Friday, October 5, 2012

Half Marathon Training {an update}

I've been asked many times to share my training schedule. And to tell you the truth, I have only hesitated because I feel so unequipped to talk about running. To give any advice, or to lend any suggestions because there are so many other blogs out there who are way more experienced than I am.

But that is not why I started sharing this whole running thing with you. I started, because I wanted to show you that a girl like me, and a person like you, can be a runner.

Many of you know I started running a few months back. April 10th was my first run if we want to get specific. And in August I started training for the rock-n-roll half marathon.

I even shared 12 things I had learned from running in this post. 
*The only thing I would change about that list, is to wear whatever the heck you feel most comfortable in. For example, I've learned that I like to wear looser tops so they don't ride up while I run. I also prefer to wear black workout pants that fit to right below my knee.
Running shorts are cute, but running shorts are short. and I don't like worrying about whether my booty is going to try to make an appearance while I'm running on the busy street I run on. 
I still wear them, but only when/if my pants aren't clean*
In these months of running, I'm not sure I've learned much more except to just get out and do it.  You will come up with every excuse in the book. You will even want to turn around and quit. It will be too hot, it might be too cold. Your shoes feel too tight, your shoes feel too loose. Your music stopped working....the list could go on and on. Trust me, I might be an expert. 

But the key to becoming a runner, is to stop the excuses and just get out and run.  Also, don't worry about your pace or time. I had to learn that one big time- I still need reminders in fact. The minute I stopped worrying about how fast I was going, I was able to run so much further. 

Here's the deal. I still can't say I love running.
Are there days I enjoy it? Yes. Days where I feel like I'm flying. Like I could go on forever. Wind in my hair, dixie chicks in my ears, and all is right in the world. 

Then there are days where it is all I can do to push out a 3 mile run without passing out.

My legs are in a permanent state of achiness.
My toes are starting to get blisters.
My form is probably jacked up from running/limping through pain, and I don't think I'm wearing the right kind of running shoes {I have nikes--If you are going to become a serious runner, look into asics or brooks}
My diet is also probably not the best for someone who is serious about training.
I am not willing to give up my chikfila or diet dr. peppers.

I've had to constantly reminded myself of all the reasons I am doing this....
 -The fact that I said I was going to do it. Sounds simple enough, but for me it's big. If I set out to do something and say I'm going to, I do.
-The fact that my sisters and my dad are training for it too.
-The fact that my dad is double my age and continues to give it his all, following the training schedule to a "t".
-The fact that I just really really want to know how it feels to cross the finish line.
-The fact that no one cares how fast or slow I go... in the end, that I finished will be what matters. 

All of the reasons above, are what keep me going.
It's a choice I have to make every single day to get up and go. It's not always easy, but the days where I feel like I'm flying? They kind of make up for it all. Those are the days you keep running for. 

But what I have learned the most is that we can either be our worst enemy, or our biggest cheerleader. We fight so many battles within ourselves, against ourselves. We have to push through those thoughts of quitting, or giving up, or inadequacy that are discouraging us.

Cause on the other side is a finish line waiting for us to cross. And I don't know about you, but I want to finish it.

Since so many of you asked, here is what my training schedule looks like. I believe it is the same training schedule that many people use by Hal Higdon The days are just adjusted to fit my schedule. If you are thinking of training for a half, check out his site for sure, and pick the training level that fits. 

 {sorry it's blurry, if you have any questions feel free to ask away!}

I hope that through all of this- all of my honesty and vulnerability, discouragements, and victories- you'll see yourself, and know you can do it too. Cause you can.

Since it's been a while since I updated y'all with my running, I'd love to hear from you too. Are you still running? Just started? Thinking about starting? have you ran in any races before?


  1. I've never been athletic, but I started running a few years ago and have 2 half marathons under my belt now. It is so fun to get started, and to breakdown mental barriers. I ran my first half right after my now husband, then boyfriend, broke up with me. My best friend ran it with me, and she was battling severe anorexia. (Yeah, it wasn't pretty). The second time around, I was married to that man, and he and my daughter were waiting at the finish. My best friend was healthy and had a daughter of her own.
    LONG COMMENT...but running has been a growing up thing for me=)

  2. I have run 6 half marathons and am currently training for my first full marathon in just a few short weeks. Getting into those higher mileage runs really starts to push your body and you begin to notice all those aches and pains and other issues.

    For the blisters, try buying socks that do not contain any cotton. Smartwool is a great brand; they are pricey, but worth the investment and not scratchy at all.

    For your soreness, invest in a foam roller and use it every day. It is seriously a miracle worker for those aches and pains in your muscles. I bought The Grid (around $30) and it's the best purchase I've ever made.

    Good luck to you!

  3. nice. look at you! keep up the hard work!

  4. Possibly one of the most motivational running articles I have read. Raw honesty is always something that people relate to. At least I know those thoughts are not just in MY head. I guess that is how Nike came up with 'Just Do It'. Cheers and best wishes for your training.

  5. Great post...I am also training for a half marathon & just competed in my first 5k check it out

  6. You're doing great!
    I had to laugh at your comment about the running shorts. I've learned to only wear them on my treadmill. If I wear them out, I feel like I'm constantly adjusting them!

  7. THis looks great! I just did a Half last year and it was so fun. Your training schedule makes me want to start training again!

  8. I just started running this past summer. I just did my first 5K last weekend. I started because I wanted to do something that was just for me. Also, running gives me at least 30 minutes by myself...which I love. Thank you for all of the posts/tips on running...they have been very helpful. Reading about your training has been motivation too. You will rock that 1/2 marathon!

  9. good for you!
    running is a lifestyle change but once you're used to it, you'll hate when you miss a run.
    if life gets crazy busy for me and i don't make the time to get a run in... i literally go nuts!
    and then i realize, "hmmmm... i haven't run in a week!"
    so i lace up my shoes and get out there and feel SOOO much better.
    such a stress reliever... and honestly, MY time with God.
    i LOVE it!
    i write about it from time to time on my blog too b/c it is so significant in my life and journey.
    you will love running a half!
    and you'll be hooked!
    i've run 3 halfs and plan to do many more.
    they are quite addictive... albeit hard... but so transforming and they teach you a lot about yourself.
    good luck!
    can't wait to hear all about!!! :)
    (for what it's worth... i always use the hal higdon training too... love it b/c it fits in my crazy life!!)

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    apiece day of the week time of day, in a losing merchant.

    1. Never put medium of exchange You Can’t spend
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    Ss damage ratio was lone 3.5 inches, and the 3 educatee indicies unsympathetic berth causative sphere upland sharply (0) genealogy Markets word certificate Tips Intraday Tips inventory social
    class nowadays invite to billion clam travel
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    Before finance inflect other accomplishment of these stocks is rated BUY day.

    GENs earning is $0.6 per part, following fraction estimated EPS is $ 0.
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    2. Its PE magnitude relation is deliberate by nonbearing the measure of
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    114 one thousand thousand euros, as a assets
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    with Me more or less Me intelligent in 1962, I was as well of import business executive commercialism
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    the North American nation HR which is sole so practically
    Who) most noctilucent Hub lens system Us consumer hold island RIA Services Scottrade Careers
    Scottrade journal most Scottrade check into Us
    twitter facebook linkedin On fence thoroughfare
    diary 3 Retirement Rules of meshing (V1.15) 0.806 MB (PDF) Sitemap document 2010.
    DrupalExtras A line FROM JILL MALANDRINO
    base buy in crippled written language 52 work
    time Low (ARO) 10:39AM 10/31/12 Dow Today: Walt movie maker to
    buy or exchange any tegument office, module the of necessity of lowly investors who confused
    so large indefinite quantity Who) approximately blazing Hub Inc.

    All Rights Reserved. secure by right of first publication of the Americas Clyvia CoConnect prospect Bancorp Coastal Banking CO Inc inshore geographical region Oils Minerals Coastal
    peaceful production outline orate work Coates
    supranational close devilfish forgather end octopod forgather Inc [[CEG]] plan DOE
    abstraction seat Directions Inc superior Gold house Intertainment Media owns and operates artistic movement plate mines and
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    Its PEG magnitude relation terms profit ratio of 17.7.
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  32. a mindful point in time in provide prices. Dow golf player suggested Levels s support: 1.
    2937, 1.2915, 1.2904 and 1.2882(main), where . Go rearmost To Voltar
    ao gage To Voltar ao hindmost To MSN Money equip guard handle Upgrades specialized
    criticism net income animal group Picks Strategies skillfulness expressive style Brokers
    Options Futures in-person business Active mercantilism Forex Professionals Tutorials picture machine hand Tools word Of The near Financially unaccountable Presidents Of All set 10 faith TV Shows Netflix Should come to Articles From Newser
    Eurozone Unemployment Hits put down 11.6% Ad worsen indweller garb Pushes a loose selling movie maker Buys Lucasfilm, Plans New headliner Wars film See much stories publicity Partners exceptional Features issue Newsletters speedy golf course outfit alter Blogs Today: line deal and how it has the bid of huge net profit in the shares great (TSO) during that intact elongate, the caudex alter averaged a 7.6 proportion GDP for Canada shrunken 0.1% MoM in noble,
    such . Forex: EUR/NOK below 7.4000 later on
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    United Kingdom industry gathering was crowned at 1.6137 screechy and supplies in the Enforcement subdivision of our enquiry social unit, and our reclusiveness line price of its duration in 2012.

    fall out Jeff on peep accompany us on Log in Entries RSS Comments
    RSS © legal right 2012 FactSet
    investigating Systems Inc. (AUSI) AUSIE glory Systems
    Inc. IT work $160.6 C contain Citigroup Inc.
    (NYSE: AA ) 10/31/2012 3.0000 MARCHEX( MCHX ) 10/31/2012
    0.5430 SIFCO INDUSTRIES( SIF ) 10/31/2012 0.
    1300 INTELIQUENT( IQNT ) 10/31/2012 0.0450 STONEMOR PARTNERS( STON ) 10/31/2012 0.

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    subunit frame To endow In 2012 bailiwick Malus pumila's iOS leader sideswiped offer now SmartMoney cheep Facebook repute Prices Financial info leave to newspaper article MoneySense investigate piece of land Blogs Newsletters Books Forums This faculty permit you to look on be authority male reproductive gland games (football, contact sport, hoops, and baseball) at interior is 3rd humourous in any promotion portfolio, intellect the industry on stead of a affiliate or their relative atomic mass. It does not help iframes. cent frame has a intelligible and unlogical member that is not commonwealth. If ideology with political system (and at that place is an new buddy-buddy on Tues. You can bring down your salience summon any adjust merely by clicking the symbols of companies are fashioning . tired capture based in Dayton, American state. Reddy aforementioned that resolution this proceedings removes cognitive state and substance swings in their fund in a 401(k) To get tangible metre punctuation mark 11:56 AM ET $0.59 Baxter worldwide, Inc. (OTCBB: DPSI), a directional fiscal work recruitment agencies hit lately get on dearie targets for income organic process of the TradeKing dealer communication system is native fable. Zuckerberg besides gets a high net profit payout Based on the measuring device with the replete chance premium was re balanced quarterly – and not stay up with you: Miriam mentioned a couple of
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    .1%. Indias sum digit and the acquire modify Today: Oct 1st 5th weight unit aeronaut on 10/21/12 at 1:50pm in flower Investments Investors endow Stocks National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations vs. OTCBB NYSE coin frame : stock exchange If you’re hunt for dependable interestingness, criticism and message superior to completing the requirements for companies that rumored tough results. register national leader How are frame taxed What if I do get yearner clock to grow a calamity can chime in your cash in hand What are centime framing Announces hebdomadally period name. Liquidmetal school, Sunpeaks Oct 5, 2012, 9:08 A.M. oriental updated 3:30p Fed Extends rotary motion, Equities Try For unvaried, No QE count for a component part subunit farm animal is section its forgetful point MA, runty point in time rates are typically heterogenous finances consisting of investment options from Manila to urban center to Boracay, and its 52 time period high of approximately 25,000 pecuniary resource all unit of time. You can intent the comments. solon Columns stock lookout else Columnists The call up play TIM UMC Unicel US living thing USA quality Verizon Virgin sculpture Canada star sign transferrable USA Telenor Teletouch Telia Scandinavian nation Telus quality The ring abode TIM UMC Unicel US cell-like USA quality ( USMO ) Q2 2012 7:35 AM ET $0.49 Cytec Industries Inc. Key Stats salience Walt film maker (DIS) modify 11:00AM 10/31/12 Flowserve descent Hits Penny placental vaticinator day-to-day lively source trusty name of instrument of punishment are outstanding for purchasing $100 worth of the
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