Thursday, October 25, 2012

time markers

We are supposed to get a cold front here on Friday.
I could not be more excited y'all.
I am ready to make my famous potato soup. Which is not actually mine, but my mom's. And it's not famous really except in our family. But calling it my famous potato soup sounds so much more exciting.

I ordered Asher and Bella their costumes today. Target online was the only place who had the costume Asher wanted. He had to be difficult and request the original batman....not the Dark Knight one. I repeat, not the Dark Knight. Do not mistake this. He will flash you a look of distaste like you have never seen if you accidentally suggest the Dark Knight Batman costume.

Bella is going to be Batgirl. I asked her a million times if this is what she wanted to be, and she insisted it was. I just wanted to make sure she wasn't being persuaded by her big brother. He is good at persuading.  

And Mia is going to be a leopard. I told Asher we could pretend she is cat woman but he wasn't having it.....There is no gray in Asher's world. Only black and white. We can not say Mia is cat woman unless she is wearing an official cat woman costume. clearly.

How do you celebrate Halloween? We usually just do the trunk or treat thing at church and take the kids to my grandmas afterwards where they eat an unhealthy amount of candy. No need to go door to door when Grandma has buckets full. 

We've been able to get by with "celebrating" this way up until this year. Asher has started asking questions and I am glad he has, because I want him to have knowledge of why we do things a little different. We explained things as best as we could but it is hard for a kid to understand. For now, he is good with batman costumes and buckets of candy.

I can not believe that October is almost over. October through December is hands down my favorite time of year. I always wish it would go slow, but that never seems to happen. One way I think that helps make time sort of stand still a little bit is with little things we do each year. Kind of like markers.

We like to take the kids to a pumpkin patch each year. Every year I say we are going to go earlier in October, and every year we wait till the last weekend of the month. This year is no different. Better late then never right? 
We are planning to take them this weekend. I am crossing my fingers for a good family picture.

These were from last year. Asher still had his baby teeth.


I look at these pictures and I think this..., this is why I want to document every bit of life. to mark it with significance and make memories.

It is precious and fleeting but the memories last forever. I can remember specific details about the moments of time these  were taken.
Like how Asher was more interested in jumping off the hay bales then taking pictures. How Mia couldn't walk yet, but didn't want to be held either, which was tricky.
And how that hat kept falling off Bella's head, but she was determined to keep it on for pictures {unlike her stinker of a little sister.} 
Also her dress got a hole under the arm from playing rough with Asher. And we went to eat some super delicious hamburgers afterwards.

This is the beauty of traditions and capturing them, isn't it?
Remembering. Even the little things.

Do you have any special family traditions you look forward to each year?


  1. Love this post! I have kindof struggled with what to explain to our son when he asks about why people celebrate Halloween. For now we mostly make it about spooky fun and moreso fall. I still need to get to the pumpkin patch this year to get our yearly picture. It's a favorite tradition! Other than that the farm festival we went to a few weekends ago that was a blast. I'm trying to do more traditions because I love it but sometimes it just feels like so much work! However, I know the memories are worth it. I love your pictures! So sweet!!

  2. We go to a pumpkin patch every year, too! Our church always has one and we love it. This year our little man is going to be a pirate, and we just take him trick or treating through my in-laws neighborhood. It creeps me out getting candy from strangers, so since she knows all of her neighbors, we just do that. :)

  3. we stay home on halloween. i make chili beans and corn bread and we have root beer floats for dessert. a few years back they gave up the dressing up. i cried. ha! but now they really find a lot of joy passing out candy with dad.

  4. Since our little one is only 1, we're still just beginning to start our traditions. This year for halloween we're just taking her to see different family and friends all dressed up in her costume. She still isn't completely walking yet so it's much easier. We did take her to a pumpkin patch a few days ago, that will become a yearly tradition.

  5. I remember these pictures like they were yesterday! My, how they've grown!

    I too LOVE Fall! It goes TOO FAST though because of all of these barn sales and flea markets. Maybe next year, I can just shop those instead of sell. Might make it a little better!

    We haven't been to the pumpkin patch either. I'm pulling for this weekend! We may end up at a roadside pumpkin and mum seller and call it good. We'll see!

    I hope y'all have fun!!!!

  6. love that picture of yall. and i love that cold is coming! It hit us here in OK this morning, and my parents said it hit Dallas this afternoon! So hopefully yall will be getting it soon! It feels so good!! :) anywho...Happy Fall!!! Love to you friend. sure do wish we could meet in person someday girl. were making you come on our trip next October btw. :)

  7. I love having family traditions and remembering all the little things from each year! we make pumpkin muffins and decorate and watch a movie with the kids every Halloween and I love it! You have a darling family! New follower of your blog :)


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