Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fabric Wrapped Fall Wreath

One of my favorite ways to decorate for a changing season is with wreaths. 
Last year I made a burlap rosette one, then for the spring and summer I made a yarn one. 
This year, I'd been seeing a lot of super cute fabric wrapped wreaths and wanted to try to make a fall one for our front door.

It was so much easier than the yarn wreaths. Lord have mercy those take forever!
This one is as simple as cutting your fabric, wrapping, then hot gluing.

{I used an 18inch straw wreath form and kept the plastic on}

Most of the fabric I used, I found at Joannes this past weekend. 
The mustard yellow polka dot {my favorite} was from Hobby Lobby. 
Confession: I am totally obsessed with buying fabric even though I can't sew.  
So anytime I have a way to use it, I'm all about it. 

I love how random and eclectic the wreath turned out. I wasn't concerned so much with making it look too "put together."  Instead, I wanted it to look coordinated, but not matchy-matchy. 

I'm really into these colors right now. I added the black and white polka dot ribbon, because you wouldn't think it 'goes', but then it did. 
I love that. 
Also, the lace added a little different texture too. My nana gave me a bunch of her old lace a while ago and I love to find ways to use it. 
But you can find some in the ribbon and trim section of any craft store. 

 I made a few felt rosettes and added a couple of "leaves" in one of the fabrics to sort of pull it all together. added the polka dot bow and called it good.

I really really love how it turned out. 
What do you think?


Meanwhile... Mia is obsessed with Bubba and Betty.  She talks to them like she thinks they will talk back.  We had a bad rain storm yesterday and she was very concerned for them. She kept asking me if they were ok as she watched them get spun around by the wind from the window.
Bubba and Betty survived. Not to worry. 
And as soon as she woke up this morning, she wanted to go check on them. 

No clothes and all....
She does what she wants around here. 


  1. Totally copying your wreath - love it!

    1. go for it sister! i want to see when you're done!

  2. that's so cute! i want to make one now. love this (:

  3. this wreath is darling! I was discouraged to make yarn wreaths because of the length of time it takes to wrap...but it sounds like this was much faster!

  4. It's fabulous. mia is totally cracking me up.

  5. wow that is super cute! I can't wait to get into our new home and make some stuff like this! :)

  6. It's SO cute!!! You did such a great job!

  7. I love this wreath!!!! I think i need to make one now! (:

  8. Your wreath turned out great!!!! Such inspiration! And your scarecrows are cute, too!!

  9. That is so cute! It's a great idea! I will be saving this for later...


  10. So pretty! This counts as my order for 1 :)

  11. Looooooove it! I still need to get my autumn decorating act together - too fun :)

  12. I bought what they had left on the bolt of the yellow polka dot!! I LOVE your wreath it's seriously awesome!!

    1. I LOVE that fabric!!!! I'm sure you will do something super fun with it.

  13. love the wreath! it turned out beautiful. and mia reminds me of mine. they do things like taht all the time and are never dressed:)

  14. your wreath is freakin adorable! and so are bubba, betty, and mia :)

  15. stopping over from aly's blog....love the wreath! :)

  16. just saw "we are the holden's" similar fall wreath today. i love the colors in yours too. I am even more inspired to make one while adding my own spin to it! thanks for sharing.

  17. That is so awesome!! My door is bare and in need of some love. If I can get my act together and get some supplies - I am making something!


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