for the seeing the heart of this cause and joining it. Thank you for allowing me to to tell my girls' stories. To let there names be known, not just for their short precious lives but for the hope that their mom carried and wants so badly to share.
Thank you.

The food, door prizes, craft supplies, decor---all of it was perfection and all made possible because of you who donated in one way or another. 

And to Vanessa, Monica, Kristen, Liz, Jacquelin, Heather, Beth, & Abby....
Girls, there are just no words for what you mean to me.
I could not have done this without you.
Thank you!


  1. Love the slide show! Can't wait for what's next!

  2. Wow, I am so happy for you that a dream, and with such sadness, you began this journey only to find, love, the Lord, and a community so supportive. Congratulations! I hope to be a part of your next Project Hope even in some way! Blessings to you and your family.

  3. This looked like it was amazing! I wish I could have been a part of it...maybe next one =) I am so happy for you!

  4. It sounds like it was awesome! So glad this is blossoming into something bigger to give hope to many others :)

  5. I whell up in tears over and over each time I go back to the many occasions to be involved in this event with you. I am so honored to share just a little part of me to such an amazing cause. Thank you Laura. Really thank you for listening to God, and actually following his instruction. Its so unselfish to do what your doing and to open up something so hard and personal to Glorify God. Your an amazing person and your nor your precious baby girls will ever be forgotten.

  6. Love the blog, Love the video, Love you Laura !!!!
    It was an amazing night and I can't wait to be apart of it again :-)

  7. it gave me chills to see how much was contributed for your cause Laura. He is no doubt using your dream and vision in a huge way! thankful for you!!! :) love you friend!!


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